Become the yummy mummy you have always aspired to be

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_Become the yummy mummy you have always aspired to be

You have been laying in bed reading all these gossip magazines, and these have inspired you to become a better version of yourself, for both your sake and that of your children. You have been flicking through the pages and have seen women with children that are both pretty looking as well as have a world cause they are fighting for. You realise you have neither of these attributes.

You stopped looking good ever since you started giving all your attention to your children, and the closest you come to supporting an important cause these days is ensuring your kids are in bed by 7pm every night.

Sad as these mags have made you feel, they have also opened your eyes to a world that could be closer to the one in which you now live, if you want it.  But if you're happy with things the way they are, then heck, carry on.  No one is here to judge.

Here’s how to become the yummy mummy you have always aspired to be.

Study towards your dreamed profession

When you were a teenager, you would have never expected that in your thirties you would have become a full-time mother.  Now, all you do for a living is change nappies and feed hungry tiny mouths, and while this is highly respectable, you may want more from life and that's perfectly fine.  Don't feel guilty.

Having been busy providing care for your children has made you forget what it is that you want to get out of this life professionally, but you know being a mother isn’t all you wanted to become. With plenty of careers to choose from out there, this is your chance to go back to studying and enrol in a program that will give you what you are looking for to take the necessary steps towards the career of your dreams. Are you excited about a job that is interesting and worthy? Signing up for a criminology degree online will make you feel rejuvenated and help you attain higher self-esteem.

Stick to a solid exercise routine

Those women that you keep seeing on magazines are models and actors, and they have been made to look stunning with the help of Photoshop as well as extremely advanced photographic techniques. Still, we understand you want to improve your appearance. Being a mother isn’t an excuse to let yourself go and not want to feel pretty or sexy.  You can still be both, if you want to be.

While being happy and satisfied will be your best tool for self-improvement, adopting a solid exercise routine will also help you feel and look better physically. All you have to do is come up with a good workout plan and stick to it, without excuses. Luckily and with the help of the internet, these days it is easy to exercise without leaving the comfort of your own home. Read this article to know more about the perfect exercise routine.

Shop until you drop!

Once you have hit the gym or elaborated your own exercise programme, you are ready to both feel and look fabulous. While the mere fact of having a flatter tummy and more toned abs will have probably already made you feel better, you cannot sport that sexy body in the same old jumpsuit you have been wearing since your first child was born.

It’s time to hit the shops girl! And to shop until you drop. You know you deserve it, since you haven’t been shopping for a long while, and your hard efforts towards feeling and looking better are worth the spend. Hit the shops and bag yourself one of these sexy dresses!