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  1. summer-still-life-daisies-yellow Ways to spruce up your garden in time for Spring


    Although it might not feel like it recently, Spring is definitely creeping up on us. For all you avid gardeners out there, you should start preparing your garden in time for the season of rebirth. Don’t know where to start?

    Here’s a list of some ways in which you can lay the groundwork to make this year’s garden then best you’ve ever had!

    Get Spring cleaning

    Not just for your home, your garden will have taken a battering over the winter and anything dead lying around it will need to be taken out immediately – out with the old, in with the new. You can turn this into a job for the whole family if you like, though it’s doubtful they’ll thank you for the experience. Be sure to remind them of their moaning when you’re sitting in your luxurious garden come summer.

    Spread mulch around

    Otherwise known as the gardener’s miracle, mulching your garden will not only provide much needed nourishment to the soil – it will also keep those pesky weeds at bay! If you are already converted to the wonders of mulch, be sure to re-mulch in the springtime as it will need a touch up.

    Plan your flowerbed

    Pop down to your nearest garden centre and take a look at their collection of ready grown annuals. These colourful plants can really make your garden spring to life and will look fantastic after you’ve completed that spring clean we told you about.

    Wood (you look at that)

    Much as we would like to be optimistic about the weather, it’s an unfortunate fact that we’re going to see some rain this year – no matter how long that coveted summer heatwave ends up lasting. Fortify everything wooden in your garden from water warping by applying some aluminium primer to it, this will prevent any chance of the wood knotting and ruining it altogether!

    Think bigger

    While you may be considering which flowers you want adorning your garden around this time, have a good think about whether you want to include some trees and bushes. Early Spring is the optimal time for their growth so it would be best to decide on this as soon as possible – they make a lovely addition to any garden.

    Doctor those plants

    For those plants that can survive the winter, give them a thorough check to see if there has been any frosting damage to them and apply ‘treatment’ – a bit of much-needed pruning should do the trick. Tending to these plants carefully can optimise them for growth again rather than ignoring them and assuming they’ll grow without proper care.

    Rejig the non-greenery

    If you’ve had the same garden furniture for a while, chances are the space is going to feel a bit stale regardless of what you do in the flower beds. Changing (or painting) your collection of table and chairs can make a massive difference, or even adding something in the way of accessories, like a fountain.




  2. The cibo catch the mess silicone placemat making mealtimes less messy

    Did you ever read my blog post Six Things I Wish My House Had (because of small children)?  Well one of them has sort of been invented!  I wrote about how I need a highchair with pockets to catch all the falling food and my prayers have been answered thanks to The Cibo placemat.  I was kindly sent not one, but two Cibo placemats (or rather place’mates’) to review.  I couldn’t resist trying these out as I knew they were an awesome invention.  I was only expecting one so it was a lovely surprise to receive two in the post, allowing Bella and Reuben to have one each and not squabble over one!

    Reuben who has just turned two definitely makes the most mess at dinner times, but Bella still has a pretty good go at four and a half.  The Cibo placemat is a fun character silicone mat which will catch all their crumbs and more.  The silicone material allows it to stick non-permanently to a table with its open pocket 'mouth' hanging over the edge ready to catch and gobble up any falling mess.

    The Cibo Catch The Mess Childrens Placemat Crafts Food Kids

    The Cibo is a real character with its adorable huge cartoon eyes making meal times and even craft time more fun and less messy!  The placemats aren’t just for food, but can also be used at craft times to catch all those little bits and pieces that just seem to get everywhere.  Bella is a big fan of Aquabeads and they roll around all over the place.  Even crayons, Lego, felt tips, basically anything where there are lots of little pieces, always end up all over the floor.  The placemats are going to look so cool on their playroom table ready to catch all these bits.

    No more crawling under the table to pick them all up and no more whinging at my kids for all the mess they are making.  Thank you Cibo for saving me this tedious chore every day!

    Need more convincing?   You can be safe in the knowledge The Cibo is BPA free, phthalate free, contains no harmful dyes, it’s easy to clean with a quick wipe or rinse, it’s top rack dishwasher safe and is a super fun way to give yourself a lot less mess to tidy up every day.  There are four bright colours to choose from – pink, green, red or blue. 

    Are you sick and tired of cleaning up food off the floor or picking up crafty bits and pieces all day long?   You need The Cibo!

    Now available to buy in the UK from Amazon:



  3. Keen cyclist? Read why you must consider cycling insurance get 10% off with pedalsure

    One thing I’ve never thought of is having cycling insurance, but actually it totally makes sense.  Roads are very scary places and I think we’re a pretty long way off having safer cycle paths on all streets and busy main roads.  It’s scary as a driver in a protective car sometimes, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who cycle absolutely everywhere, especially down narrow country lanes where cars seem to think it’s acceptable to go 20 miles per hour above the speed limit.  I can feel a rant coming on to join my many other rants about unsafe drivers I see every day.

    Anyway, back to the point of the article for cyclists and not those crazy idiotic drivers.  Though unfortunately they may be the very reason you need to consider covering yourself in the event of an accident.  We all have car insurance and wouldn’t dream of driving around without any, but how many of you have insurance for you and your bicycle?  If you’re a serious rider then you shouldn’t pedal anywhere without it.

    So where do you get cycling insurance?

