Injury in the workplace can prove costly for both employee and employer

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Chances are that you’ve been injured in the workplace or know someone who has been injured in the workplace at some point in your working life. This is surprising. After all, health and safety guidelines are in place to ensure that people’s risk of experiencing injury at work remains minimal. So, why do people continue to be hurt?

The answer is that not enough of us are genuinely prioritising health and safety at work. As an employee, you may roll your eyes at having to attend lengthy health and safety training sessions and health and safety talks. You may not concentrate on what is being said to you or absorb the information that is being put forward.

Sure, they may well be dull. Yes, it may be simple for your mind to wander. Of course, you may wonder why so much fuss is being made about doing something as seemingly simple and straightforward as lifting a heavy box. But you will regret not paying attention if you end up pulling a muscle by carrying out a seemingly simple task in an incorrect manner.

As an employer, you may feel grieved by having to fill out health and safety paperwork and risk assessments.  But, at the end of the day, injury in the workplace is detrimental to all involved. As exemplified in the EssentialSkillz infographic below, it can prove personally devastating to anyone who is injured. It can also prove extremely costly to employers - their reputation will be marred, they may have to fork out compensation, and their workforce will become impeded.

So, prioritise this area, whether you’re a worker or an employer!

And, if you work from home like me, then don’t think you’ve escaped from the bore of health and safety either…

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