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How to refresh your entire bedroom with just a duvet cover

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One of the best decisions we made in our house was to paint it all white.  I wasn’t sure at first and I wanted to pick a more cream or magnolia colour for the walls, but Ben preferred white.  I was opting for a more off white colour to bring warmth into the home as I thought white could be quite cold, but I’m glad we ended up choosing white.

White walls make our entire home like a blank canvas, allowing us to switch décor patterns and colours with ease.  One of the rooms that this works really well in is our bedroom.  With white walls and minimal furniture, we can easily switch up the feel of the room through a single item such as a duvet cover.

By changing just the duvet cover we can totally transform the room.

In this blog post I will explore how to easily refresh your bedroom by simply switching your duvet cover.

How to refresh your entire bedroom with just a duvet cover

How to refresh your entire bedroom with just a duvet cover

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Of course, even if you have coloured or patterned walls then you can also switch a duvet cover to make over the bedroom, but you may be limited to certain colours and patterns that blend with your existing décor.  This is why I am now so in love with white walls and minimalism as we have no boundaries.

We are free to choose any colour or pattern duvet cover we desire.  There are no limitations.  Our duvet cover becomes the feature of our bedroom and sets the theme.

It’s an effective way to totally refresh our bedroom without having to spend a small fortune on redecorating or buying several new accessories at once.  There are numerous affordable duvet covers to choose from that won’t break the bank and can turn your room into a tropical paradise, cosy winter snug or an artistic endeavour; whatever takes your fancy.

You really can switch up a duvet cover to take you wherever your mood wishes to go.  Feeling low key?  Keep it plain Jane.  Choose a bright colour to uplift your senses or a pastel colour to calm.  Feeling festive?  Choose snowflakes, reindeers, patchworks or red.  Feeling one with nature?  Choose tropical leaf prints, botanicals or even cactuses. 

Refresh your entire bedroom with a duvet cover #YorkshireLinensBedroomChall

With duvet covers the possibilities really are endless and you’ll be able to find a print, colour or pattern to showcase your personality or set a certain ambiance.  In our bedroom we have a king size bed which really takes up most of the room, so the duvet cover is the first thing the eye is drawn to.  In the children’s bedrooms, they too have white walls, so a colourful and fun duvet cover really pops out creating a more entertaining environment for them to enjoy.

Refresh your entire bedroom with a duvet cover #YorkshireLinensBedroomChall

Sometimes we overcomplicate things and believe we need to make a lot of changes or buy expensive décor to transform a space, but in reality it could be as simple as changing one key piece of a room such as a duvet cover.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to take a look at your bedroom toady and to reimagine it with a brand spanking new cover!



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