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    I’m sure many of us are all the same. We’d love to treat ourselves to some high-fashion pieces and designer labels, but their price tags are just too big for our budgets. Unfortunately, some of fashion’s biggest names and iconic clothing pieces are always going to be expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams of ever owning them. In fact, there are a few clever tips and hacks that can help you find excellent fashion items on a budget.
    Intrigued to learn where you need to look and what you need to do to be able to afford all of these quality pieces of clothing? Read on! This blog post is jampacked with lots of tips that will make high fashion on a budget perfectly possible!
    Look Through Different Collections
    Did you know that all of the big fashion houses have many different collections? For example, Gucci has its very fancy Runway Collection and a Cruise 2017 collection, amongst many others. So what exactly is the point of all these different collections? Firstly, it gives the fashion house a chance to explore different styles and trends. But not only that, though, it also gives them a chance to release clothes aimed at various budgets. For instance, Gucci’s Runway Collection will probably be its most expensive line of clothing. And aimed at those interested in haute couture. However, some of their other collections will feature clothes that are a lot cheaper and more accessible to regular shoppers.


    Know Your Terminology
    This tip is closely linked to the first one, as collections are all part of the confusing terminology you need to know if you want to get fashion savvy. Once you know all the terms that designers use to describe their clothes, you will be able to hone your shopping searches. So you only look at items that you know are more likely to be in your budget. For example, take the term ‘capsule collections’. This refers to a few staple pieces that show off the overall style of the fashion house. These are usually mass-marketed, which makes them cheaper than buying one-off pieces. ‘Bridge line’ is another term it is important to understand. This refers to collaborations between high-end designers and mid-range retail outlets. They are usually a lot cheaper than the designer’s own collections.



    Look For Coupons
    Coupons are a great way to save quite a bit of money on your shopping. You probably already save up coupons for your groceries. Well, did you know that you can also find many different coupons for your favorite fashion brands? There are ones for popular brands and shops including Laura Ashley, Adidas, and Topshop. You will find that these coupons offer you a range of various discounts. Some might give you anything up to 20% off an item of clothing. While others might allow you to take advantage of a special deal, such as buy one, get one free. There are a number of different places where you can find coupons. One of the best places to get them from is from the shop or brand themselves. These days, many shops offer previous customers exclusive deals and discounts. So once you have made a purchase, you may find that you get regular newsletters into your inbox regarding coupon codes and other deals! Alternatively, you can search on specialist coupon websites for all the latest coupons that are valid in shops.



    Buy Out Of Season
    If you are shopping as soon as a shop brings out its latest clothes and trends, you will probably find that the clothes are very expensive. So rather than hit the shops as soon as all their new collections come out, you need to start buying all your clothes out of season. Clothes will be a lot cheaper once they have been out in the shops for a while. Another benefit of shopping out of the season is that you are more likely to find a lot of shops are having sales. There will definitely be a lot of bargains for you to grab! One thing to remember about shopping when the sales are on is that many of the sales items are probably clearance. That means you won’t be able to return them if you find that they aren’t quite right when you get home. So make sure you always try on clothes before you buy them, even if they are in the sales!
    Buy Second-Hand
    Did you know that second-hand clothes shops are a great place to find hidden designer gems? And, as they are second-hand, you won’t have to worry about paying the hefty price tags that usually comes with designer pieces. If you are desperate to get your hands on designer items, it is usually best to go to second-hand stores and charity shops in the centre of cities. As there are many wealthy people in cities, there is a greater chance that you will find some excellent designer items of clothing.



    Swap With Your Friends
    If you and your friends are all fans of designer clothing, then you could drastically cut down on your clothing bills by swapping clothes. This is especially great if you all end up buying pieces that you realize you actually aren’t that into. After you have had your clothes a few months, why not get together with all your friends and pool the clothes. That way, you can all look at each others’ items to see if there is anything you want. Of course, you don’t have to swap on a permanent basis. You may just want something different to wear to a party that you have planned. You could even turn your clothes swap into a fun event. Host it at yours and put on some drinks and nibbles!

    As you can see, designer fashion doesn’t have to always be out of your budget. Hopefully, all of these tips and hacks can help you find great pieces at very reasonable prices. And you’ll look amazing as a result!






    As a busy working mum, it is easy to ignore our own upkeep while running after our little ones all day.   While our youth and vitality may mask the signs of ageing, our ignorance of a healthy skin care regime will show its effects once we are in our late twenties. For that reason, I have decided to talk about an enduring routine that will preserve and pamper your supple skin.

    Use a cleanser and toner

    While it may sound optional, it isn’t. The key to Kiera Knightley’s glowing radiant skin is a good routine and for this, cleansing and toning is a must. A good cleanser removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and oils. A toner will further tighten pores and prevent that dreaded sign of ageing; large, open pores. Invest in an effective one, as skincare can’t be skimped on.

    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

    Remember that the cleansing and washing that is essential also reduces the moisture in your skin which is what maintains its suppleness and glow. Dry, flaky skin ages much faster than oily skin and moisturising regularly prevents winkles and blemishes. Make it a point to apply a good moisturiser before applying foundation, as well as a good overnight cream to hydrate your skin.

    Remove makeup

    It is natural to feel lazy after a long day and hit the sack without removing makeup from our face.  We’ve all experienced those mornings of waking up disgusted, with eyeliner caked over our lids, mascara clumped on our lashes, and foundation smeared over our pillow. These chemicals not only damage skin but also clog pores, promoting the growth of bacteria and fungus. It takes just a few minutes to remove that dirty layer of makeup.  Do it.

    Do not pick at pimples

    The most tempting thing to do when we have a break out is to pop all the zits with our fingers. This is the worst idea, as we not only transfer the bacteria from our nails and fingers to open zits, but also to other parts of our face. We must make a conscious effort to avoid touching our face, as this can increase breakouts and irritate broken skin membranes.

    Get enough sleep

    The thing even people who have the best skincare routine fail to do, is get eight hours of sleep. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Studies have shown a person’s attractiveness drops significantly when they are sleep deprived, and the stress causes additional bursts of acne. Get some good old shut eye, as this is the most important part of your makeup kit.

    Use a good facemask

    A good facemask to exfoliate the skin is essential. Fruit based masks, like avocado, orange, grape, papaya blended with honey or oats can be made at home too. The nutrients in these fruits nourish skin, as well as making the skin soft and supple.  A good pass time is to put a nice facemask on and indulge in a game of stress busting online bingo, with Dotty Bingo. Read the Dotty Bingo review here. Your ten minutes will just fly by.

    Follow these tips and see for yourself the staggering difference in your skin texture!


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