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  1. My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

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    I’d had a wraparound wallet phone case for my iPhone for a few years and to be honest, it was a little worse for wear!  It was fake leather and had scuffed all around the edges.  Plus the material was folding near to the camera and kept putting black shadows in my photographs.  It had been on my list of things to buy for quite a few months now, but somehow I never got round to buying myself a new phone cover.  Luckily a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by My Personalised Case who sell personalised phone cases for all sorts of different phones on their website.  It was great timing, as you can imagine, so I couldn’t resist ordering a case immediately.  In this blog post I will review my experience of My Personalised Case.

    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

    Over the years I’ve had a few phone cases, mostly clear cases so I can actually see and appreciate the phone, so the wallet case was the first I’d had that totally covered the whole phone.  It was OK and meant I could use my phone as a wallet too by carrying a couple of notes and a few cards, but it had recently started to annoy me a little as the front cover was always in the way of my phone.  I always had to use two hands to photograph or the cover would flap over the camera lens.  When choosing a case from My Personalised Case I decided I would just choose a back and side cover so I could use my camera with ease again.  Plus, it was a great excuse to get a new purse to hold all my cash and cards!

    It’s really easy to make your own phone case and totally customise the design.  There’s a few choices of covers such as wallet, tough, silicone and wooden.  I love all things natural so the wood case really appealed to me.  I’ve never seen anyone with a wood case so I couldn’t imagine it in real life at all.  Not only is it wood, but printed wood with a design of your choice.  You’re able to upload an image of your own such as a photograph (or your business/blog logo – how cool would that be?) and have it printed right onto the wood.  I did upload a couple of photos to see what they looked like, but after flicking through some of their own designs I decided to choose a large leaf print.

    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover 1

    The whole ordering process is very easy.  It’s so amazing how quickly we can create our own personalised designs nowadays thanks to the internet.  It’s not something that ever existed when I was a youngster.  We can all be so creative and put our photos to good use or create beautiful personalised gifts for loved ones with a few clicks.

    I’ve had the case for four days now and so far so good.  The leaf print was the perfect choice as it complements the wood and represents my interests perfectly.  I wasn’t sure how a wood case would be with regards to weight and strength, but it’s made from bamboo so is very lightweight and smooth.  At first I thought it didn’t fit my phone, but the phone needs a good push and press into the case for a tight snug fit.  The sides are not wooden, but plastic with a soft touch finish so they feel almost like rubber or silicone.  These are great for people like me who often have butter fingers and regularly drop things! 

    All in all it feels like a hard wearing case that looks great and has a sleek finish around the edges.  I’ve had my other case for so long that it actually feels like I have a brand new phone since switching up the case to a totally different style.  I do also love not having a flap get in my way all the time!  If you’re looking for a personalised photo or cool print phone case, do check out My Personalised Case to create a cover that reflects your personality or showcases a favourite memory.


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    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

  2. How to Get the Perfect Summer Look

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    Summer is finally here and with it comes garden parties, beach days, and hopefully a holiday, or two. It’s a time where you’re feeling good so you definitely should be looking good. There are simple steps you can take to strut through the season in style.

    How to Get the Perfect Summer Look



    One of the most important things you need in the summer is a good skincare routine. Summer, with any luck, means plenty of sun. This can be absolutely glorious, but in those powerful rays it’s vital you take care of your skin. Make sure to moisture regularly, apply sun cream when you need to, and give yourself some rest periods in the shade. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you fancy becoming bronzed, getting a spray tan could be the way forward.  


    Warm weather is lovely, but it can be hard to keep feeling fresh throughout the day. Perfume is a quick and easy fix for this. You can spritz some on at the start of the day, or why not pop a bottle in your handbag? Then you can freshen up as much as you like. Try the natural scents by Miller Harris, I think they go hand in hand with a summer day.

    Straw Handbag

    Whether it’s for perfume and lipstick, or a good book and sun cream – you need a handbag to fit your daily needs in. Straw handbags are so on trend this year and it isn’t hard to see why. They’re perfect for the season and so versatile. Long gone are the times when they were just for a day at the beach. The straw handbag can now be used in your day to day routine.

