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How to create a blog that stands out from the millions

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Blogging has become one of the growing entrepreneurial opportunities for millions of people across the world. Today, the online space is filled with many blogs covering a wide range of topics. While the growing number of blogs is encouraging for an aspiring blogger, it can also be intimidating when considering the numerous competing blogs clamouring for the same target audience. But if you're an aspiring or new blogger, there are ways to make your blog stand out from the millions. Here are a few. 

How to create a blog that stands out from the millions

  1. Use killer headlines to make your blog stand out

Don't settle for those bland, vague, and ambiguous headlines, as your post may only end up as one of the millions out there. Even if you're making a popular post, look for ways to make your heading luring enough to attract the attention of the readers you want. Crafting a great headline for your blog post is one of the most important tasks you'll have as a blogger. It's the first thing people will see, and it needs to entice them to click.

However, it is crucial to ensure that while you chase the killer headline move, you don't end up deceiving your audience. One of the most common mistakes many bloggers make is depending on clickbaiting. While it may work to bring in the views or attention you want, you will lose your readers if your content does not offer what the blog headline promises. Your viewers will see you as lacking credibility, and your blog will suffer. 

  1. Publish epic content to make your blog posts stand out

If you're starting your blogging career, you need to focus on stories that bring attention. It's nice to want to post personal stories, but if they're not catchy enough, very few people will care. People want to know how your blog post can help them or enhance their lives in any way. So focus on those for now.  Use keyword research and learn what is SEO to find topics that people are actually searching for on search engines.
Also, find your voice.  What is it that you want to say? There are so many blogs out there with the same topic as yours. What sets you apart from them? Do you have a unique perspective on the subject? Do you want to provide information that people don’t usually get access to, or let people know about an issue that doesn't usually get talked about? Once you know why your blog is different than others in your industry, then your content should reflect that.

Make sure that you know who your audience is - it's important to be able to develop content for them.  As you begin to gain readers, subscribers, or followers you want, you can start posting some personal stories.  

  1. Use the right platforms so your blog stands out amongst the crowd

Believe it or not, the platform, hosting site, blog design, template, layout, and the general user experience you offer readers will determine whether your blog will stand out or not. More than 95% of all blogs use the same styles, layouts and templates. Don't let your blog fall into mediocrity.

If your blog is too challenging to navigate, a new visitor will leave in a matter of minutes, never to return. So, ensure that you start on the right foot by creating a solid blog design, or layout, on a fast hosting platform. 

Also, ensure that you use devices that support the latest blog publishing features. For example, if you're a macOS user, ensure that you're using the latest or recent OS to access the best performance features. You can check out a review of the MacOS Monterey to find out what new features you can use to enhance your Mac experience. 

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  1. Post more frequently to keep your blog readers coming back for more

Consistent and frequent posting is another way to push your blog ahead of your competition, as some experts suggest it can increase traffic by 206%! If you’re not already publishing on a frequent basis, then the trick here is to publish according to a set schedule, as this helps to acquire new visitors and keep them coming back for more. However, you also want to ensure that your regular posts do not make you skimp on quality.  Even one high-quality post every week, or even two, is better than a low-quality blog post every day.
If posting regularly seems like a challenge, then check out my articles on how to avoid writer’s block when blogging and how to write a blog post fast.

Round-up of ways to make your blog stand out from the competition

Every blog goes up against a sea of competition. Start with the above tips on how to make your blog stand out from the crowd.  To conclude:

  1. One way to make your blog stand out is by creating an excellent title. A catchy title can help you attract new readers and increase engagement. It’s important that the title is relevant, concise, and accurate. 

  2. Provide useful and engaging content on your blog. This could include advice, photos, or tutorials.  Make your blog posts stand out by using visuals like images, infographics and videos.  This will make sure that your words are not the only thing people are looking at on the page. You can find these types of images online or you can use a photo editing tool like Canva to create one of these visuals yourself. Using visuals will prompt your readers to share these on social media.

  3. Use the best blogging tools at your disposal to create a website design that is easy to navigate, looks great and sets you apart from other blogs.  Make sure that the design of your blog isn't cluttered or distracting for readers looking for valuable content.

  4. Post regularly to keep your blog readers engaged.  Fresh, consistent content will keep your readers coming back for more and ensure your website remains active.

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