Securing your business needn’t be complicated

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Keeping your business secure needn’t involve a complex series of alarms and protocols. Here are a few easy ways to secure your company.

Use effective passwords

A strong password is still one of the most effective forms of security. Many traditional hackers still use password logins as the main point of entry – by having a strong password you’ll deter most cyber criminals. You don’t have to use complex arrangements of numbers and upper/lower case letters – growing research is finding that actual words can sometimes be just as secure, so long as they’re completely unrelated to your business. Throw people off course with fake security question answers and completely arbitrary usernames - the more random, the better. Regularly changing these passwords will make them all the more secure.

Get on the cloud

If you get burgled or hacked, it’s useful to have all your information backed up on the cloud. Storing data on the cloud is extremely secure – cloud servers have some of the most high-tech digital security available. Cloud technology also has many other benefits, allowing you to access data from any device and location as well as allowing multiple people to access the same file at once. You can shop around to find the most secure and best suited cloud provider for you.

Use contactless access

When it comes to letting authorised personnel into your company premises, some businesses use a digit code whilst others may have someone employed to monitor the entrance. This can all get very complicated – a much more convenient form of access could be to use a contactless card system or phone scan system. You can buy NFC tags which can be used to scan on entry and you can set up cards or an app to use in conjunction with this. No more complicated coded locks or manned entrance security systems.

Invest in motion sensing lighting

A simple deterrent for prevent burglaries at night could be to install motion sensing lighting on the outside of your business premises. Motion sensing lighting immediately makes it more challenging to break in undetected. By opting for motion sensing lighting as opposed to permanent lighting, you’ll save costs in energy. There are now even motion sensing light/security cameras on the market that only start filming when motion is detected to similarly save power.

Use a security contractor

If the nature of your company means that security is paramount, you could always hire a security contractor to handle all of this security for you. This could involve CCTV surveillance, background checks on new employees and even digital security monitoring. With all of this being outsourced, you can relax and focus on other business tasks rather than having to dedicate large periods of your week to security protocols. You should shop around for contractor that you trust and that meets your budget.