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Healthy Eating Made Easy with Mindful Chef (and a £10 off discount code)

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Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

I’m an advocate for healthy eating and I honestly don’t mind putting in a little more effort to ensure me and my family eat as healthily as possible.  I believe if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much else.  If I’m not well and healthy, then I can’t take care of my children, so it’s important to me to safeguard my health both now and for the future.  I do this through staying active each day and making what I believe to be the healthiest food choices every day.

One thing that is gaining in momentum, but hasn’t yet totally peaked, is the need for everyone to reduce their intake of added refined sugars.  For the whole of 2017 I have been refined sugar free, bar a couple of accidental slip ups.  I was experimenting for a year, but now I will continue to remain refined sugar free as I don’t believe it’s any good for your health.  It’s honestly a poison.  There’s a great quote along the lines of ‘food can either be the most powerful medicine, or the slowest poison’.  It’s so true.

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Healthy Eating Made Easy with Mindful Chef (and your £10 off discount code) Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

What if eating healthily could be even easier?

Most people, I bet, would say being busy is their main excuse for not eating healthier.  People are working long hours and have busy lives nowadays.  No one wants to spend their evening slaving away in a kitchen after a tiring day, unless they love it of course.  But most of us find cooking a chore.

I’ve recently discovered a company who have tackled this very problem.

Mindful Chef are a recipe box delivery in the UK with a difference.  Their recipes are truly healthy with locally sourced ingredients.  The recipes are gluten free and all the ones I’ve seen ingredients for are refined sugar free too.  Woohoo!  I’ve been subscribed to ‘healthy’ food boxes before, but they’ve all contained items with added sugar.  I don’t believe anything with added cane sugar can be classed as healthy at all!

Watch this and you’ll start to see why  Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Mindful Chef £10 off discount code

So it’s amazing to see a recipe box with actual natural real food ingredients.  They release 12 new recipes every week and a third of those are vegan which is great for veggies like me too.

Here’s how their service works (in their own words):

Choose your recipes

Delicious, imaginative gluten-free recipes that change every week

We source & deliver

Good-for-you ingredients from small West Country farms

You cook & enjoy

Healthy evening meals with simple and speedy prep


Easy peasy!  Plus they claim all recipes take 30 mins or less and are tested on real people (not just chefs).


Why not give them a go today?  Click here to visit Mindful Chef and enter code TT10 for £10 off your first order!


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Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door