Renovating the exterior of your home with simplicity

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Renovating your home is perhaps one of the most challenging ways of injecting a new lease of life the aesthetics of your property. After all, it’s where you live and share some of your most happy moments with the family. If something doesn’t look right, it's not going to feel right either. Creating memories in your home is what life is all about, but sometimes how the house projects itself among your neighbourhood is something that you start to care about. It's not so much of a status thing as it is, wanting to be different. Out of all the things, you could change on the outside of your home, sometimes the things that have the most practical impact are often the most desired. Not only will they last longer, but if you’re creative enough, you can add some substance to the new design choices that you make.

Paint the front door

It might seem simple enough, but think about what a front door symbolises. The front door is the opening to the inside of your home. For guests, it will be the first thing they see and how the door looks will cement in their minds and become a part of their psyche whenever they think back to when they visited you. When painting the door, you must be careful and not go with just pure instinct. Don’t just go for a colour which you like because you’ve also go to remember how the door might look with varying degrees of light. If you want the door to shine, you will need to use a gloss paint. However, this will take longer to dry, so plan out when you will lay down the first layer with regards to weather. Contemporary colours are much longer lasting with regards to the first impression they make as although they’re not as delicate and obscure as modern colour schemes, they do protrude a certain masculinity.

Letting the air in

You can’t resize your windows unless you’re prepared to take bricks out of the walls, which will inevitably affect the structural integrity of the property. However, you can install lovely tilt and turn windows which easily flip open and rotate to allow fresh air into the home. On top of this, they simply look much more modern than the simple flap open style. You’ll also be adding value to your home as contemporary properties with uncommon features such as this, fetch a hefty price on the market. The tilt mechanism is great to recycle the air inside the home, even while it is raining. The angle of the window doesn’t allow water in, and in fact, effectively slides it down the window. As the top part of the window is unimpeded the murky air inside the home can freely escape. During the summer the turn style windows are superb to let the sunshine in, as well as have full vision out toward the garden where the children might be playing.

Plants and vegetation

Greenery has a big impact on our morale because we love to flourish in among natural life. If you’re planning on redesigning the exterior of your home, don’t forget how important the garden is. When you come in from the front gate, and you walk on the pathway, what kind of feelings do you want guests, friends and family to have? Bright and vibrant flowers have an uplifting sense, and they are a clear sign of a well kept and cared for garden. Plants with big leaves and perhaps even fruit and vegetables will be more of an expert gardener’s touch. It entirely depends on what kind of feeling you want to have when you walk up to the front door. Long, open and flat lawns may look simple, but to keep them in a strong and powerful green colour, there is a lot of maintenance involved. The lawn must be regularly watered with a hose or sprinkler system, and you must also feed the grass with nutrients. Above all else, a great garden needs consistency in how it is treated.

Renovating the exterior of your home doesn’t always have to do something with your walls. In fact, as you’ll be spending the overwhelming majority of your time in the interior, the exterior can sometimes be left as an afterthought. However, the garden can be anything you want it to be if you’re confident enough to experiment with different types of flowers and vegetation. Windows are a great and cheap way to modernise a home and add value at the same time.