    Palazzo Pants

    I understand that in warmer weather not everyone wants to flash their skin. Palazzo pants are the way forward. They’re cool, lightweight, and come in such a variety of styles there’s one for every body type. Dress them up, dress them down, and they can take you from day to night.

    Pastel Colours

    According to Glamour, pastels are set to be one of the biggest trends in summer.  Pastel colours are easy to co-ordinate with, and a statement piece of jewellery can make that much more an impact against a lighter background. Not to mention lighter colours will keep you much cooler in the sun.

    I always find it so much easier to dress for the summer.  It's much more fun than dressing for the winter. Do you agree?


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    How to Get the Perfect Summer Look (1)


  3. You'll Love These Wardrobe Additions

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    Do you feel as though your wardrobe needs a few little additions? Sometimes it’s easy for a wardrobe to become outdated, and we wear the same clothes over and over until we physically can’t wear them anymore. So, every so often you’re going to need to go through a little clear out and renew stage. When you do, it can be hard to know what to replace the clothes you loved so dearly with. Well, there’s so many new possibilities out there for you, some you might love, some you might hate. But one thing we do know is that you’re going to love these wardrobe additions. Have a read on to find out more.

    Youll Love These Wardrobe Additions


    Something Flashy

    There’s probably a few different styles that you’re going to have, but one of them is definitely going to be something flashy. Something for those times where you want to get dressed up and let your hair down for a good time. One of the best items is definitely a bodycon dress. It’s perfect for showing off a good figure, and can make a girl feel absolutely amazing. There’s also the jumpsuit look that everyone is loving at the minute. A darker style is always advisable so that you’re playing it safe whilst still looking good. Then you just need to think about accessories. Silver jewellery is probably the best to go with darker clothing. It just looks more sophisticated and nice against the colour of the dark. If you want something that is flashy but something you can wear everyday, then you’re definitely going to have to invest in a new watch. It’s a classy daily addition that we guarantee you won’t be able to take off once you’ve got used to wearing it.

    Something Sexy

    Sometimes a girl just needs to feel sexy, but those times don’t seem to come around often enough. As women, we judge ourselves so much to the point where we find it impossible to feel good about ourselves. But what is one item that can change all of this? Lingerie. Lingerie styles such as Ultimo will make you feel absolutely amazing, and will most likely fill you with so much confidence in yourself. Half of the battle is loving the skin you’re in however, so always try and build on your image to begin with. Just make sure it’s all a good fit, and that you’re picking the right style to suit your figure.  Even just wearing matching underwear can make you feel great!

    Something Casual

    Casual is the main thing that we wear on a daily basis, so this should be the addition you’re focusing on the most. One addition I highly recommend is the light denim ripped skinny jean, with a blouse suitable to be tucked in. It’s the perfect casual addition, but it does give that element of class to it. If you finished that look off with some nice boots or sparkly sandals for the summer, you really would look amazing.


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    Youll Love These Wardrobe Additions



  4. Tips to get your man to dress better

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    Does your boyfriend have bad taste in clothes?  Do you wish you could dress the man in your life a little better?  You’re in the right place!  In this article I’m going to share some tips to help you encourage your man to dress a little more fashionably.

    This is definitely a topic I can relate to.  When I met my husband I wasn’t overly keen on most of his wardrobe and style choices, including wearing black shoes with casual jeans.  It made me cringe!  Shallow perhaps, but it really did.  I had to sort out his shoe collection and luckily I introduced him to Vans slip on shoes which I thought would suit him much better and look more appropriate with his casual attire as well as age appropriate as we were only in our mid-twenties then!  Luckily he loved the Vans and they’ve become his staple shoe choice ever since I encouraged this change.  Paired with casual Superdry jeans, a t-shirt, hoody and bomber jacket, they really do look so much better!

    Here are some handy tips if you want to get your man to dress better:

    Tips to get your man to dress better


    Be honest

    Sometimes honesty is the best policy.  Be upfront and honest.  Just tell him what you don’t like about his wardrobe.  Some men just wear things for their purpose rather than trying to be fashionable or look good.  He might not have realised something bugs you and he may be happy to make a switch.  If he loves what he wears, then he can tell you and you’ll know he doesn’t want to change.  Then you’ll just have to move past this and accept things as they are.  At least you’ll know.  Be prepared too – he might return the favour.

