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3 eco-friendly subscription boxes I use and love

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3 eco-friendly subscription boxes in the UK - tried and tested! And more bonus suggestions!

According to this article the UK subscription box market will be worth £1billion by 2022.  It’s a growing market and something that I’ve only known of for a few years, perhaps when it started gaining traction in the UK, but I am totally on board with some of the subscription box services on offer.

I think some subscription boxes can be really useful, eco-friendly and time saving.  These are the sorts of boxes I like.  The ones that provide me with something I need and preferably they also support something good.

I also think some subscription boxes are quite bad.  Some of them send a bunch of products like stationery or clothing that you just don’t know if you’ll like.  Then you end up sending them all back or not wanting them and wasting your money, time and resources.  Personally I wouldn’t want a box of random things sent to me in case I don’t want any of it.  But I’m just fussy and also a minimalist!

There are some that might be useful like this such as beauty subscription boxes

If you are always trying lots of different products then it can be a great way to try lots for cheaper than the RRP, but you’d just have to be one of those people that uses a lot of different things so you aren’t wasteful with the contents.  I’d rather go and buy exactly what I need when I need it.  It's really important to make sure you won't be wasteful when choosing a subscription box for yourself.

I do currently get three subscription boxes and I really support them.  They are all helping me to be more eco-friendly too.

Here are the three subscription boxes I currently use and love:

1.     Who Gives a Crap

Tips to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom

I love the name which is a great play on words as this is a toilet roll subscription!  We get a box of 48 toilet rolls every three months for £36.  It sounds a lot at first, but it is cheaper for us.

The rolls are double length and the softest recycled toilet roll we’ve ever had!

We were always buying recycled toilet roll anyway and I worked out the cost comparison and we actually save more with Who Gives a Crap compared to the supermarket version we were buying. 

They also use no plastic so it’s perfect for reducing our waste and stopping single-use plastic.  Using recycled rolls means Who Gives a Crap saves 27000 trees a year.

50% of their profits go to building toilets for those in need so we are supporting a good cause too.

If that’s not enough reasons to choose WGAC then the rolls are individually wrapped in pretty patterned paper that looks great on the bathroom shelf!

They also have a luxurious bamboo version if you don't like the recycled paper.  They come in a lovely monochrome outer wrapper!

Who Gives a Crap toilet roll: £5 OFF discount code

You can get £5 off your first order at Who Gives a Crap by clicking my referral link here!

I'll get £5 off too - thank you!

Offer valid for new customers with minimum purchase of £36. 

2. We Are Wild

we are wild review

This subscription is the perfect way to go zero waste with your deodorant and make the switch to natural doeodorant - much better for your pits!

It’s a natural deodorant that’s aluminium free and plastic free!

You get a metal case that is reusable and buy deodorant refills that are wrapped in a bamboo pulp that’s compostable!

We Are Wild discount code!

I have a referral link that currently gets you a free case worth £7!  Previously it was £5 off and so this offer is subject to change, but click the referral link to see what the current offer is:

You don’t have to sign up for the subscription.  There’s an option to buy a one off case and three refills, or you can sign up for the subscription instead.

Wild free natural deodorant

 3.     FFS Beauty

FFS razor review limited edition Lily razor and special offer

FFS review friction free shaving limited edition Lily razor and special off

I used to use throwaway plastic razors so I was pleased when I discovered Friction Free Shaving and a special offer which gave me an engraved metal razor handle and set of blades for under £10 at the time.

I’m subscribed which means I get a set of four new blades sent to me every two months.  You can choose monthly, but this is enough for me and my husband.  We even signed him up to get a handle (silver) and then cancelled so we just share the blades from one subscription.

It’s a lot less wasteful than us throwing full disposable razors away constantly and the blades last ages.  I only change mine around once a month!

They also have a blade recycling scheme so there's no need to throw anything in the bin.

FFS Beauty discount code!

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4. BONUS SUGGESTION: Abel and Cole 50% off

I also have a bonus suggestion - a subscription we've used on and off since 2014 and we always love!

Abel and Cole organic fruit and vegetable boxes - super yummy and a great way to eat more fresh healthy food and support local organic farmers.

They have a great offer right now too to save some money.

Abel and Cole discount code:

Enjoy 50% off your 1st and 4th boxes. Enter VEGBOX50 at checkout

To redeem offer, add a weekly fruit & veg box to basket and enter the promotional code VEGBOX50. Your first, highest value box will be 50% off (minimum box value £12 and maximum value of £27.50) then after receiving 2 full price Abel & Cole deliveries, a box in your 4th order will also be 50% off. £1.50 delivery fee applies. Offer does not apply to those who have an order or delivery in place with us already.


5. BONUS SUGGESTION: Riverford £15 off

We also love Riverford!  We've been getting this at our new address as we can't get Abel and Cole here.  Click the image below for a £15 discount if you're a new customer. 

riverford new customer offer



Gosh, I have to keep coming back and adding more that we use.  We now love Allplants too.  It's a plant-based subscription.  Ready-meals that are much healthier to eat instead of calling for a takeaway!  

Click below for a discount.

allplants voucher code



Other subscription boxes I've tried

There are also some subscription boxes that we have used before, but have stopped for various reasons.  

We would have carried on with the kids craft subscription box Toucan Box but we got through the whole lot!  We did every craft activity and then it started again.  Bella used to love getting them and was sad when we finished.

We did try a couple of Mister Maker boxes before, but Reuben was a bit too young at the time, around age 3, and not as into crafts as his sister was at the same age!

I’ve also had the vegan subscription box from The Goodness Project which was amazing and also tried Graze who were great too (if you click to their website then they often have a special offer like first box for free!)

I’m not surprised the subscription box trend is continuing to boom and it’s always great to find eco-friendly boxes that help to cut down on plastic waste too.