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5 reasons why I hate the school morning routine

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One thing I am super jealous of hubby for is being able to get up every morning and go to work.  He gets up around 6.15am and is able to shower in peace, have breakfast in peace and leave the house in peace at 7am.  Then I get up and all chaos ensues.  Sometimes the kids are up slightly earlier and he’ll quieten them with the TV and he sometimes gets their breakfast or gets them dressed, but the majority of mornings this is up to me.  I’ll admit there have been days where it has driven me to the brink of despair and even one not so pretty moment where I was in tears on the kitchen floor whilst the kids were tearing the house apart and absolutely refusing to get ready for school!

This week has been back to school and it’s been no less stressful than it was last school year.  Usually the first week goes pretty well, but Reuben has been a nightmare this week!  A one hour tantrum this morning and I had to drag him crying to preschool, all because he didn’t want to wear any shoes.  A one hour tantrum on Tuesday because he wanted to wear the socks that were in the washing machine and not any of the other 20 or so pairs that were in his drawer…!  Arg!

Here are 5 reasons why I hate the school morning routine:

5 reasons why I hate the school morning routine

Looking like angels...

1. The kids never want to get dressed.  Is this just a mum thing?  Hubby seems to be able to get them dressed no problem at all, but for me it’s just not happening.  Littlest will just refuse point blank to wear anything I choose for him.  He will of course want the most inappropriate clothes like a thick fleece jumper in the middle of summer.  In fact, eldest does this too.  After finally bribing her back upstairs to get dressed she’ll come down in her summer dress when it’s winter or with thick woolly tights in the middle of summer!

2. They have holes in their stomachs.  I’m usually running around like a blue-arsed-fly trying to clean the kitchen as much as possible as it’s my only time to do it, pack lunch boxes, cook pasta for littlest’s lunchbox as he will refuse to eat a sandwich and get everything ready for school whilst they each want three different breakfasts each.  I swear when I was little it was ONE bowl of cereal or ONE slice of toast, but my kids will demolish an adult sized bowl of cereal, two pieces of toast, fruit and they’ll still be whining they’re hungry at me and expect me to stop and make even more.

3. Something is always lost.  Be it their water bottles, school books, school shoes, cardigan or coat, something is always lost at 9.45am.  We have to leave at 9.50am at the VERY latest.  It’s not that we live in a messy house or that I wasn’t organised enough to lay it out for them, but somewhere in the chaos of getting as much housework done as possible and the kids ready for school, their perfectly laid out shoes are now suddenly nowhere to be seen.  ‘Where are your shoes I left by the door?’ ‘Dunno’.

4. They won’t want to wear their coat/hat/gloves/shoes/whatever they need to wear to school or for the weather.  So by the time we find said lost item, they then won’t even wear it!  Littlest is only three so he will just point blank refuse to wear something if he doesn’t want to.  No matter that there’s a torrential downpour outside, if he doesn’t want to wear his coat, believe me he won’t.  The times I’ve spent 30 minutes fighting him into it only for him to unzip it straight back off again!  Lots of frustrating ‘we have to leave NOW’ shouts coming from me whilst the kids carrying on playing, fighting or just generally ignoring me.

5. Rain.  And then by the time I have got the kids out the door with just enough time to get to school by the time the bell goes, if I drag little one and make the eldest walk as fast as possible, it rains.  Of course it does.  If you’re wondering whether it might rain today then I’ll tell you when it will rain -   9am and 3pm.  So if we weren’t expecting it as I hadn’t even had a chance to check the weather yet or look out the window properly, then it’s back indoors in a mad panic to grab raincoats with no seconds to spare and an even madder dash to school so we’re not late.

I’m pretty sure it will get better once Reuben’s at big school and I have two children and not a toddler/pre-schooler, right?  Please tell me I’m right!


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5 reasons why I hate the school morning routine