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  1. Style Challenge: Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo

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    I was recently set a style challenge by menswear clothing website Jacamo to style the man in my life with their clothes for £100.  I managed to kit hubby Ben out from head to toe with brand new jeans, a shirt, a parka jacket and even a pair of casual hi-tops for said budget.

    I’ve never really dressed Ben before.  He works at the head office of a large fashion brand so gets a lot of clothes from work, meaning we never have to shop for clothes for him.  Buying from another retailer was quite tricky at first as I’m so used to seeing him in the same clothes, but Jacamo have loads on offer. 

    They stock affordable clothes as well as well-known brands such as Firetrap, French Connection, Nike and many more.  When I realised I could get a whole outfit for £100 I rose to the challenge.  The challenge of dressing him head to toe, as well as attempting to find an outfit he’d actually want to wear.

    I chose black jeans as he only wears blue jeans.  Click here to see all the jeans.  He’s actually worn them since they arrived so that was a great choice.  Go me!  The shirt is a flannel feel, so super soft and cosy for the winter months in a festive red colour.  Hi-tops are always brilliant for keeping the wet ground away from feet and ankles warm so I reckon he’ll get a lot of use from these the coming months. 

    The jacket is quite lightweight, but perfect if you’re already wearing a stack of layers underneath, I’m thinking long sleeve tee with festive knitted Christmas jumper over the top… tis the season.  So if you’ve already got a few layers on, this jacket is great and you won’t feel so Michelin man like and unable to move.  That's the one thing I hate about winter - being so padded up in clothes I don't feel free.  View the jackets they stock here.

    I don’t think I did too badly and I reckon he looks pretty good.  I told Ben he can have the clothes so long as he poses for some photographs for my blog post.  He’s definitely more comfortable than me with having his picture taken, but I think he does feel like a plonker trying to actually pose for a clothes photo!   So we had a bit of a giggle and took some of his version of model poses as well as some more serious ones.


    Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo (3)

    Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo (4)Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo (2)

    Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo (5)

    And here's little Reuben wanting to get involved too:

    Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo (1)


    *I was sent these items for review by Jacamo – they sell some great menswear (see fabulous model hubby Ben above)

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    Style Challenge Dressing the man in my life with Jacamo

  2. A peek at my new outfits from affordable fashion website LOTD and a 30% discount code

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    Last week I was approached by online fashion website to see if I wanted to try some of their clothes.  It’s so rare I buy myself a bunch of clothes now as a busy mum with different financial priorities compared to my younger years, so I thought why not?  That will be nice.  A lovely treat for myself! 

    In my early twenties I wouldn’t have thought twice about blowing my wages on clothes on a weekly basis!  Now I’ve been living in one of my favourite jumpers for around ten years as it’s just so comfy.  Oh how times change!  I have decided this week, upon arrival of my new lovely clothes from LOTD, to part with said jumper which now has around no less than five holes and to dress a little less homeless like (how my hubby Ben lovingly puts it).

    It took me over one hour to scour the LOTD website!  There’s a huge choice and clothes start from only £5, so you can get a good haul for your money.  I did wonder if the clothes would be of really poor cheap quality for such a small price, but I’m actually quite impressed. 

    For 30% off at LOTD, scroll to the bottom of this blog post for your discount code!

    I also worry about tops fitting me as I’m 5 foot 7, so quite tall.  Usually t-shirts are so short I always have to go for longline versions, which are then just normal on me!  I chose three t-shirts from LOTD (which stands for Look Of The Day if you were wondering) and they all fit just fine, no belly flashing here!

    I’m not the best in front of a camera so I was just going to write a wish list type post, but then I thought hey, why not just brave up, face the camera and show you the clothes on me. 

    So below is my at-home fashion shoot with not so professional photographer hubby Ben.  I think we actually got some OK photos.  Usually this sort of scenario ends in a few cross words as Ben can’t be bothered to take photos of me for the blog so just points and shoots, like that will do, and I look bloomin’ awful in the photo and get upset.  This time he tried to get a little more arty and we had a bit of fun posing around the house.  Oh yes, he had to pose too as I have a upcoming blog post featuring Ben too!

