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How To Monetise Your Blog with Collaborator

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Are you a blogger looking for ways to turn your passion into profit? Lots of website owners and bloggers are monetising their content nowadays via brand collaborations, display advertising and various other methods.  Monetising a blog takes time and effort, but there are strategies you can use to start generating income from your content.

Often it can be hard to know where to find paid work, which is where blogging platforms that connect publishers with brands can make things easier. One such avenue gaining traction is – a platform designed to connect bloggers with advertisers for paid content marketing opportunities. 

In this review, we'll explore how Collaborator can help you monetise your blog effectively, and discuss the platform's pros and cons to help you decide if it's the right fit for you. Review How To Monetise Your Blog with Collaborator

What is Collaborator Pro and How Does It Work?

The website aka Collaborator, is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers (bloggers and website owners). It helps bloggers monetise their blogs by matching them with relevant brands interested in collaborating on content such as guest posts and press releases. 

Bloggers can sign up and create a profile showcasing their expertise and audience demographics to receive applications from advertisers who wish to work with them. They will then earn money by hosting their guest posts or press releases on their website. 

This platform offers a valuable service for both sides: advertisers gain exposure and backlinks, while publishers can generate income and potentially attract new readers through fresh content.

The platform streamlines the process of finding and negotiating promotional content opportunities, making it easier for bloggers to monetise their blogs.

There are also more ways to make money online with Collaborator such as through their affiliate program. We will explore these methods in more detail below so keep reading!

Click here to sign up to Collaborator today!

Monetise Your Blog with
Once registered, it’s easy to add multiple websites to your Collaborator account!

How to Get Started on Collaborator

It’s really easy to get started on Collaborator - Click here to sign up to Collaborator today!

Once registered, go to “My sites” in the left-hand panel and click “+ Add a website” at the top.

From here, you can enter your website details, list your prices and connect Google Analytics.

Once approved, you will be listed on the Collaborator platform for customers to reach out when they have a suitable collaboration invitation for your website.

Ways to Monetise Your Blog with Collaborator

There are two main ways to monetise your website as a blogger using the Collaborator platform:

1. Guest Posts and Press Releases

One of the primary ways to monetise your blog through Collaborator is by accepting guest posts or promotional press releases for brands. PR companies, SEOs and brands will contact relevant website owners that are listed on the platform with their requests.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The platform also features a lucrative affiliate program that enables bloggers to earn commission by promoting the platform itself. Bloggers can refer other bloggers or brands to join Collaborator, earning a percentage of the revenue generated from their referrals.

Here’s how the affiliate program works:

  • You get paid 25% of Collaborator's commission from any paid work your referrals complete on the platform.

  • You keep receiving these earnings continuously, without any time limits.

  • There's no minimum payout amount, so you can cash out whenever you want.

  • If someone clicks on your affiliate link, they're tagged for 14 days.  This means even if they leave and come back later to sign up, they're still counted as your referral if it’s within 14 days.

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collaborator review

Pros of Collaborator

  • Easy Sign-Up: Collaborator offers a straightforward sign-up process, allowing bloggers to create a profile to start receiving relevant opportunities.

  • No Minimum Withdrawal Threshold: Unlike some other platforms, Collaborator does not impose a minimum withdrawal threshold, making it easier for bloggers to access their earnings.

  • Affiliate Program: The affiliate program provides an additional revenue stream for bloggers, allowing them to earn commission by referring others to the platform.

Top Tip: Share your affiliate link with your blogger friends and encourage them to sign up too!

Cons of Collaborator 

  • Entry Requirements: Only sites with at least 5000 visits per month are accepted, so it may not be suitable for small, new or very niche bloggers.

  • Competition: As with any platform connecting bloggers with brands, there is competition for opportunities. Bloggers may need to lower their prices to stand out and gain opportunities, so this platform may not be for those who have non-negotiable or higher prices.

  • Permanent Placements: The posting rules state “Publications with links are posted forever, that is, for the entire life of the site” which may not suit all website owners.  Many website owners do not offer permanent placements but rather 12-month, 24-month or even 36-month guarantees.  If you do not accept permanent advertisement placements, then this platform may not be right for you.

Top Tip: Be sure to read the posting rules and requirements when signing up.

Conclusion offers a valuable platform for bloggers looking to monetise their blogs through guest posting and press release partnerships. With its user-friendly interface, contact directly from advertiser to blogger, withdrawals available with no minimum threshold and the potential of additional profit from the affiliate program, Collaborator provides bloggers with another easy-to-use blogging platform to increase monetisation opportunities for their websites. 

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