Simple ways you can burn more calories every single day

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Many people have aspirations to lose weight or maintain a stable, healthy weight to be healthy, look good and boost confidence. To do this, it pays to be aware of the role of calories. If you take in more calories than you use, you’re going to gain weight. If you’re new to counting calories or you’ve never really given calories much thought before, this infographic brings good news! We all know that working out burns calories, but as you’ll discover, you don’t need to be on the go 24-hours a day to hit your daily burn.

You may assume that you need to be up and about to burn calories, but sleeping, chilling out in front of the TV and sitting at your desk at work all use calories. After a 7-hour sleep, you could have burnt more than 380 calories while an hour at your desk will burn around 102 calories. Half an hour of watching TV will add 27 calories to your total.

In the mornings, when you’re scurrying around getting ready for the day, your body will be expending energy all the time. Drying your hair can burn 39 calories while ironing for half an hour could add another 66 calories. Even brushing your teeth can help, adding another 2 calories per minute.

If you’ve got children, half an hour of playtime can increase your calorie burn by 186 calories while bathing them will add another 30 calories.

If you’re toying with the idea of taking up a new hobby or you’d like to exercise more, it’s worth bearing the burn in mind. An hour of cycling will burn more than 1,000 calories while boxing will use more than 670 and a trip to the swimming pool could add 520 calories to your count.

It's worth highlighting that counting calories is only a basic step in maintaining a healthy weight as not all calories are created equal.  This was proven in a film called 'That Sugar Film' where the guy didn't change the number of calories he consumed, but he did choose more sugary foods.  No surprise, but he gained weight and became unhealthier as a result.  Make sure you get your calories from the healthiest foods possible and avoid foods with added sugar.  A calorie controlled diet should be a healthy diet, not full of junk food, processed food or refined sugar foods.

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