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  1. We recently went camping to Rhossili Bay in our Mazda Bongo Friendee for a spur of the moment one night trip without the kids, and let me tell you, it was freezing!  We got a great deal on the campsite as it was the end of the season being October and they don’t open past this month.  I quite enjoyed it as it meant the campsite was really quiet.  I did ask Ben why he thought they shut at the end of October, but before he could answer, I answered my own question as I realised it’s probably just too cold. 

    Even though we went near the beginning of October, it was still freezing!  The weather was quite unpredictable.  It was 6 degrees when we woke at around 7am to 7.30am in the morning, so who knows how cold it had been overnight.  In the day time though, it was really warm by midday in the sun.  So warm, in fact, that we had to take all our layers off and we were in t-shirts!

    It seems a shame to have the van all through winter and not be able to use it.  Even though I detest the cold weather, I do sometimes like wrapping up warm and getting outdoors.  I don’t want to totally hibernate inside for the entire winter.  I love being outdoors in nature and seeing the change in season.  I just need to find a way to stay warm! 

    Here are my suggestions of how to stay warm when camping in a campervan in cold weather.

  2. Living the good life can mean different things to many different people.   For me, reaching financial independence and not having that anxious feeling every day of worrying about money would mean I’m living the good life!  But also learning to be happy with myself and content with my lifestyle would mean I feel happy and am living the good life.  For me it’s not about having luxurious things or necessarily living in the best neighbourhood.

  3. If you have small children, chances are that you find it hard to settle in the corporate world in the morning and get back to your family routine at night. If working full time and long hours is something that you consider too big of a sacrifice, you might want to opt for a more rewarding career that will give you flexibility and great rewards emotionally.

    Rather than going back to the grind of a previous career, it might be time to make a change and search for jobs that make a difference in people's lives instead. 

    To avoid professional burnout, and as a caring person, you might want to consider one of the career choices below.

  4. No matter what industry, business owners look for the easiest and most inexpensive means of drawing new clients to their business. With the help of billboards, leaflets, marketing specialists and newspaper articles, this is somewhat effective - however, many of these offline tactics are outdated and not very effective when it comes to bringing new clients into your business. In fact, these methods may be costing you more than what you’re making from earned revenue. 

    With many businesses, it's the same problem - too much money spent on marketing and not enough revenue gained from new clients. Instead, small businesses such as hair salons for example, are turning to more convenient and modern methods of attracting customers, without spending a fortune.