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  1. IMOU Cell 2 wireless smart security camera review

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    Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘Cell 2’ from IMOU, a 4MP QHD security camera designed to protect your home, office or any other property type. We’ve been testing this product over the last few days to see how well it performs, what features it has and how it can help secure our home. We have experience with similar products on the market so it’s going to be interesting to see how this compares.

  2. Different ways to modernise the look of your home and add value

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    If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future and want to ensure you get the best offer possible, you need to consider ways you can add value to your home. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then take a look below as we’ve listed a variety of ways you can add value to your home. The tips we’ve given vary in cost, so there’s plenty you can still do whatever your budget. Keep reading to find out more!

  3. Is wood fuel cheaper than gas, oil or electric?

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    This is an important question that many of us might be asking these days.  With energy prices in the UK rising rapidly it’s prudent to start considering alternative options for heating our homes during the colder months of the year.  In this post I’d like to talk about some of the pros and cons of wood fuels and compare pricing to gas, oil and electric heating.

  4. Kids bedroom ideas for small rooms

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    If you have a really small bedroom in your home for a child, then you may be wondering how to decorate it to maximize the space, whilst still making it a really fun and unique room for your child.  Most three-bed houses in the UK come with one small room which we usually call the ‘box room’ and in some cases, these rooms can barely fit a single bed in easily, so what is the solution for decorating and furnishing a kids bedroom if the room is really small?  Read on for some amazing space-saving and fun decor ideas.  I have gathered a list of small bedroom ideas for kids that will help you create a space for your child that is not only functional but also stylish and fun.

  5. How to create an eco-friendly and money saving home office

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    More and more of us are working from home than ever before.  This means many people are suddenly converting that spare guest bedroom that never gets used into a more practical home office space.

    If you have the extra space in your home for a home office, then it’s a great idea to have a space separate from the rest of the home that can be dedicated to work.  It helps to ensure a better work-life balance by keeping work away from the main house and your private life.

    However, if you are suddenly creating a home office for the first time then you might be wondering how to go about it in an eco-friendly way.  With the economy fragile, you might also be wondering how it can be done with money saving in mind too.

    Luckily being eco-friendly and money saving, often go hand in hand.  Here are some of the best ways you can create a more sustainable home office and save some money in the process!

  6. 3 ways to use peel and stick wallpaper to save money on home updates

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    Home decor is a high-priced business. Right from designing furniture to hiring interior decorators then buying decor items, sometimes together they cost even more than the house itself. People often get so indulged in getting a house decorated in a style that they end up spending a lot more than their limit, which leads to them becoming broke. Many even refrain from spending much on home decor, thereby making their home just another living space. But why stop yourself from decorating your home when you have budget-friendly ideas to do that?

  7. Cheapest way to live: alternative housing ideas

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    Housing prices have been increasing rapidly in recent years making buying a house seem out of reach for so many.  And, even if it doesn’t seem out of reach, some people simply don’t want to spend such exorbitant amounts of money on a property if there are alternative housing ideas that provide the cheapest way to live.  

    After all, the costs of owning a house don’t stop at buying the house…. There’s often large monthly bills, taxes, insurances, maintenance costs to think about.  

    This is why in recent years there has been a boom in people seeking out alternative housing ideas such as tiny homes, off-grid living and other alternative ways to live a simpler and cheaper lifestyle when it comes to the place to call home.

  8. How quickly will a coffee machine at home pay off?

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    How quickly will a coffee machine at home pay off

    Are you looking for that extra justification to buy a coffee machine for your home? It might surprise you to learn that it won’t take very long for the purchase to have paid off, especially if you’re the kind of person who is in the habit of spending money in coffee shops all the time!  But exactly how quickly will it take for you to recoup the costs of buying a coffee machine?