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  1. Early Bird Snackbox Refined Sugar Free Subscription Box Healthy Discount Co

    Early Bird Snackbox Refined Sugar Free Subscription Box Healthy Discount Co

    Early Bird Snackbox Refined Sugar Free Subscription Box Healthy Discount Co

    Refined Sugar Free Healthy Subscription Box Review

    I’d been thinking I’d love some sort of subscription food box which is refined sugar free as I recently cancelled my Goodness Project Box.  It sadly often contained sugary snacks (insert sad face).  I’ve not gone 100% refined sugar free (yet), but I’m a lot more aware of added sugar in food and now try to avoid it as much as possible.  I won't eat any cakes, sweets, regular crisps, biscuits, etc any more, it's probably been for most of this year.  I didn't eat loadsssss, but I did have a treat session maybe one night per week with Ben and some rather large chocolate bars!  I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and squash a few years ago now.  My only chocolate feasting session this year was on Easter Day and I won't be doing it again now.

    I don’t avoid added sugar when eating out if it's in main meals, or on our treat night each week (usually a pizza on a Friday evening) but otherwise I’ve pretty much stopped eating the stuff. I occasionally have baked beans (the reduced sugar version) maybe once per week if that, some mayo and veggie sausages.  I think this is everything I buy with added sugar.  Everything else, even the bread I buy, is added sugar free (Warbutons wholemeal if you're wondering - the only one I've found with no sugar after reading nearly all the breads in Tesco!).   There's an added sugar free jam in our supermarket and most Yeo yoghurts are refined sugar free.  If you look and read most labels, you'll soon discover the brands which don't add it.  Most other foods we eat are vegetables, dairy and wholegrains.  I try to eat as many whole foods as possible.

    I was amazed when I discovered the EarlyBird snack box as it's all free from added sugar!  This is exactly what I had been thinking of and I immediately signed up!  The personalised leaflet in the EarlyBird box is a nice touch.  It was so cool to open it and see my name.  It makes the whole experience more personalised.  I also love how there’s a tea bag in each box.  I’m obsessed with green tea, but have ventured into the realms of herbal tea over the past few months and love them!  I can’t wait to see what tea will be in my next box and it’s the perfect accompaniment for the delicious snacks.

    Here’s what I got in my very first box and my thoughts:

    ABC Nuts
    Who doesn’t like nuts?  I’m a big fan and prefer natural nuts in all their glory.  These were delicious and I could munch them all day.

    Beetroot and Carrot Crisps
    Oh wow! Beetroot crisps are absolutely amazing!  So flavoursome.  They are so full of flavour, it’s still super strong even when turned into a crisp.  Delicious and I want more!  The carrot crisps are tasty too.

    Cacao Chia Pud
    I accidently flooded this with a bit too much water, but it was still very tasty and chocolatey.  A guilt free chocolate treat.

    Shmokin’ Peas
    ACTUAL peas.  Yep.  Really good too.  Little hard pea balls with a great crunch.  Not dissimilar to eating a handful of nuts, but these are really peas.  Such a great idea.

    Mojitea Mockingbird
    This tea bag was super refreshing and enjoyed along with the tasty snacks above.  I love that a tea bag is included.  It comes in the cutest box too!

    I have now received several of these healthy snack boxes and I continue to be impressed.  They are right up my street!  I have changed to a fortnightly delivery.  To do this I went to cancel my account online and then they give you a monthly or fortnightly option instead.  It's a great trick to know if weekly is too much for you :)


    Click here for their website & use discount code GHWMH-2513 to get your first box half price (only £2.48).  Delivery is free! 



  2. four tips to remember twitter hashtag hours marketing small business

    Four Tips to Remember Twitter Hashtag Hours

    A lot of people always mention to me they find it difficult to remember Twitter hashtag hours.  There are a lot and unless you do the same ones regularly, like I do, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

    Here are four tips for remembering hashtag hours that I have used:

    1. Make a spreadsheet – I have an excel spreadsheet saved on my laptop with all the hours I like to do.  I have a list of days in the first column and times across the top.  I then fill in all the hours and colour code each day so it’s easy to read at a glance.  I access this on my laptop as well as printing it off (fit to one page) and keeping it on my desk.  I leave the bottom half of the page blank and use the space to scribble notes each week.  I tend to print a new one each week and add a to-do list to the bottom.  It’s my handy point of reference every day when planning tweets, etc.

    2. Add them to your phone calendar – I use an iPhone and have the hours added to my calendar so I can access them on the go.  On the iPhone it’s possible to set the event to a recurring weekly event, so it’s quick to add the hours to repeat on the calendar weekly.  If you are super forgetful and forget to look at your calendar it’s possible to set up an alarm to remind you of your calendar events.  Obviously you might not want your phone dinging all day long, so set an alert without an alarm.  The event will flash up as a notification on your phone without dinging.

    3. Follow @hashtag_hour and enable notifications – I’m not sure they have all the hours, but a good amount.  Some have no interaction, so it’s worth checking the ones they are advertising before tweeting.  I follow this account and have activated mobile notifications so it flashes up to me on my mobile at the start of each hour they know about.  I’ve turned sound off for Twitter notifications so it’s not annoying!  I’d love to know if there’s another Twitter account that does this too, so if you know of one please let me know in the comments.

    4. Bookmark a hashtag hour list – There are several lists of hashtag hours on the internet which you can Google and find easily.  Bookmark the page and find it easily whenever you need to reference it.  It’s a good idea to find one that is updated regularly.

    I hope these tips help if you need to remember when all your favourite hours are.  Let me know in the comments if you have any more tips.