EcoVibe discount code 20% off

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EcoVibe discount code 20% off

I recently discovered a new plastic-free, zero waste, sustainable living shop online.  They are called EcoVibe and I have already ordered a few items from them in my green living quest.  In this blog post I have an EcoVibe discount code for 20% off your order if you spend £45 (easily done).

We have been making several changes over the past few years to live more naturally at home, but there are always even more changes we can make.

We had switched toxic household cleaning products to plant-based alternatives a long time ago, but these still create a lot of plastic waste.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I was pleased when I discovered EcoVibe selling sachets of cleaning products that are plastic free, come in recyclable cardboard packaging and create no plastic waste as the solutions are to be made at home.  Simply add the sachet to a bottle of water and let it dissolve to create a cleaning spray!

The same bottle can then be used time and time again, forever, or until it breaks.  EcoVibe also sell glass spray bottles if you need one.

I have purchased the kitchen spray which I’ll use on most surfaces in my home and also the window cleaning spray sachets.

EcoVibe discount code

Save money with eco-friendly cleaning products

They are much more cost-effective than buying the same number of plant-based cleaning sprays from my local supermarket and they’ll create zero waste.  The sachets I purchased were £5 less than the equivalent readymade bottles I normally buy.

I also purchased a dish washing soap bar.  It’s huge and is estimated to last a whopping six months which will definitely save me money on buying eco washing up liquid.

Even if it did cost more, it’s worth it for the environment benefits.  But luckily, many eco-friendly methods are actually more cost-effective in the long run.

global1st discount code

I can’t wait to try these products and once they are used up I also have plans to make my own green cleaning products to save even more money!

Sometimes it’s more convenient to buy something readymade so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on EcoVibe’s website from now on.

They also have gifts, beauty products and more, so do check them out for all your eco-friendly needs.

EcoVibe have a whole host of items ready for your zero waste journey. 

EcoVibe discount code

EcoVibe discount code 20% off

To get 20% off your EcoVibe order when you spend £45 simply click here and use my referral link.  I’ll then get 20% off my next order too.  If you spend £40 then you’ll get free delivery too!

Click here for your EcoVibe discount code!

(The discount amount sometimes changes, but was correct last time I checked - click the link above to see the current offer)



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EcoVibe discount code


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