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  1. My 2018 Travel Plans and TOBI Holiday Fashion

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    2018 is well and truly here.  It’s February already, how on Earth did that happen?  I can’t quite cope if this year is any faster than the last.  I’d only just got into the swing of the year and boom – it was Christmas and New Year and we have started all over again with another fresh year.  Blink and you missed it.  Well, at least if you have children you would have.  Time speeds up tenfold once you have kids and hundredfold once they start school.  It’s insane.

    2018, however, is a year I’ve been counting down to since last Easter.  That’s because we booked a holiday almost one year in advance!  The longest wait ever.  As we haven’t been on a family holiday abroad ever (only trips abroad to visit family) and me and Ben only had one holiday abroad together six years ago, I wanted to spoil us rotten.  So I did.  I booked a 5 star hotel all-inclusive which was way more than I’d ever usually spend on a holiday, hence why I’ve had to spread the cost over an entire year!  We may never do it so extravagantly again, so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait and the cost.

    My 2018 Travel Plans and TOBI Holiday Fashion ZigZag Red Maxi Dress Beach

    Impress Me Dress

    In a couple of months we are jetting off to Jandia, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.  Did I already mention I CANNOT WAIT?!  The kids are going to be ecstatic to be on a beach every day and a beautiful beach at that.  They’ve seen a couple in Cornwall, but they’ve mostly had to put up with Weston-Super-Mare which is not the best.  As for me I cannot wait to not have to cook or clean or do the school run for an entire week.  We can explore the beautiful island and relax without having to lift a finger!  It sounds like a dream. 

    Our last and only family holiday in Cornwall was self-catering so I still cooked, cleaned, went food shopping every day.  It never felt like much of a holiday.  Plus it rained every day.  So I’m looking forward to this even more as our last holiday was quite a disappointment.  We do have a couple of UK holidays booked this year too, but based on our last holiday we’ve picked a couple that have lots of indoor entertainment and indoor pools in case the weather is terrible!  We’re off to Center Parcs in Longleat in the summer and over Christmas we’ll head to Bluestone in Wales.  They both have amazing looking indoor pools which we’ll make use of every day.

    My 2018 Travel Plans and TOBI Holiday Fashion Blue Boho Maxi Dress

    Abrianna Dress

    The best thing about our upcoming abroad holiday is thinking about wearing summer clothes.  I’m not a winter person at all and hate dressing for the cold.  I feel so uncomfortable in layers of clothes and can’t move as freely.  It makes me miserable.  I’m certain I suffer with SAD as I am a different person for half the year.  I just want to hibernate and resurface when it’s warmer!  I’m so ready to whip out my summer wardrobe, relax and feel like me again.

    Lovely fashion website TOBI have kindly started me on my summer holiday clothes journey.  They have sent me these three beautiful dresses which are so perfect for the beach, pool and wondering around a warm volcanic island.  The zig zag maxi dress is my absolute favourite.  You can’t see but the thin straps crisscross at the back and it’s pretty open.  I’ll have to search for a strapless bra or wear it over a bikini so it looks even more amazing. 

    My 2018 Travel Plans and TOBI Holiday Fashion Dress

    Sun Daze Shift Dress

    I’m pretty set with clothes now for my holiday.  I still have some flip flops from last year and I recently purchased a new pair of TOMS.  They’re my go to summer shoes.  I used to buy cheap versions, but last year had my very first pair of actual TOMS and they’re amazing.  They lasted all summer with daily wear, so I’ll be treating myself to a pair once a year.

    I’m also on the hunt for a couple of bikinis.  I have a few swimming costumes which I wear at aqua aerobics and the gym pool, but I’m more comfortable in a bikini.  My last one I’d had for a few years but it was faded and saggy so time for an upgrade.

    Then, we’re ready to go!


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    My 2018 Travel Plans and TOBI Holiday Fashion

    Thank you so much to TOBI for kindly sending me the clothes featured in this blog post.