    I also have to mention how uncomfortable I am with my photo being taken!  I’m still wearing my brace so my mouth is basically out of action.  Trying to smile with brace on is just impossible without me looking so smarmy and silly.  Anyone who’s had a brace will understand.  Even just trying to pull a straight face makes me look ridiculous.

    So here goes, my very unprofessional at-home photo shoot!

    But I must say, I love all these clothes from LOTD and have been wearing them already! 

    Guess which one I’ll be wearing on Wednesdays…

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    And finally, for the very arty shot which makes me look as tall as the room...

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose


    I hope you enjoyed my fashion shoot with LOTD.  I love all the clothes and can't wait until Wednesday to rock my new t-shirt!

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    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD

    * I was kindly sent clothes of my choice by LOTD - save 30% with discount code BLOGLOVE30

  3. A Christmas Gift Guide for Hubby with Jacamo

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    Now it’s November everyone can stop telling me to not mention the C word, as Christmas really is around the corner.  In fact, it’s next month!  Are you prepared?

    I was super organised this year and purchased our presents in September!  I wanted to be really prepared.  I’m also self-employed, so never know what my income will be like.  I had a good month in September so it seemed sensible to get the bulk of our shopping done whilst funds were good.

    The kids are super easy to buy for, but husband is not always so easy.  As adults if we need or want something, we just buy it!  Me and Ben usually don’t buy gifts for each other and instead treat ourselves to something big we need for the home.  The last two years have seen us buy a washer/dryer and a dishwasher.  I’ve got my eye on a G-Tech Air Ram this year!

    If Ben did want a Christmas present, he’d be pretty happy with some new clothes.  Most people roll their eyes at the thought of socks for Christmas, but he actually loves receiving them!  He says there’s nothing like a fresh pair of socks.  I also have no idea what he does to all his socks as they seem to get holes in so quickly, whereas mine last for years and years!

    I’ve been browsing the menswear section at Jacamo and they have loads of great gift ideas for men this year.  Here are my 6 top menswear gift ideas:


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    JACAMO Christmas Gift Guide for Hubby


    Clockwise from left:


    I just love this shirt, isn’t it awesome?  Who doesn’t love a stag print?  If hubby hates wearing a Christmas jumper, this is a great alternative and he’ll look cool too.


    I told you hubby always love fresh socks, so I had to feature some.  For added novelty value go for these monster print versions.

    Red Checked Shirt (FIRETRAP CHASM SHIRT)

    Red and green are colours symbolic with the festive season.  This red shirt will look great on and is perfect for casual Christmas drinkies.

    Christmas Pants (CAPSULE PACK OF 3 HIPSTERS)

    As well as new socks, who doesn’t love some new pants?  Plus at Christmas you can get away with wearing some novelty prints such as these holly, snowmen and pudding pants!

    Cosy Slipper Socks (CAPSULE PACK OF 2 SLIPPER SOCKS)

    I had to include these socks too as I’ve never seen the slipper socks for men before.  I have stacks of these as they are so cosy on our hard floors in the winter, so I’m sure hubby would be grateful for a pair too.

    Click here to go to the Jacamo website for fab socks and pants and even more gift ideas for your hubby!


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    *collaborative post

  4. Winter Fashion Essentials

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    Halloween is over now, and winter will be following on very swiftly. We’ve officially got less than two months left until Christmas- how crazy is that? It seems like only yesterday that our playsuits and shorts were being placed back in the wardrobe for another year.

    The fashion this winter is fairly similar to last year, with the classic tartan prints and pinafores seemingly here to stay, but what type of fashion are we really looking at for the cold season this year?

