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Popagami Origami Kit Review

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Make cool things with paper

The team at Popagami got in touch to see if I fancied having a go at their new Combi Pack.  To be honest I’d never heard of Popagami but it sounded intriguing so I searched for their website to see what exactly it was. 

The name did give it away slightly and it turned out it was origami animal fun.  Popagami is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese art of paper folding (origami) to create fun, colourful animals.  They suggest filling the large ones with sweets and giving to a friend and the smaller ones make adorable finger puppets.

popagami review origami paper craft

I thought the pack look quite fun, even for adults, so decided to give it a go.

I had a go at four of the large animals and my first three attempts were rather shocking.  I am definitely not a natural at origami.  After these terrible attempts I had to pop onto their website and watch the video to see exactly where I was going wrong.  I managed to make Gilly Giraffe on my fourth attempt and was rather chuffed with her.  Very soon there will be little Popagami creatures all over the house! origami paper craft popagami review kids adults gift

I think these are probably most suited as a children's gift, but also a fun adult challenge with your family at Christmas!

The pack I received is available for £7.99 on their website at