Monzo: free money with my referral code!

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Today I have another UK free money offer for you!  This time you can get £5 free cash when you sign up for the very popular free debit card Monzo.  Read on to learn a bit about Monzo and how you can get £5 free cash with my Monzo referral code.

Monzo free money with my referral code

Monzo referral code for £5 free cash

The popular online banking app Monzo is giving away £5 in free cash to new users that sign up.  

How to get your free £5 cash from Monzo:

Make sure you click my referral link when signing up to Monzo to qualify for the free £5 cash bonus!

Full instructions are below if you want a step-by-step guide.


Monzo free money with my referral code

Full step-by-step instructions to get free money from Monzo

Here are the instructions from my own sign up with Monzo.  I’ll talk you through the steps to get your free cash.

  1. First, click my Monzo refer a friend link which will take you to a Monzo screen

    Monzo free money with my referral code

  2. Enter your mobile phone number

  3. You’ll get a text to tell you the date you have until to make a card payment with Monzo to qualify for your £5 free cash

    Monzo free money with my referral code

  4. Download Monzo from the app store on your smartphone and open the app

    Monzo free money with my referral code

  5. Click ‘create account’

    Monzo free money with my referral code

  6. Enter your email and click the link in the email they send to you (mine went straight into junk, so check there if it doesn’t come through to your inbox!)

  7. Sign up for an account.  I chose the personal account.  Be sure to sign up with the same mobile phone number you entered on my refer a friend screen so you get your £5 free cash!

  8. You’ll need to enter a few details and verify your identity by taking a photo of your ID and uploading a short video of yourself.  This is all done within the app and doesn’t take long.

  9. Once you’ve accepted all the terms and conditions they will take between 5 minutes and 48 hours to verify your information.  Mine took around 5 minutes and I was notified on my phone so I didn’t have to keep checking.  Make sure you have notifications on for this, otherwise you’ll need to check the app to see when your ID has been verified.

    Monzo free money with my referral code

    Monzo free money with my referral code

  10. Once you’ve been accepted with your ID then you’ll need to pick your account.  I picked the free account.

  11. Choose a PIN for your Monzo card

  12. Add it to your Apple Pay wallet if you have an iPhone and plan to use the debit card regularly, otherwise skip this part

  13. Choose your overdraft limit - I didn’t want one so hit cancel to come out of this screen

  14. Monzo then gave me a month free of their Monzo plus account!  I didn’t want this, but it’s a free trial and I won’t subscribe at the end of the trial.  I just want the free account.  

  15. Wait for your physical card to arrive, activate it in the app, add some money and once you’ve made a purchase the £5 free credit will be added to your Monzo card for you to spend!

  16. Note: If you don’t plan on using this card as your regular bank card then make sure you just add the exact amount to purchase something you want to buy anyway!  Then use the Monzo card once to make that purchase.  Make sure you don’t go over as they’ll charge you for using their overdraft function. 

  17. Then you can make more free money by referring your friends with your own Monzo referral link…

Make sure you click my referral link when signing up to Monzo to qualify for the free £5 cash bonus!


Monzo free money with my referral code

Get more Monzo free money

Both the referral and the referee will get £5 free cash from Monzo.  It’s a great deal and means once you have signed up to Monzo using my referral code, you can then get your own to invite your friends to earn even more free money from Monzo!

For every friend you refer that makes a purchase with their Monzo card, you will get £5 free cash.  Your friend gets £5 too!

Monzo free money with my referral code

How to refer your friends to Monzo and make more free money

In the Monzo app click on ‘Payments’ at the bottom and you’ll see the option to invite your friends.  Click on ‘Share your invite’ and send to your friends and family.

So long as they click your invite link and enter their mobile phone number then when they register using the same mobile phone number, Monzo will connect the dots and reward you both with £5 once they make their first purchase!

Monzo free money with my referral code

Things to note about the Monzo refer a friend offer

  • You need to be a UK resident aged 16+ who doesn’t already have a Monzo account to qualify for the free £5 using my Monzo referral link

  • Once you have used my referral link you have 30 days to download the app, apply for an account, put some money in and pay for something using your Monzo debit card.  Then you’ll get your £5 free cash.

  • If you’ve ever started signing up for Monzo before or had an account before then you won’t qualify to use my refer a friend link.  You need to be a totally brand new customer to use the link and get your free £5.

  • Monzo have the right to turn the offer on or off at any time or to change the £5 bonus for something else.

Make sure you click my referral link when signing up to Monzo to qualify for the free £5 cash bonus!


Monzo free money with my referral code

What is Monzo?

In Monzo’s own words “Monzo is a bank that makes life easier, not harder.”.  Monzo is a mobile-only bank.  It’s a bank in an app.   It’s easier if I let Monzo explain…

“Monzo is a bank, that lives in an app. It helps you budget better, takes the stress out of spending abroad, and even lets you earn interest on your savings. And even though it’s an app, you can get help from real humans, whenever you need it.

We’ve been a fully-fledged bank since we received our banking licence in April 2017. And like all other banks in the UK, that means we’re authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can use Monzo to do the basic things you’d expect from your traditional bank, as well as much, much more.”


Make sure you click my referral link when signing up to Monzo to qualify for the free £5 cash bonus!


monzo free £5



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