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Widilo cashback: £5 free cash with my refer a friend link

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Widilo is another great cashback site, often with many boosted cashback offers giving you higher amounts of cash back for many popular stores in comparison to other cashback websites.  If you sign up with my Widilo referral link, you can get £5 cash added to your cashback balance.  I also have a tip for you to get a further £1 in free cashback.  Read on to learn more.

Widilo cashback £5 free cash referral code

Sign up for Widilo with my link for £5 free cash

Widilo have a great refer a friend offer so you can grab £5 free cash if you sign up with my promo link!  

Simply click here to get a £5 cash bonus to kickstart your cashback balance at Widilo

Earn an extra £1 free cash with the Widilo browser extension

I have a great tip for you to boost your balance by an extra £1 and it’s really easy.  You can currently get an extra £1 free cash added if you install the browser extension and make at least one cashback purchase via the extension.  If you shop online regularly then this is really quick and easy to do.

The best thing about the browser extension is it also alerts you to discount codes on websites you are browsing.  Even if Widilo doesn’t offer a cashback on a certain website, I’ve still been able to save money thanks to their discount codes.

Widilo referral code

Make more money by referring your friends

After you’ve signed up with my referral link and made at least one validated cashback request, you can refer your own friends and family to Widilo for £5 per successful referral.

Once you have a validated cashback request, your referral link will appear in this section of your account.

Click here to get a £5 cash bonus at Widilo

Widilo cashback free cash referral code

How much do I need to cash out on Widilo?

This is where Widilo falls short in comparison to other popular cashback sites like TopCashback and Quidco which have low payout thresholds.  Widilo currently requires you to have a balance of £15 or more to cash out.  Still, this is easily done if you use them often as a cashback site.  We make/save hundreds every year by using cashback sites for all our online shopping and bookings.  

By using my Widilo referral link and making a purchase via their browser extension, you’ll already have £6 towards the £15 threshold.  A few online purchases and you’ll reach the payment threshold.


Click here to sign up for Widilo today!


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