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Make a stand against big energy bills

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Why do energy companies wait until we turn the heating on to tell us that they’re putting the prices up again?

The only way to bring those costs down is to use less and less every year!

If you’re not ready to freeze this winter, then you need to find an effective way to knock those energy bills back into shape.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your winter utility bills:

Solar panels? In winter?

The clouds and rain might be here right now, but there are plenty of days when it’s sunny (albeit really cold!) Technology is evolving so it won’t be long before there are effective ways to store the energy you’re getting from the solar panels. This means, you can put a small portable space heater in the room you’re in to stay warm. It might not cost a thing to run! During the summer, you can use that free energy to power a portable air conditioner. Use daylight hours to run your vacuum, dishwasher and electric oven. You should soon see savings.

Energy efficient windows

Speaking of technology, did you know that windows have gone high tech? You can now invest in energy efficient windows that will dramatically reduce the heat lost in each room. You might find the drafts are gone, the mould never comes back, and you can’t hear the traffic noise anymore. Most people simply replace the windows they’ve got, but you might change up for something more decorative, or even a bigger window altogether. You can add soft drapes and warm colour lighting to feel extra cosy. Best of all, you won’t have to have the heating on so often!

Boiler blues

If you’re willing to change your boiler, you have several options that might all be cheaper to run than your current one. The older your boiler is, the less efficient it is. A new one needs less gas to generate the same heat. You can use your solar panels to heat stored water. And you can use an oil fired boiler instead of mains gas if you have space in the garden for the tank. Don’t forget - a little wood burner or open fire can heat a fair amount of your home too. You’ll still need a boiler for the heating system, but you might not need to use it so often.

Batch cook, slow cook

Slow cookers offer meals for everyone at different times of the day to suit your lifestyle. It also means, they’re using very little electricity! Another way to save on the energy when you cook is to batch cook. Whip up extra portions each time you make a meal. Freeze the extras, then simply heat them up when you want a meal in a hurry. It saves you lots of prep time too. As for cleaning up? A battery powered vacuum that is rechargeable during the day could save you energy too.

Switch providers

Another option is to switch providers.  Have a shop around to see if another energy company is cheaper than your current provider.  You can also get some cash back from Top Cashback when you switch utility providers, so don’t forget to check there too for even more savings.

Final word

If you’re getting fed up with unaffordable energy bills, then make a stand. Use your own power, or reduce how much you need to use.