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  1. Top tips to improve the appearance of stretch marks *

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    How to prevent and minimise stretch marks

    Stretch marks aren’t something that only happens during a pregnancy or even to people who have experienced a sudden weight gain. They can happy for a variety of reasons and their appearance is different for each individual, but many people can feel very self-conscious of them.  Because of this it can be necessary to become creative when deciding how to deal with stretch marks during a season known for limited clothing.

    Top tips to improve the appearance of stretch marks 

    What Causes Stretch Marks

    There are several causes for the dreaded stretching of the skin. Most people are familiar with the increased risk of developing stretch marks during pregnancy or weight gain but other factors could also cause a similar reaction. Those who begin lifting weights regularly and with great intensity will often find themselves covered in stretch marks due to their rapid increase in muscle mass. There are also a few health conditions and syndromes that can cause stretch marks to develop. Fortunately, for the average person stretch marks are only a cosmetic issue and not one indicative of an underlying health problem.

    Technological Advances

    Fading the appearance of stretch marks has become infinitely easier with the latest advances in technology. Dermaclara stretch mark treatment uses silicone fusion to address the appearance of stretch marks within the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t require injections, chemicals, lasers, or surgery which is a big bonus for those who worry about unnecessary medical procedures.

    Other options include microdermabrasion, light therapy, and retinoid cream. Microdermabrasion is via a hand-held device that apply fine crystals onto the skin that are then used to remove a thin layer of skin to promote new growth that will be more elastic.

    Light therapy has a broad spectrum of applications. They are used to stimulate elastin or collagen growth and improve the appearance of the skin damaged by stretch marks.

    Retinoid cream is a derivative of vitamin A and may be the treatment most familiar to consumers due to its inclusion in a number of different beauty products. However, this is most effective only on those stretch marks that are a few months old. Dermaclara stretch marks treatment can be used for far longer.

    Home Remedies

    One of the most powerful anti-aging oils is also useful for minimising the appearance of stretch marks. Moringa oil is derived from the moringa tree, which is often referred to as the miracle tree due to the powerful health properties found in virtually every part of the tree. The tree was originally found in South Asia but due to how quickly it grows and the hardy nature, it is now found throughout the world. The tree has been used as a food source and medicinally for more than 4,000 years. Many women have had great success applying this oil to their stretch marks to diminish the appearance.

    Other home remedies include homemade sugar scrubs combined with olive or coconut oil and scented with a favourite essential oil. Aloe Vera has been reported to be an effective ally in the treatment of stretch marks.  Application of egg whites or apricots that have been ground to a paste have also received glowing reviews from bloggers.


    Have you ever heard the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It’s especially true when it comes to stretch marks.

    No matter what the cause, it is possible to at least mitigate the damage to a degree. The most important thing to remember is the importance of hydration. Dehydrated skin is going to react more violently to rapid expansion because it will be lacking the natural elasticity it normally has. Without it the marks themselves may be more pronounced. Really, this is an easy one since drinking enough water is something people should be doing anyway and is relatively inexpensive.

    The next thing to remember is to hydrate your skin from the outside as well as from within.  This can be done with coconut oil, shea butter, or other specialty lotions and creams. Ultimately, the external hydration that will work best is the one you will use on a regular basis.

    Stretch marks can be a downer when swimsuit season rolls around and they are more difficult to hide under clothing. Happily, there are several ways to diminish their appearance to make the season less stressful.












  2. Will you grow old with grace? Or have a sneaky injection here and there?

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    HELP!  I’m turning into a man!

    I have just had to pull out no less than five dark and quite thick hairs from my chin. 

    What is going on?

    Is this something that happens when you enter your 30s?

    Do you start turning into a man?

    If I leave them, will a beard grow?  I’m tempted to see, but then again I’m not that tempted.

    HELP! I’m turning into a man!
    Ok, not quite, but maybe when I'm in my 40s?!

    Why won’t they just stop growing?  I realise now this must be why women have chin waxes.  I’m sure I’ve seen a chin wax on a list at a beauty salon before.

    I’m freaking out.  Tell me this is normal and not just me!

    Growing old gracefully

    Isn’t growing old funny, how we change and age and look so different.  I always thought I’d age with grace and stay natural, but now it’s beginning to happen and the lines and wrinkles are setting in, I’m seriously considering some Botox!

    I saw a comedian/journalist type lady on the recent Faces documentary thingy (which is really good to watch by the way, not just for vain people as hubby first thought) say she had a RBF.  Well, I have one too.  I’d never heard the phrase before, but it suits me to the ground.  It means Resting Bitch Face.

    Bah ha ha!

    I’m getting wrinkles in the two front vertical frown lines, just between my eyes and above my nose.  Ben always asks ‘why are you so grumpy?’



    ‘Why are you frowning at me?’

    Do you want a divorce. . .

