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Tangle Teezer Review

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A genius way to get knots out of long tangled hair

I was pretty undecided for a while on whether to invest in a Tangle Teezer.  I had read numerous good reviews which totally raved about the greatness of this hairbrush, but then I also read some saying not to believe all the hype and it was a total waste of money. 

Let me tell you about my hair.  It is long.  Very long.   Down to my ribs long.  The hair itself is fine but there is a lot of it.  Believe me, it gets tangled, very very tangled.  I try not to wash my hair often because of this.  It’s an absolute nightmare everytime.  I dread having to comb and brush it after a wash as it is absolute agony and my old brush just tortured my head each and every time.  I had to literally hold sections of my hair in one hand tightly (so as the hair would not yank my head off) and brush the knots using the brush in the other.   It was never a pleasant experience.  With this in mind I decided for £10.99 I’d take the risk and purchase my very first Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer Review - A genius way to get knots out of long tangled hair

The verdict? 

One of the best eleven pounds I have ever spent. 

I should have invested in one of these super duper amazing tangle taming brushes yonks ago.  This has so far been the best brush ever for my hair and I am even washing my hair much more as the tangles are now easily and gently tamed out. 

One blog review I had read complained the brush only took the top layer of tangles away.   Well yes, if you only brush your hair once or twice then that would be the effect.  You do have to brush a fair few times to get the tangles out, but it does it very gently and they do come out without yanking or pain.  It does what it says; it teases them out. 

I have used this brush successfully on wet, damp and dry hair and am ever so pleased with the results.  It also smoothes my hair and adds an excellent glossy shine.  My hair feels softer too and is seemingly less damaged than usual.  The bristles do not have balls at the end and are two lengths.  They are arranged in such a way that they are extra kind to hair.

I did think they look a little strange at first with no handle and wondered if I would actually manage to brush my hair without.  Now I find it much easier. Once you get a good grip and work out which way round to hold it best then it really does feel surprisingly more comfortable to use than a regular handled brush.

So yes, I would definitely recommend purchasing a tangle teezer if like me you suffer from nightmare tangled hair.  Or even just to improve your hair’s condition, add shine and reduce breakage.  I now think it's worth the money!

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