Shortcuts to cheap Victorian decor in the home

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Shortcuts to cheap Victorian decor in the home

The Victorian-Gothic decor style is a timeless classic that brings together bold furniture and patterns in an elegant way. When they hear the term, some people picture creepy old haunted houses with black walls but if it’s done right, that’s not the effect at all. It can get pretty expensive if you’re trying to recreate it authentically but luckily there are some simple shortcuts that you can take to make things a whole lot cheaper for yourself.

Reproduction Furniture

Shortcuts To Cheap Victorian Decor In The Home Old-Room-Furniture-Vintage-I


Picking up real Victorian furniture can be pretty problematic. Finding it in the first place can be difficult and you’ll have to pay a premium for it. The other major issue that you’ll have is finding some that’s in good condition. Restoring it will add time and money to your decorating project, fortunately, there is a simple solution; reproduction furniture. It’s brand new furniture that has been designed to emulate an older style. That way you get the benefit of some cheaper, better condition furniture that will last, and the aesthetic will look exactly the same as if you’d restored some original Victorian furniture.


Victorian-Gothic decor is all about making bold statements. Furniture is one way of doing that but if you’re looking for a cheaper method, try wallpaper. Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is a very cheap and easy way to get those strong patterns and bold textures that are so characteristic of Victorian decor. Colors like black or burgundy do look great but they can be overbearing if you use them for an entire room. A better way to use them is to have one feature wall in a darker color with big patterns and then balance it with something lighter and plainer on the surrounding walls.  


Getting hold of traditional Victorian furniture is difficult but you can recreate a similar feel by finding lots of accessories and smaller decorations that are original. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, anything made with dark woods or thick iron will immediately make the room look more authentic. Things like candle holders, wooden bowls, or carved stone figures are all bits to look out for.


When this style of decor was conceived, there was no bright white LED light bulbs around. If you decorate in this style and then light it that way, it won’t look right. You’ll have to be a little more traditional. Try looking for much softer and warmer bulbs, Edison bulbs do fit the aesthetic but they’re expensive to run. If you’re really dedicated, make use of some of those big iron candlesticks that you’re using as decoration. Candles are one of the cheapest ways to light your house and if you can live with it, there are some hidden benefits.


Victorian homes seem to be covered in moldings. On the ceilings and wall panels it’s a great way to add some thick, dramatic textures to the house. It looks like it would be very hard to do but if you’re fairly good at DIY then you’d probably be able to manage it after watching a couple of tutorials. However, if you aren’t very handy then think about getting a professional in to do it for you.

The Victorian-Gothic style isn’t likely to go out of fashion anytime soon so use these simple hacks to recreate it in your home.


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