    When I’m deep in concentration I do frown and those lines are there.  Problem is, they now stay there even when I’m not frowning.

    So I look permanently frowny and moody.  Great!  Just the look I was going for. . frowny RBF

    I do wonder if I’ll ever go down the route of Botox or similar just in these frown lines.  I’d like a more welcoming friendly face for a few more years please!  It worries me it will go wrong though, like those people who have injections in their lips and they balloon!  I don’t fancy that look in the middle of my forehead either.

    What do you think?  Will you grow old gracefully or will you happily have procedures?




  3. Soprano Ice: How to be carefree about laser hair removal *

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    What is Soprano Ice laser hair removal and is it pain free?

    With spring upon us and the summer holiday season steadily closing in, us women have some personal details we need to take care of, one of them is getting rid of the undesired hair and looking good in our summer outfits. I don’t believe there is a lady after a certain age who does not wish to have a smooth skin and feel fabulous about her body in the warm season.

    If you're looking for a pain free way to get rid of hair, read on.

    Soprano Ice How to be carefree about pain free easy laser hair removal

    The scary thought of getting our legs and other parts waxed comes in mind every time we think about putting on a lovely skirt and a sleeveless top, a beautiful and colorful dress or that all revealing bathing suit we have been longing for wearing since last summer. Even traditional laser hair removal can be painful and not such a pleasant experience. So what do we choose?

    Fortunately for us, there’s a new option for getting rid of the undesired hair which is more effective than waxing or traditional laser hair removal and especially nearly pain free. Sounds great right? And it is all possible with the Soprano Ice hair removal treatment. You won’t have to worry about shaving twice a week or about other painful processes anymore.

    So how does it work? The Soprano Ice laser is cooling the top layer of the skin preventing surface burns while keeping the heat within the dermis, the result being a comfortable and fast treatment for an even result. In addition to that, this technique is suitable for all skin and hair types and can be undertaken all year long as the temperature outside does not affect the treated skin. The Soprano Ice laser hair removal procedure has been tested in several dermatological clinical studies and has been proven to be a safer and more effective method of laser hair removal and hair reduction.

    Before undergoing a Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment you should look for a clinic which specializes in this area, can offer you medical advice and has professional staff to answer all of your questions. A good example is London based beauty clinic Medspa. The team there is ready to offer you all the information you need in order to prepare for the treatment and has a highly skilled laser operator who will make sure your experience will be safe and the results remarkable.

    So instead of saying ‘ouch!’ when you remove your undesired body hair, you can start saying ‘wow!’ as the results of Soprano Ice laser hair removal will be a smooth, beautiful skin. And the treatment is nearly pain free, beyond compare to other hair removal techniques. Stop worrying about getting your body ready for summer and start putting together outfits for the warm and sunny season.







  4. Braces at 30: 8th tightening experience with elastics TOP to BOTTOM

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    Life with braces as an adult: elastics top to bottom

    It's that time again - an update on my adult experience wearing braces.  If you are thinking of getting braces do feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and I'll get back to you.  These blog posts are a way of me documenting each tightening appointment and tracking the change in my teeth from before to after.  Does a brace tightening hurt?  Read on to find out!  I also struggled to find many blog journeys about wearing a  brace as an adult, so I hope they are helpful if you're thinking about having a brace.

    Braces in my 30s blog experience tightening elastics top to bottom

    On Thursday 23rd March 2017 I had my 8th brace tightening for my top teeth (5th for the bottom).  It was also my brace year anniversary on the 10th March – how quickly has that gone?  I can’t believe I’ve been wearing an adult brace for a whole year already.  I also can’t imagine myself without a brace now as I’m so used to it, it’s just become a part of me.  Not that I don’t want it off – I cannot wait for that day!

    Before this appointment I’d started to feel a little disheartened about the progress.  Nothing noticeable had changed in my last two appointments.  The huge lateral incisor gap they are making for a false tooth had been stuck at 5mm for two appointments even with elastics trying to pull it across.  It needs to be 7mm.  I’m glad to say it’s now 6mm, so has finally moved another 1mm this whole year!  Yay!  My orthodontist is confident she can take an impression at the next appointment so I can have a temporary false tooth whilst I wear the brace and stop feeling so gappy!

    The peg tooth and its gap is now 7mm and the peg tooth needs to move into the middle of the gap instead of being at the side where it is now.  I’m not sure if she’s trying to move this yet, I must remember to ask next time as it hasn’t moved if she is.  It needs to be in the middle in preparation for a veneer which will sit better if it’s central.  I feel a bit gappy on the peg tooth side too, but not as bad as the other side!

