How to buy your next new car

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Choosing to buy a brand new car is a big deal. You want to buy the car that you want without any of the hassle, but the idea of heading to a dealer and negotiating a new price is rather daunting for most people! There is so much jargon around different finance models, but once you know the jargon it’s so much easier to get through it and buy the car you want.

There are a lot of different financing options for your new car, and they’re important for you to learn if you don't plan to buy your car with cash. The biggest question that you have to ask yourself among all of the options includes: what’s the difference between PCP and HP? This question will need answering, as it will determine exactly what you need to manage your budget correctly. The more you know, the more prepared you can be and this will make a difference month to month for you. 

The biggest tip that you’ll need is not to be nervous about discussing the financial options with your dealer. They will need to work with you to give you the best option and if they want the sale, you’ll find that dealers are often happier to offer you whatever works. Whether you want to buy a car on a hire purchase agreement or you want to get one with a PCP, you need to ask about your options and be clear on them. Take a look at the infographic below: you’ll know the difference between HP and PCP by the end!

Infographic Design By What's the difference between PCP and HP?