Things we forget about learning

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Things we forget about learning

Once we leave school, and have either entered into our ideal career or picked up the first job that we could find, we seem to forget what it’s like to learn. The day-to-day life we have to keep up with, the bills we have to pay, and usually family commitments mean that we sometimes find ourselves in a bit of a plateau. The truth is to keep our minds active and to improve ourselves, we should all continue to learn, in whichever way suits us and our circumstances.

Generally, once we start a new job or career, we do still have an amount of learning to do. However, when we really take on a new challenge, in the way of courses or training schemes, then we really expand our minds. So whether you’re taking on a cert 3 horticulture course or even just a flower arranging course, you’re going to be doing great things for your mind. What do we forget about learning after we’ve left school? And how can we apply ourselves in a way that guarantees success?

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There tends to be two types of people in the world, those who need to study and those who don’t.  If you are the type of person that needs to study, (and we all should really) then you are going to remember quite quickly what it’s like to have to focus on studying. There are many different things that you can do to increase your focus and concentration levels. The main thing you can do is actually to have space and time to study effectively. This means a quiet space, without any distractions, and a comfortable environment for you. Some people find this in libraries, some people find this in this study at home, and some people even like to be outdoors in nature to get the best results for them.


Once we’ve left school and we’ve learnt as much as we can there, we can feel as though we know most of what we think we should know. However, you will remember what it’s like to not know everything once you start a new course. A course that has all new subjects to you, and it’s not something that you find naturally easy, will bring challenges. But there is no greater feeling than accomplishing goals that seem impossible to start with. Once you have found a flow that works for you, you shouldn’t get stuck quite as often. Don’t forget to ask for help, there is no stupid question, And you will always have support available. Having doubts is only natural, especially if you haven’t been in education for a long time, but just remember that everyone is in the same boat so try not to overthink it, and just enjoy learning as much as you can! 

Sense of achievement

Setting yourself goals and reaching them is one of the biggest positive aspects of learning. Although it may feel like you’re never getting quite where you want to be and not always keeping up, you are, in fact, always heading in the right direction. Even just applying yourself, and trying every single day, is an achievement in itself. You are still ahead of those people who aren’t trying at all. Everyone goes at their own pace, but remember once you have achieved that goal that you’ve set yourself, you will realise that every challenge and every problem that you faced was worth it. 

Other people 

Unless you’re working on an online course, by yourself, you find yourself surrounded by other students. This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning, but generally, as adults, it’s easier because we are surrounded by other adults who want to learn. However, everybody is different, and not everyone gets along well. So it’s important to remember that you’re there to learn and if you make some friends along the way that is an added bonus. Try to focus on the positive side and ignore anyone that isn’t keen on getting on with things.

Keeping a positive outlook about your studies and making sure that you are doing your best, really will help you find success in your studies. Learning is different for everybody; whether you are a visual, aural, verbal, or physical learner, you will find that you need to find your own way of learning and studying. You are doing great things for yourself by pushing through studies, and once you receive your certificate at the end, you will be so proud of yourself!


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