    Buy clothes as presents

    Some men don’t want to spend money on clothes.  They have much better ways to spend their money than the latest fashion!  In this instance it might be best to buy him clothes as birthday and Christmas gifts.  That way he doesn’t have to spend his own cash on something he’d rather not!  This way you get to buy him exactly what you’d like to see him in and hope he likes it too.­

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    Go shopping with him

    As we’ve established some men are clueless when it comes to styling themselves and even knowing what to buy.  They like to walk in a shop, get what they need and exit as soon as possible!  Sometimes shopping needs to be done and perhaps a little help from you will go a long way.  Some gentle persuasion to try clothes he might not otherwise have thought of trying could change his clothes shopping habits for the better.  He could be pleasantly surprised by your clothes choices and you’ll come home with a newly dressed man!

    Compliment him

    Tell him how great he looks when he dresses how you prefer.  Compliments can go a long way and make him feel better in what he’s wearing.  If the compliments aren’t working and he doesn’t feel comfortable, then you’ll need to try something else that suits his style more.

    Have a clearout

    Make it a joint mission to donate some of both of your old clothes or sell some on eBay.  Once he feels good about giving and also making a bit of extra pocket money you can hopefully get him to give away the clothes you are least impressed with.  With the tips above and some new clothes from your shopping trip, he’ll hopefully feel ready to part with his old attire to make space for new things and even feel good about it.

    Tips to get your man to dress better

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  5. Tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring

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    You can probably tell I’m a teeny tiny bit excited for the warm weather to begin with all the spring and holiday related posts I’ve been writing just recently.  I literally cannot wait.  I’m meant to live in a warm climate I’m sure.  I can’t stand the cold and spend the whole winter moaning about it.  When the sun is warm and shining on me I am instantly happy and calm.  One of the best things about spring is being able to transition to my warm weather wardrobe.  I’m so much more comfortable in lighter simpler clothing.

    Here are a few tips to help transition your wardrobe from winter to spring:

    Tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring

    Don’t put the boots away just yet

    Sure spring is warmer, but there are still cool days and chilly breezes.  Keep your boots out, but scrap the woolly tights.  Go for over the knee socks or knee high boots with bare legs, floaty skirts or flirty dresses.  For some classy knee high boots, click here.

    Stay chunky

    You can even keep a hold of your chunky jumpers and team them with chiffon skirts, or wear loosely over floral print dresses for a laid back effortlessly cool combo.  Choose between pumps or boots to finish off the look depending on how cool those spring breezes are.

    Brighten up

    Winter is all rusty oranges, burgundy reds and deep teal greens, but don’t be afraid to brighten up your colour palette as the weather brightens.  Bright colours and even dazzling whites will brighten any gloomy spring days and they’ll be the first thing you’ll reach for on those hot summer days.

    Lighten up

    Yep, brighten up and lighten up.  Choose lighter jackets, lighter knits and lighter tights: lighter colours, lighter textures and lighter materials.  You’ll still want to wear a light jacket most days or to carry one with you just in case, but a denim version or blazer should suffice.

    Switch up your scarves

    You’ll want to pack away your knitted scarves, but keep out your lightweight oversized fashion scarves as both a great way to accessorize, but also as back up for the not so hot days.  These will also take you through to summer as a lightweight shawl, beach cover up and sarong.

    Sandals and jeans

    There’s nothing more summery than a pair of sandals and you can start to wear them in spring with jeggings and jeans matched with a lightweight knit or top and cardi.  Add sparkly gem sandals to a plain pair of jeans to glisten in the sunshine.

    Never trust the weather

    It may look boiling hot outside, but as we first creep in to spring the sunshine can fool us.  It may actually be hot in the sun, but as soon as it disappears behind a cloud we’re reminded of the temperatures of winter we’d rather leave behind.  Remember to always layer up with light knits and scarves that can easily be packed away in your bag when the sun does shine.


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