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How to get the cheapest broadband deals

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With more of us working from home, than ever before, it’s vital that we have a great broadband package to ensure we can stay connected and work efficiently.  However, not all broadband home internet packages are equal. Even different people on the same package, with the same provider, can be paying totally different prices!

Here are some great money-saving tips and hacks to ensure you don’t pay more than you need to for your home broadband.  

Read on to discover how you can get the cheapest broadband deals with our tried and tested methods.

How to get the cheapest broadband deals 

How to save money on broadband

1. Use a comparison site

Firstly, you should always compare the best broadband deals using a comparison site.  Never just pick a broadband provider by yourself and go straight to their website.  By doing so, you might miss out on cheaper deals with other providers.

A comparison site can save you time and money.  You don’t have to traipse through every broadband website yourself.  They’ll show you all the deals in one place, for your exact postcode, and you can order them by the cheapest.

2. Switch supplier

Even if you already have broadband, once your contract is over you should use a price comparison site to see if you can save money by switching broadband provider.

Staying loyal to your existing provider will usually cost a premium.  If you can get a better deal elsewhere then it pays to jump ship.

3. Check for signup deals

There are so many broadband providers and they all want your custom.  Pretty much every provider will have a special signup offer for new customers to tempt you to choose them.

Just make sure you check the finer details like how long the signup price will last, contract terms and any installation fees to make sure it really is a good deal for you.

4. Ask a friend to refer you

If your friend has a broadband deal they are happy to shout about, then ask them if they have a refer-a-friend deal.  Some companies will give both your friend and you a discount if they refer you as a new customer.

I have a referral deal with Virgin Media if you're interested! 

Use my Virgin referral link to get up to £50 cash when you choose a service from Virgin.

Virgin referral £50 cash

5. Haggle with your existing provider

Some broadband providers regularly put their prices up, especially once you come out of an initial special deal.  If you’re not happy with the price you are paying then you need to learn to haggle!

This is as simple as calling your current provider to let them know you are not happy with the price.  Ask if they can reduce your monthly price.

Sometimes the first representative you speak to will not budge on the price.  If this happens then ask to speak to their customer retention team.  They usually have the authority to offer a discount to retain your custom.

Before calling, check a comparison site and get the best prices for other suppliers as mentioned in points 1 and 2 above.  If you know how much cheaper you can get the same service from elsewhere, for the same service, then share this information with your current provider.  See if they can match the rate.  If they can't then what's the point of you staying with them?  Usually they will try to match the rate or better it.

Every time our current deal ends we always haggle.  See how we saved £315 per year on our TV and broadband in 5 minutes for how quick it can be to save lots of money.

6. Keep it simple

One way we saved money on our broadband bill back in 2019 was by simply just getting broadband. 

Previously we had a package of TV, line rental and broadband.  However, we didn’t use the TV package as we only ever watched Netflix and we didn’t even have a home telephone so the line rental was useless!

We rang our provider and managed to negotiate a cheaper rate, once our initial package deal ended, for broadband only.  By cutting the TV package and line rental, we were able to make our monthly payments cheaper.

Work out what you really need.  If you don’t need the highest speeds then choose a lower speed for a cheaper price, if you can.  There’s no point in paying extra for services you don’t want, use or need.

However, if you do use TV and/or line rental then a package deal will usually be the most cost-effective solution.


7. Get cashback

Never shop for anything online, including broadband, without checking for cashback at popular sites like TopCashback and Quidco. While you may be able to find a great refer-a-friend offer like the Virgin offer I shared above for up to £50 cash, you might be able to find a better deal on a cashback site for even more cashback.

quidco new member offer

8. Choose unlimited

Finally, always make sure you check the data limits when getting a new broadband deal.  Most providers offer unlimited broadband which is exactly what you want.

If you have a cap on data and go over then it can be really costly.


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