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Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk Review

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 A light, yet deep cleansing milk for scrumptious skin

I was struggling to find a kind enough cleanser for my troubled skin so my Mum recommended Anne French.  She absolutely swears by it and has been using it for years. 

The cleanser is a light and runny white milky liquid.  It pours our quickly so make sure you have a cotton pad or cotton ball close to the lid as you pour.  I drench around half a cotton ball in the cleanser and wipe firmly all over my face, including eye areas. 

The cleanser feels lovely and soothing as applied and quickly gets to work.  I was absolutely horrified by the amount of dirt on the cotton ball after a quick wipe around my face and neck.  This really is a deep cleansing lotion which will lift up any imbedded dirt and impurities.  I have since tested this by using a cleansing wipe on my face until clean and then using the Anne French.  Shockingly the wipe will look spotless, yet the Anne French cleanser will still lift out dirt!

anne french deep cleansing milk blog review lylia rose


My skin feels much cleaner after using this product for over one week.  The proof really is on the cotton pads and not on the wipes I used to use!  The formula is lightly moisturising so as a bonus it leaves my skin soft to touch and great to look at.

I was impressed by the ingredient list on the reverse of the bottle or should I say lack of ingredients. My old cleanser had a list as long as my arm of random long words, yet the list on the back of the Anne French is short and sweet which surely must be much better for facial skin.

The brand itself is around 60 years old and the Anne French cleanser was the first cleanser of its time!  That’s pretty impressive and it really seems to still be as good as ever and after researching online since my purchase it comes highly recommended.

The smell is light, clean and pleasing.  It is also suitable for all skin types.  It’s not so great at removing eye makeup so I would recommend using some specialised eye makeup remover or pads before cleansing with Anne French.

I’ll be buying this product again as I am so impressed with the results.

Note - I wrote this blog post before becoming obsessed with natural beauty products and avoiding questionable ingredients.  Suffice to say, I no longer use this product anymore.