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If you’re looking for a discount code for then you’re in the right place!  Create are the website builders I have used for this blog and shop ever since I set up my first website.  Well, I did use another ecommerce platform for one day, but they were useless and I got a refund sharpish.  Luckily I somehow discovered Create who had everything I needed to set up my online fashion boutique at the time.

Read this to see why the other website creator was no good: How to CREATE your own website (who I use)

10% discount code to build a shop and blog with Create

Originally I didn’t even have a blog and just set up a fashion shop.  I’d sold items on Facebook and Esty prior to this, but even all those years ago (almost five) Facebook were constantly making changes to their algorithm which was affecting my sales.  I knew I had to set up my own online website if I was to continue.

A lot has changed in the five years I’ve had my website and blogging is now my focus.  I still have my store and it can be found here if you want a peek as an example of what a Create shop looks like.

Don’t take mine as the only example though!  They have so many fully customisable responsive themes to choose from, so you can pick one that suits your brand and tweak it to personalise.  I love a minimal clean white look, so this theme works for me.  I have changed a couple of fonts and colours.  It’s so easy to change the themes and preview before deciding on them to pick the best for you.

There’s a full stock management system and stock control all integrated into an easy to use backend.  You can generate sales reports and see everything you need in the dashboard.  The customer service team are also brilliant!  I think I’ve had around three account managers in the five years I’ve been with Create and they have all been the most helpful people ever.  They never make me feel like an idiot, even when I’m asking the most obvious questions.  You need no technical experience whatsoever to make a website with Create.

My shop is still there, but I mostly blog now.  The blog is great as an addition to your ecommerce store and it still works fine for me as a full time blogger, but it does lack a lot of blog features you’ll get with a dedicated platform such as Wordpress which I use for my second blog.  For a simple blog alongside your store or even if you just want a basic blog that’s easy to use with no fuss, then the blog is just fine.

There’s an option to pay monthly or save a bit more if you pay yearly.  I pay every January and it’s done and forgotten about for a year.  I have two domains, both the .com and and they are around £30 each for two years.  Create will organise all this for you through your dashboard and send reminders when the payment is due.

If you want to play around there’s a free trial where you can test everything before committing to a contract.

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10% discount code to build a shop and blog with Create


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