    PedalSure offer competitive Cycling Insurance for You and Your Bike. They provide unrivalled personal accident cover up to £150,000 and the widest range of options.

    Once you cover your Bike with Theft & Accidental damage you can then choose from the following bicycle insurance options:

    • 30/60 Days Overseas Extension
    • Bike Box & Air Transit Cover
    • Dental & Physio
    • Competition Use (Sportive as Standard)
    • Up to £150k Personal Accident
    • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

    PedalSure was launched back in 2015 to address the issue that many cyclists are under insured themselves with little or no personal protection.   Since then they have added many options to suit the cycling commuter and enthusiast as well as their bikes.

    To save 10% on your cycling insurance use my exclusive link:

    Have you considered cycling insurance before now?


  4. How to Get 2 Euromillions Bets for 98p plus 10 Free Scratchcards

    I’m not a big gambler, but I do like to play the lottery as I find the possibility of winning one day quite exciting.  I only recently discovered there are websites which offer the same jackpots as the lotteries, but instead you bet on the outcome of the lottery.  You still pick all the numbers you think will be drawn, but you are betting on this being the outcome.

    The benefits to betting on the lottery instead of actually playing it are:

    • you can play lots of lotteries from around the world instead of just your home country
    • you can win more than the jackpot sometimes
    • they offer special offers and deals
    • sometimes it’s cheaper than buying a normal lottery ticket (like by using my exclusive link below!)

    The newest site I have been introduced to is World Lottery Club and I have a very special offer for you!

    By clicking here you can place TWO Euromillions bets for just 98p

    Plus you receive TEN free scratchcards.  (My link only works if the jackpot is under £33million)

    I have just tried the offer.  Picking my numbers was very simple as I decided to let them pick them for me  I was worried I may have to deposit £10, but you can pay on card or in my case I deposited just £1.  I then played the ten free scratch cards and won £2 instantly!  So I’m £1.02 up. Plus I may get lucky on the Euromillions!

    Please do gamble responsibly.  I think for 98p it’s worth a shot -  I think I'll do a mixture of this and the actual game from now on!

    Click here to place 2 Euromillions bets for only 98p - Let me know if you get any winnings in the comments below.


    This blog post contains affiliate links






  5. 10 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery

    Do you cringe away at the thought of buying jewellery that has been previously owned? Huge mistake! Here’s a comprehensive list of all the reasons why pre-owned jewellery should be your shopping filter next time you’re on a hunt for a girl’s best friend.

    Pre-owned jewellery is much more affordable

    Obviously, this is the first advantage that comes to mind. Pre-owned pieces can cost even 40% less than what you’d pay for a new piece of identical or similar brand. This depreciation is a common thing, even with homes, cars and gadgets and it happens for the mere fact that something is not new anymore.

    It’s of like-new quality

    The quality of pre-owned upmarket jewellery should be of no concern if you get a certificate or some written assurance about its structural integrity and craftsmanship. On top of that, you should bear in mind that people will often sell virtually brand new pieces of jewellery for countless reasons – which means that you can often find barely worn pieces which are much cheaper than new ones.

    It was made to last

    Having a few luxury items in your wardrobe and jewellery box goes a long way. One fine item in your outfit can make a difference between smart and striking. Buying pre-owned luxury jewellery or pre-owned watches gives you access to something that was made to stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and in terms of style.

    You can build your own unique style

    On the one hand, luxury jewellery is timelessly elegant and appealing. On the other, vintage pieces have the aura of decades gone by. So, pre-owned jewellery allows you to show off your unique style and taste. You can be the talk of the circles you move in because of your original style and the fact that no one else has the accessories you do.

    You can be part of a story

    There’s an irresistible thrill in buying jewellery that has been owned by someone else. Who was that someone and how did they come to have that piece? Was it a token of love or a family heirloom? What occasions did they wear it for? The piece you buy is a piece of history.

    You can pass it on to the future generations

    On the note of history, when you get a piece of jewellery that is pre-owned, in a way you preserve history for your future generations. Something that’s in vogue in your time will probably be vintage by the time your children or grandchildren come to wear it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have jewellery of everlasting beauty passed on in the family?

    You’ll buy potential collectibles

    Fine items are made in fewer numbers. They can gain collectible status because of their rarity or because their model was worn by a celebrity, a socialite or a person of historical significance. Of course, you cannot know if and when a piece will become a collectible, but knowing that it has a potential to do so is delightful, isn’t it?

    You have a wider selection

    To some extent, you have more options if you’re in the market for pre-owned jewellery. When you are shopping for new pieces, the price and style generally determine the brands you can afford. However, when you allow pre-owned pieces in your search, you get access to brands that could be out of your reach when new items are concerned.


    If you are tempted to roll your eyes at this one, don’t. Environmental awareness is an important factor in our world today and you do contribute to a more sustainable future if you buy pre-owned jewellery. Fewer gemstones and precious metals to be mined equals less pollution in the air, soil and water and more intact wildlife habitats. We’re all connected.

    Resale value

    As mentioned in the beginning, price depreciation happens with jewellery, watches, cars, property and many other things. Just because an item has been owned, its price will usually drop drastically. However, if you buy a pre-owned piece and after some time decide to resell it, the difference in these two prices will be significantly lower than if you decided to sell some jewellery as the first owner.