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How Flipper can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills

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How Flipper can save hundreds on your energy bills

Why should I switch energy suppliers – and why now?

Are you paying more for your energy than you need to?

If you haven’t changed your energy supplier in the last 12 months, you’re almost certain to be on a Standard Variable Tariff or ‘SVT’ (also known as a ‘default’ tariff).

This is the tariff all energy suppliers move customers to when a fixed deal ends and is one the most expensive deals available!

For a household with typical energy usage an SVT will cost approximately £300 per year more than the best deals available.

Switching to a better deal can save you hundreds of pounds!

flipper energy switching made simple 

You may not even realise you are on an SVT as suppliers can call their tariffs anything they like! The SVT’s of some of the biggest energy suppliers are called ‘Energy Plan’, ‘Simpler Energy’ and ‘Flexible’.

That may be why less than 25% of people think they are on an SVT, when there are actually 11 million UK households (40% of the total) on a Standard Variable Tariff.

This is 11 million households potentially paying way more than they need to! Are you one of them?

Now is the perfect time to switch.

While everyone knows they are starting to use more energy at this time of year, as the nights start to draw in and the heating goes back on, few people realise just how much their usage increases.

Between October and March you will use 60% of your annual electricity and a massive 75% of your annual gas consumption.

So, even though you probably pay your energy supplier the same amount every month, more than 2/3rds of your annual energy charge will be incurred between now and April 1st.

Which means now is the time to switch, before your energy usage, and cost, peaks.

How Flipper can save hundreds on your energy bills

Why should I use Flipper?

Over the past 12 months more than 6 million households have switched their energy supplier, with the most popular way to find a better deal being to use a Price Comparison Site (PCW).

However, the 2 main issues with PCW’s are:

1.  You need to do most of the work yourself, ie:

  • Provide all the data about your current tariff and usage.
  • Choose the new deal from the list shown
  • Manage the switch yourself
  • Re-check the market again to ensure your still on a good deal

2.  They only show you (by default) the deals they get paid for, ie:

  • PCW’s (and other autoswitchers) are free to use as the energy suppliers pay them for the customers they provide, but this means you only see the deals they earn commission on.
  • This won’t include all the best value tariffs available. In fact, 2 of the largest PCW’s only show 3 of the 10 cheapest deals available on their default results page.

This is why many people are put off switching, even though they know they can save money, they think it’s not worth the hassle and/or is too confusing.

And that’s why Flipper was created!

Flipper want to remove the hassle and confusion to help more people switch – and stay on – a better energy deal.

They take the hard work out of switching and focus on maximising your savings.

How Flipper can save hundreds on your energy bills

How does Flipper work?

It takes around 5 minutes to sign up to Flipper then they take care of everything for you.

Flipper will run a market check for you straight away and if they can't find a better deal there and then, they keep checking every two weeks until they do.

Flipper find a better deal for 95% of people within 24 hours!

As soon as Flipper finds you a better deal, they’ll send you an email to let you know, then manage the whole switch on your behalf.  All you need to do is send Flipper a meter reading.

Once you’ve been switched for the first time, Flipper will re-check the market every month to ensure you stay on a good deal.

They have their own ‘clever tech’ which doesn't just compare tariff unit rates but also looks at things like the time it takes to switch and exit fees, ensuring you’re switched to the right deal at the right time to maximise your long-term savings.

And they send you an email every time they run a market search to keep you updated.

flipper energy review 

What else do I need to know about Flipper?

Flipper always aim to look at the widest possible choice of tariffs when checking the market but only switch to suppliers who provide great customer service.

Every member of the Flipper team has friends and family who are signed up to Flipper and they apply the rule: "If we wouldn't put people we know with a supplier, we won't move anyone to them".

And, although Flipper do all the work, you are always in control.

You can set your own 'Switch Preferences', such as only being switched to tariffs which are 100% green (1 in 5 Flipper members are on a Green energy tariff) and if you don't like a deal Flipper find just let them know and you won't be switched. No questions asked.

Finally, if you need to speak to someone, Flipper has an award-winning team of energy experts on hand that you can contact by e-mail, live chat or over the phone.

They answer calls in around 10 seconds and you'll get straight through to a real person who'll be happy to help.

flipper energy switching made simple 

How much does Flipper cost?

Flipper is completely free until you are switched for the first time.

Then it’s just £30 per year.  Flipper will only switch you if they find a deal that saves you at least £50 per year.

On average Flipper members save £385 per year!


How do I sign up to Flipper?

It’s really easy to get started and see if Flipper can save you money...


Simply click here to go to Flipper, enter your postcode and get started!


How Flipper can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills