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Review of Polka Dot Beauty Salon in Cheltenham

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In August I decided to download the Groupon app and see what it was all about.  I’m very glad I did as there was an offer for a 30 minute aromatherapy massage and 30 minute reflexology for just £18 at a new beauty salon in Cheltenham.  This deal was just too fantastic to miss so I instantly purchased a Groupon voucher and soon booked my appointment time.  I had both treatments back in September and returned last Saturday for a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage with a mini manicure afterwards.

Polka Dot Beauty Cheltenham Massage Beauty Salon

Sally, the salon owner, is just lovely.  She’s warm, friendly and greeted me both times with a fantastic huge smile.  Her presence is so welcoming I feel like I’ve known her for years.  I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed at the salon.   Sally has the perfect personality for making you feel at ease which is just what is needed for such personal treatments.

As the massage began we chatted away and caught up on what’s been happening since our last appointment.  I was impressed Sally remembered some things I’d said which shows she really listened and took interest in what I had to say.  After a few minutes of talking I thought I’d better be quiet and relax; the whole point of booking the treatment!  So I closed my eyes, listened to the totally soothing music and imagined as best I could lying on a magnificent desert island away from life’s daily stresses.  Although the massage was only 30 minutes I felt like I was lying there much longer which is always a bonus.  Sally worked on some knots in my shoulders which always seem to build up and make me feel tense.  My shoulders felt much more relaxed afterwards and I didn’t feel so hunched up.  As for my mind, I felt completely chilled which was of course the desired effect.

The salon is located at the top of the Cheltenham High Street.  I was a little worried the hustle and bustle outside would be a distraction but I didn’t even notice it.  The room is adequately darkened, pleasant relaxing tunes are playing and Sally’s massaging technique is so wonderful you can truly escape reality.

Polka Dot Beauty Cheltenham Massage Beauty Salon

I’d decided to treat myself to a mini manicure afterwards as my nails were horrific.  I have a great fear of pushing my cuticles back myself and just can’t seem to manage to do it.  My partner tried to give it a go once but I was too freaked out he was going to hurt me so that was a failure too.  I’d definitely rather someone professional do it who knows what they are doing! 

The mini manicure was a great success and really tidied up my cuticles, sides of nails, hang nails and actual nails themselves.  They look so much neater and healthier already.  Sally added lots of nourishing solutions and added a layer of base coat which gave them an excellent shine also.  My nails were shockingly short; I’d not realised how soon my appointment was and naughtily bit them all off last week.  I have promised to grow them so there is more length to work with next time to be shaped and polished.  I’m not sure you want to see a photo of my silly short nails at the moment so I’ll take one next time when they are longer and more feminine!  Sally ensured I was happy with the results before finishing up and I definitely was.  They really did look a billion times better!

I’ve already booked again for December and plan to have a treatment every six to eight weeks after this.  I think it’s a good idea to relax and de-stress regularly whilst giving any tired muscles some much needed TLC.  I’m incredibly glad I started going for massages this year as they seem to be the perfect remedy for soothing my body and mind.  If you are local to Cheltenham I highly recommend Polka Dot Beauty for fantastic customer service and totally wonderful treatments.


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