Best flooring for family activity

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Best flooring for family activity


Home schooling has taught us a lot about the home over the past year and the extra layers of home-based activities has provided areas of our home with a lot of challenges.

With home pictures to paint and experiments to build whilst home from schooling, our carpets have seen enough, and no doubt have had you shaking your head and down on your knees cleaning more than once a week.

Which flooring alternative can provide much better durability against the home-schooling nightmares? The answer is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.  Here's why.

Stain resistance

Science generally means that some experiments could quickly grow out of hand.

You may be working with water or other liquids to improve your child's knowledge yet posing bigger risks to your carpet or hardwood floor. Parents have since looked into more sustainable means for their floor other than shelling out a ton of money for advanced cleaning agents for the floor.

The cheap and effective solution of lowest price Amtico Spacia and Amtico Signature flooring provides great resistance properties for stains and water-based substances, ensuring there is no seeping through the floor and no staining either.

Cleaning up these instances is as simple as a quick wipe, a sweep with a brush or a quick mop over the floor and everything is back to normal.

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 Best flooring for family activity

Comfort on the floor

If you sit on the floor to colour in, paint or play then you either sit on a cushion or find yourself feeling a bit of discomfort.

Kids like to spend a lot of time on the floor playing so it makes sense to provide comfort for them. This is something else that vinyl flooring can provide with a cushioned quality that is perfect for those wanting to install underfloor heating. In fact, vinyl is so cushioned that many parents extend its use to children’s bedrooms too.

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Lasting warranty

Carpets and wooden flooring planks are generally found to need replacing over time due to wear and tear.

Children's activities are a part of that with various paints, chalks and dirt over time. By making a long-term investment in a product such as the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK, you are afforded a highly durable product as well as a warranty that lasts the better part of 25 years, which is reassurance that the product can withstand the test of your little ones growing up over time.

Chances are you may have this flooring straight from birth to them moving to their first home!

Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is a great back up, even for your child's messiest lessons!

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