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Qmee review: make extra money online + 50p free cash

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I’ve just discovered the amazing Qmee where you can make instant cash by completing surveys, as well as exploring the web and via cashback.  Easy money you can instantly withdraw to your PayPal account.  Plus, get 50p for free if you sign up with my UK referral link.  Read on to learn more in my Qmee review.

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Get 50p free once you’ve cashed out to your PayPal for the first time by signing up with my referral link:

Qmee T&Cs apply and offer subject to change.

Qmee review make extra money online + 50p free cash

How to make extra cash online with Qmee

There are lots of ways to make extra cash  and even free money with Qmee, from completing surveys, searching the web and even cashback.

  • Surveys

I completed a survey for a few minutes and got 13p cash added to my account.

The best part?  There’s no minimum cashout!  I’ve literally cashed out 13p to my PayPal account!

There are numerous surveys for all different amounts.  You can see the price you will be paid for the survey and approximately how long the survey will take.

Once you have finished the survey successfully, the money will be added to your Qmee balance.  

Simply connect your PayPal account to cashout.  There’s no minimum threshold for cashing out and no PayPal fees.  Amazing!

My cashout was instant.

Get 50p free once you’ve cashed out to your PayPal for the first time by signing up with my referral link:

  • Search

If you install the Qmee browser extension, you can earn extra cash for simply browsing online and searching.  You can still search using Google, but Qmee will add some extra results and you’ll get paid if you click one of their results.  

Here’s how the Qmee search works and how you can get rewarded in cash: “The app sends us your search terms and product views across major search engines, major retail sites and other sites with search functionality so that we can display additional relevant search results. If you click on a Qmee result the app will send browsing activity, limited to web page address, on only the target site and for a limited time so that we can ensure that we reward users who have a real interest in the search result.”

  • Cashback

Qmee has some cashback offers on their site too!  You can search for cashback offers on the main cashback page.  For example, at the time of writing, you can get £1.50 cashback for an online Asda shop. 

  • Pop Quiz

Watch out for the pop quiz where you can instantly earn money if you answer a question right.  For example, I correctly answered how many teeth an adult has for 3p.  It took me around 5 seconds!

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Qmee review

There are lots of ways to make extra money with Qmee.  They also have cashback on gaming and other deals, as well as all the ways to make money I’ve mentioned above.  

Oh, and a refer-a-friend scheme where you can either earn £1 for referrals or you can split the £1 as 50p for you and 50p for your friend.

The best thing about this survey site is you can cash out to your PayPal instantly and without a minimum cashout threshold.  

The only issue is when you are screened out of surveys!  It’s annoying but happens on most survey sites.

It’s an easy way to make some extra cash in your spare time such as when you’re in a car as a passenger or watching TV in the evenings.

Qmee review make extra money online + 50p free cash



Qmee referral code: 50p free

Get 50p free once you’ve cashed out to your PayPal for the first time by signing up with my referral link:



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