    Winter Fashion Essentials


    Everyone loves a good chunky scarf. Not only are they the perfect accessory to add a splash of interest to any outfit, but they are also incredibly cosy to wear. A good tartan print, Luxury Irish Fashion Scarves or stripe scarf will be the perfect staple in your winter wardrobe.

    Scarves are an item to have in your wardrobe which you can really add your own unique twist to. You can tie them in multiple different ways, wear them loose over your shoulders and even braid them to add a special twist to your outfit. If you are struggling for an outfit for the day and you keep getting drawn back to the same black dress and boots, the addition of a bright scarf can bring your outfit to the next level and add that zest of life it really needs.

    Lightweight fashion scarves are perfect to wear indoors when the weather is chilly.  They're great for transitioning you outdoors from autumn to winter and from spring to summer when it's not quite cold enough for a thick scarf.

    Checked Pattern

    Check is always in at this time of year, whether it be a tartan style, or a simple gingham. Having a checked shirt in your wardrobe is an essential, and you can even level it up by adding in a checked skirt, trousers or even a dress if you are confident enough. 

    Tartan is one of those patterns which just screams winter, and maybe it’s because tartan brings to mind the Scottish highlands, and logs on an open fire in a cabin. If you don’t want to wear a full piece of clothing in this pattern, you can find boots with small accents of tartan which will look stylish paired with some skinny jeans and a chunky knit.

    Lady In Red

    Red is finally the centre of attention. It is the colour which most represents fall and winter with the colour of the leaves and the festive spirit, and it seems that the colour has taken over our wardrobes to. A fitted red jumper or a vibrant midi skirt would be great choices to add to your collection this winter.

    If the idea of wearing a bold red item scares the hell out of you, you don’t have to force yourself to wear a thick red jumper right away. Start slowly by incorporating a deeper shade of red into your outfit such as a sleek pair of maroon heels. You’ll be able to show off the fashionable hue without worrying too much about it being blinding.

    If you are more confident with the colour, you could go red from head to toe with a red beret, red chunky jumper, a red midi skirt or trousers, and red heels or converse. You certainly won’t get lost in the crowd!

    Over The Knee Boots

    Boot season is here. Everybody loves a good pair of boots. Whether you still live in the land where Ugg boots are king, or you prefer the femininity of a pair of high heeled Chelsea boots, there’s no denying that a good pair of boots is a staple in anyone’s collection.

    The trend over the last two years has been these sexy over-the-knee boots. You’ll have seen many celebrities rocking this style with a short mini dress which clings to all of their curves. If you want to be a bit extra this year, go and get a pair for yourself.

    Trendy Knits

    It’s cold, and nothing says winter like a chunky jumper, wooly hat and a pair of gloves. You can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. The best thing about having a chunky knitted sweater is that on those mornings when you get out of bed and wish you could just stay in your pyjamas and can’t find the perfect outfit, you can simply throw on a chunky knit and some mum jeans and rock a trend, wintery outfit with no hassle.

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    Winter Fashion Essentials

    *collaborative post

  5. Blog Giveaway: Win a White Evergreen Tree Print Scarf #winitwednesday

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    Welcome to today’s #winitwednesday giveaway.  Today I’m giving away this beautiful tree print scarf!

    If you love fashion accessories, do pop over to my online fashion accessories boutique for a good browse!  The minimum spend is only £5 per order and 2nd class UK delivery is free!

    There's a great choice of earrings, ear cuffs, headbands, printed fashion scarves, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, iPad cases, purses and even some clothes!  Perfect for Christmas shopping.

    Win this tree print scarf in my blog giveaway:

    win a white evergreen tree print scarf #winitwednesday


    The full terms and conditions are below, but simply enter using one or more of the entry methods in the Rafflecopter widget below and remember, if you win your delivery address must be in the UK.

    Good luck!

    Check out my Giveaways section for more amazing prizes!


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Sign up for a chance to win a scarf every month:



    Blog Giveaway

    Term and Conditions:

    • There will be one winner
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