  2. The Best Heart Themed Tops and Dresses for Her

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    Hearts.  You either love them or hate them, but you’re going to be seeing a lot of them in the next couple of weeks.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are feeling loved up and heart-tastic, I’m sharing some of my top heart themed women's fashion picks in this blog post.

    For us, Valentine’s is usually just another day.  We often get a takeaway (chippy chips being the only one I can eat with my sugar-free vegetarian diet) and cosy up in front of Netflix or a film, if the kids stay in bed and let us!  Even pre-kids I wasn’t big on going out.  I did it once and hated the rows of couples in the restaurants.  I felt close to the next table and on edge the whole time!  I’d prefer to go out for a meal a different night when the tables are laid out normally and it’s not so couple orientated.  As for presents I don’t usually get Ben anything.  He does have an alternative card this year which you can see here.  Ben sometimes gets me some treats, well he did when Wholefoods was next to his work, but it has annoyingly closed down – sob!

    Bella, my daughter, will love Valentine’s.  She’s five and heart obsessed!  She draws them on everything.  Such a girl!

    Anyhoo, as love is in the air I have been browsing heart themed tops and dresses recently and wanted to share my top picks with you.  As it is nearly Valentines I should definitely post some on-topic blog posts.  So here one is.

    If you’re a bloke and you’ve stumbled upon this page somehow then these heart themed tops and dresses will make a perfect gift for any lady who doesn’t mind a heart or two.  Present buying sorted.  You’re welcome!

    The best heart themed tops and dresses around.  Just click to shop:


    the best heart themed tops and dresses for her


  3. Easy ways to update your look on a budget

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    January is the time for a fresh start and while we’re busy making exciting plans for the new year ahead, we may also consider giving our own personal style an overhaul.  Though finances are tight after the Christmas cheer, updating your look doesn’t need to break the bank. 

    Here are several affordable ways to update your look on a budget.

    Easy ways to update your look on a budget

    Go for the chop

    If money is tight this month, consider having a new hair style.  This doesn’t need to be as expensive as it first sounds.  A good trick is to go to the hairdressers with your hair already wet and skip them washing it for you.  At my local hairdressers this halves the price of a regular haircut, meaning I can get a professional cut for less than £20.  Change your locks by adding in a fringe or lots of layers to give shape and volume.  A new haircut could be all you need to feel like a new person!

    Choose a lighter coat

    If, like me, most of your contact with the outside world is, well, outside at the moment, then your entire outfit probably doesn’t matter much.  It’s the outerwear that is on show, so invest in a couple of coats you love to freshen up your look this season.  Have you heard of duster coats?  It’s a lightweight loose fitting long coat that has gained in popularity recently.  Be on trend and buy long sleeved women's duster coats online from stores like Bellfield clothing.

    Add a scarf

    Lightweight oversized fashion scarves can really change the entire look of an outfit.  Plus they can be worn indoors as well as out.  They are perfect for adding an extra dimension to an outfit or stealing the show if draped loosely over a plain top.  For bonus points, they are practical and will keep your neck warm in the winter months.  Check out my own online scarf store for lots of affordable designs.

    Change your eye colour

    Ever wondered what you’d look like with different coloured eyes?  You don’t need to wonder anymore as contact lenses with or without prescriptions can easily be purchased online and you’ll be able to change your eye colour the very next day.  If you don’t want to completely change the colour of your eyes then opt for enhancer lenses which add sparkle or shimmer to your natural colour.

    DIY your own clothes

    Instead of splashing out on new clothes, why not upcycle the pieces you rarely wear anymore?  If you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread or if you have a sewing machine lying around, dust it off and get creative.  Shorten your dresses and use the extra material to make a new top.  If you hate the colour of something, try dying it into a new colour you love.  If you're a bit nervous about chopping up your own clothes to DIY, experiment with some from a charity shop first.

    Shop savvy

    The best way to shop at this time of the year is in the sales and charity shops to find a bargain.  Most people will be having wardrobe overhauls and post-Christmas clear-outs in January, so there’s never a better time to find a deal in your local thrift stores.

