It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Luxury decoration ideas

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Okay, so Xmas is less than two months away. But, another way to look at it is, Christmas is only a month and a bit away!

When you have kids, it’s inevitable the pre-Christmas excitement will start early.

And, as a parent, it’s nice to get involved and indulge the little ones at this time of year.

With that in mind, the following are decoration ideas which get the blood pumping with festive spirit. Be warned, though: they’re on the luxury side.

If you can’t go over the top at Christmas, when can you go OTT?

The Chris Pine Of Trees

No house is complete on December 25th without a tree. However, not to be an evergreen snob, but some are better than others.

To begin with, a fakie will not do! Nope, out of the question. Anyone who wants an element of luxury this year has to get the real deal.

Why? It’s because they look the part and are much easier to decorate.

With a selection of baubles and tinsel, the tree will ooze class. Also, there is the smell. A true Chris Pine smells hearty and warm and kick starts the imagination with one whiff. A lot like the man himself!

A Wreath Ledger

Before you read on, just know the Christmassy/celeb puns are over!

A tree, ironically enough, is an indoor feature. Sadly, the outside and exterior of the house can go unnoticed.

As far as luxury goes, there is no excuse for missing a base.

Let’s face it – properties with lights and decorations outside look the bomb.

However, gaudy illuminations don’t scream elegance and class. What does are the wreaths which you can find here.

Created with luxury in mind, they are both subtle and dominating at the same time. Along with a little extra greenery, your home will be the belle of the ball.

Walter White

Ah, the celeb puns are over yet the fictional character jibes are just beginning!

If there is one colour which is luxurious, it’s white. Aside from the fact it’s light and vibrant, it is glossy and has a remarkable (Charlie) sheen.

Therefore, the entire house should have a fantastic contrast which mixes deep greens and browns with whites.

Also, there is the fact it matches with the outside when the snow hopefully starts to fall. The great thing about white paint is that it is perfect inside and outside. 

Mix And Match

Of course, you can add as many Christmas features as possible and it may not make a difference.

The luxurious nature of the house depends on the current interior. If it isn’t up to scratch, your home will seem untidy and cluttered at best.

The key is to use small accessories to accentuate the style. Rather than change furniture, add a candle or lamp to the room. That way, there is a warm, ambient lighting which is softer and stylish.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s best to prepare early.

Go on – do it for the kids!


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