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5 tried and tested ways to make money as a UK stay at home mum

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My making money as a stay-at-home mum background story

As soon as I had my first daughter I knew I didn’t really want to return to my manager role after maternity.  I’d been with the company for nine years and had assumed I’d be there forever.  Having my first child totally changed my opinion though.  After one year’s maternity I didn’t want to return to full time work in a demanding role that often required last minute overtime.  I wouldn’t be able to commit to the role as I had pre-children.  I also wasn’t ready to put my daughter in full time childcare from 8am to 6pm, only seeing her for one hour or so per evening before it was her bedtime.  The thought really upset me.  It was time to find a new job or way of working from home where I could be there for my daughter in the day times and see her do new things and reach milestones for myself.  In this article I will share five tried and tested ways to make money as a stay at home mum in the UK.  Who knows, it could even become a full time occupation for you!

Originally I trained to be a childminder which seemed the perfect job whilst my daughter was little.  I completed the training, but our current home didn’t have enough space.  We were in the process of selling our existing home, but it took a lot longer than anticipated – around eight months!  We ended up buying a home that needed totally redoing so this took all our time and four years on we’re still not finished!  We then fell pregnant with our second child so I decided not to pursue the childminding.  We just had too much to do in our new home and a new baby on the way.  I also wasn’t as passionate about it anymore as I’d already started my Lylia Rose business.  I do always wonder what would have happened if we had managed to sell quicker and moved into a house that needed no or little work.  Perhaps I’d be a full time childminder today!

I started making handmade cards and selling them on Etsy when my daughter was born and I was stuck at home needing a hobby.  That was the beginning of Lylia Rose.  Since then it changed to me selling items on Facebook, then making jewellery, then buying jewellery to sell, adding scarves to the collection and changing to a scarf only shop, setting up a blog for the business, changing the blog to a lifestyle blog and to where we are today - a UK lifestyle blog all about how to make money online, self employment, healthy living and family lifestyle!  Phew!  It's been a journey!  To read more about all this check out my blog posts how I became a professional lifestyle blogger accidentally and where the name Lylia Rose came from.

After my first maternity leave I did get a part time evening job.  I’ve worked three part time jobs in total, up until last May when I made the decision to go full time with my blogging and home earnings.  I’d earned more than my part time wage for six months straight by this point, so I knew it was the right decision.  Luckily I have managed to make a consistent full time wage being self-employed from home for an entire year now and will share the ways below.

Here are my tried and tested ways of making money from home as a UK stay at home mum:

5 tried and tested ways to make money as a UK stay at home mum



If you love to write then blogging is the perfect stay at home career.  It can fit in around parent duties and is also location independent.  You just need a laptop and internet connection.  Don’t expect to start a blog and earn money instantly though.  I started mine in spring 2013 and didn’t start to make any money from it until spring 2016.  To be fair, it wasn’t my original intention to make money from it, but if I’d realised the potential sooner I am sure I could have made money after a year or two instead.  It takes time to build up content, stats, readership and an authoritative website.  Don’t let that put you off though.  If you are serious about blogging and perhaps one day making an income from it, then you simply need to get started.

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Matched Betting

Matched betting is quite a controversial way to make money from home, but personally I love it.  Many people who aren’t matched bettors simply assume it’s gambling, but those of us who do it know it’s not gambling and the aim is to make a profit!  I wouldn’t do it at all if I was gambling with my money.  There is obviously risk involved as you can make a mistake, but if you follow the instructions you will make a profit.  I’ve made a couple of silly mistakes and lost £10 here and there, perhaps only three or so times, but I’ve learned from those mistakes.  In the one year and three months I’ve been a matched bettor I’ve made almost £4300 in profit.  I now only spend 30 minutes to 1.5 hours per week matched betting, so it’s very part time for me.  I make £100-£300 per month with a £100 target.  This is tax free cash too as the tax office do class it as gambling winnings!

The company I use who have enabled me to learn the process and make so much money is Profit Accumulator who I still use and highly recommend.  It’s possible to make more and it’s possible to make less.  It depends how much time you can devote and which methods you continue to use after the sign up offers.

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Website testing

I’m so pleased I discovered website testing as it’s a quick and easy way to top up my other home earnings.  Tests can take as little as 5 minutes to complete and the longest has taken me approximately 20 minutes.  Each test is for a different website or app.  Just make sure you read the instructions carefully as the tests can be rejected.  I’ve only had one test rejected as I accidently used my iPhone instead of an Android.  Oops!

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Selling online

Selling items online is a great side hustle or could even be a full time job.  You can sell your old unwanted belongings on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to declutter and make cash in the process.  You can also become an ecommerce retailer by buying stock and selling it on your own website or eBay or Amazon.  If you’re crafty then try Etsy to sell your unique wares.  If you’ve a keen eye for a bargain in stores then reselling on eBay for a profit could be for you.  I’ve tried all of these methods and today I still sell all our outgrown and unwanted items on Ebay and Facebook as well as selling some new fashion scarves on this very website in my own Scarf Boutique.

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Mystery tasks

There are lots of ‘mystery shopping’ type apps out there.  Some aren’t really shopping at all, but simply short surveys or photos you can take at home.  Many are secret short audits you carry out in store.  My favourite apps are Streetbees, Roamler, BeMyEye and Task360.  You could make a few pounds each time you visit the supermarket to do your shopping if there’s a task whilst you’re there.

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There are so many ways to make money from home nowadays.  It really does give us mums the flexibility to make a part time or full time wage around parenting duties.  There’s no need to return to a full time job and have to use full time childcare if that’s not right for you.  Simply start exploring some at home options and get the ball rolling to a happier career today!

5 tried and tested ways to make money as a UK stay at home mum