    Assess what you already have

    It’s often reported that us women only wear around 10% of our wardrobe.  The rest is just hanging around (literally) waiting for some use.  Why not take the opportunity to dig deep into the depths of your closet and find the clothes you’ve forgotten about.  Try wearing these clothes instead for a new look that won’t cost you a penny.

    Wear lipstick

    Or if you already do, try a different shade.  A bolt of red lipstick can instantly change your entire look and promote femininity and power.  Go on, I dare you.

    Finally, if you’re on a budget and you have to stick to it, then stick to it.  Don’t overspend.  Come up with creative affordable ways to update your look.  It doesn’t have to be with the most expensive item in the store.  Think twice before you commit to buy something.   If you’re shopping in the stores, then put by the things you think you want and don’t make a decision until you’ve been to every store you want to visit.  Then you can pick the best bargains and buy only what you need once you’ve seen the lot. 

    It’s easy to update your look on a budget with the above tips.

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    easy ways to update your look on a budget


  4. Wrap up warm this winter in these 12 ESPRIT cosy jumpers

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    If I had to pick a season to live in for the rest of my life, it would of course be summer.  I’m a summer baby and come alive in the sunshine.  I love the freedom of fewer clothes and being able to go outside in a simple dress or two-piece without having to pile on the layers and still being cold!  Unfortunately for me, I live in the UK and so a year-long summer is only but a dream.

    To get through winter I have to layer up and wrap up.  There’s no avoiding the outdoors with daily school runs and nursery pickups and drop offs.  As much as I’d love to hibernate for the entire season, staying cosy in front of our log fire, it simply isn’t practical.  So, on a daily basis I have to brave the frozen knuckles and ice-cold-to-touch nose to go about our daily duties.  I still have no idea how anyone can thrive in the cold.  A day of snow is great and a little frost magical, but I’d prefer only a short month of winter if I had the choice.

    Luckily with thanks to the ever amazing internet, I don’t have to traipse around the stores in the freezing cold to find my cosy winter wardrobe.  I’ve been browsing the knitted jumper section of affordable fashion website ESPRIT and created a wish list of their best and brilliant jumpers. 

    Believe me, it was hard to whittle it down to these few.  They have loads of amazing quirky prints.  I love a good solid pattern, like bold stripes or spots, a quirky animal print or an oversized chunky cardigan.  Thicker knits are my favourite in loose comfy casual styles.  I really love all the Cs when it comes to choosing the perfect knitted jumper: Cosy, Casual, Comfy, Chunky!

    Here are my 12 favourite jumpers from ESPRIT.  See what you think:Esprit - wrap up warm this winter - cosy chunky jumper wish list (1)

    I told you I love animal patterns and stripes!  I'm always drawn to stars too.  There's just something about them.  We have one big star at home on the wall and I always find myself looking at it.  I also have four star tattoos on my back which I had when I was 18.  I loved them even more as a youngster.  

    The middle jumper up above is probably my favourite.  It's a combination of stripes and animal print so obviously I think it's rather brilliant!

    Esprit - wrap up warm this winter - cosy chunky jumper wish list (2)

    More patterns, you could have guessed!  The zig zag one would be perfect oversized with some leggings, chunky socks, blanket scarf and boots.

    Esprit - wrap up warm this winter - cosy chunky jumper wish list

    I live in oversized chunky cardigans in the winter months.  As I sit here typing this I'm in a fluffy oversized cardigan feeling ever so cosy sat on the sofa!

    Esprit - wrap up warm this winter - cosy chunky jumper wish list (3)

    I'm also drawn to neutral colours.  Blacks, whites, greys.  Things that can team up with almost anything else.  These items are great for creating a mix and match capsule wardrobe.  A small wardrobe of items that can be teamed with anything else in your wardrobe to ensure it's wear time is maximised and you don't end up buying lots of different pieces that can't be worn together.

    There we have it.  My 12 favourite jumpers from ESPRIT.  Hope you like them too.

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    Wrap up warm this winter in these 12 ESPRIT cosy jumpers

    *collaborative post