    The gap at the bottom front had not moved at all in 3 appointments.  She’d put elastics on 6 teeth to try to move them altogether, but did say last time this might be a bit adventurous.  So in this appointment she put elastics just on the front two and OH MY GOODNESS!  The gap is almost gone!  It literally halved in size within 24 hours.  I can tell too as OWEEEEE!  My front bottom teeth were super sensitive for around 3 days.  That feeling has died off now, but hopefully they’ll continue to pull together and gap be gone.

    The bottom wire was changed for the thickest wire!  Yay!  So no more wire changes, just tightenings.

    The biggie this appointment was elastics TOP to BOTTOM!

    So this is a bit different…

    I have little hooks on my brace now at the top front for the elastics to slide over.  I have to change these elastics every day and take them out for eating and teeth brushing.  By changing them every day it means I have a fresh taut pair on, so the pull is constant and I can feel the pressure all the time.  Usually the pressure eases and disappears a couple of days after a tightening appointment, but this new type of elastic means the pressure is always there.  It’s a minor inconvenience for perfect teeth though and at least it must be doing something!  As far as I can remember it’s to improve my bite which is still miles off and this should really speed things up.  I hope so!

    I’m still feeling miles off perfect teeth.   They look an absolute mess to me still, but I guess it’s hard to imagine what the end result will be when I have so many gaps and a peg tooth at the front.  I hope once I get a false tooth I’ll start to see what the end result will look like!  They are so different to where I began a year ago, so I must remind myself of that.

    Read my entire braces in my 30s journey here



  5. Skin Elixir Review: Natural, Organic, Vegan Perfume and Moisturiser *

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    Have you considered your perfume might be toxic?

    Chemicals are all around us and unfortunately we cannot escape them in modern life.  However, we can learn how to take care of our skin naturally as well as ethically, by using a skincare and perfume brand that is not tested on animals.  If you're looking for a new organic beauty brand with plenty of natural kind to skin ingredients, then read on.  Ill be reviewing two natural cosmetic products from Skin Elixir in this beauty blog post.

    skin elixir natural vegan organic perfume moisturiser review paraben free s

    Yep, nasty chemicals could be lurking in your perfume

    Since becoming so interested in a more natural wholesome lifestyle and cutting out parabens in make up and skin care products along with many other nasty chemicals, it took me a while to realise that most perfumes are also potentially harmful.  It’s not just a bottle of perfume either as many products are fragranced with perfume, such as body lotion and deodorant.  Unfortunately I am yet to find a good natural antiperspirant/deodorant that cuts it for me, but I’m always trying new ones.

    Most scented cosmetics contain a group of petroleum chemicals called phthalates.  Don’t ask me to say that out loud.  If I had to guess, I’d say the first ph is silent!

    These phthalates are everywhere.  Not just in cosmetics, but used in plastic to make it more flexible and less breakable, and also used in household cleaners.  So the chances are you can’t totally avoid them, but you can definitely cut down and stop putting them all over your skin and breathing them in from perfume.

    Why would you want to do that?

    Because they are toxic.  They are potentially a carcinogen.  They are an irritant.  They can cause nausea, stomach upsets, headaches, asthma, cancer, hyperactivity disorder, infertility. . . the list goes on and on.  They are a man made chemical and from what I can tell in recent years, we should really stop messing with nature and creating these man made chemicals as the research soon comes out telling us how bad they are!

    But I like to smell good?

    I’d never even thought about looking for a natural perfume and assumed they didn’t exist.  That was until Skin Elixir got in touch with me.   Skin Elixir create natural, organic, vegan perfumes in small batches by hand in Nottingham.  They asked if I wanted to try some.  Of course I did!

    Skin Elixir Review: Natural, Organic, Vegan Perfume and Moisturiser

    Skin Elixir Review - ‘Nourish the skin you’re in’

    Whereas most natural brands have a natural wholesome feel to the packaging, Skin Elixir has a luxurious finish with its tasteful black and gold design.  The moisturiser and perfume arrived in a black gift box – a perfectly presented present idea.  It really was a treat to open and arriving close to Mother’s Day it really felt like a perfectly timed gift.

    Sangfroid Natural Perfume

    Sangfroid, the natural perfume, is a 10ml rollerball in a sleek black tube.  Perfect for throwing in a handbag or pocket to reapply throughout the day.  The perfume is unisex and both me and Ben have been wearing it for a couple of days now.  As a female I prefer a lighter scent, so a quick dab or one roll on the wrist is plenty for me.  As a male I believe you can build the scent up by applying more liberally for a stronger smell.  As we went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine over the weekend I kept getting delightful whiffs of this natural perfume and kept stopping to sniff Ben’s neck!  It’s a captivating scent that I want to smell over and over.  When I first smelt it I thought it was going to be too overpowering for me, but the trick is to add just a little and the more I sniff it, the more I like it.

    This perfume has a whole host of good benefits for both you and the environment:

    • Cruelty free
    • 100% natural
    • Vegan
    • Organic
    • Free from preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, artificial frangrance
    • Ethically sourced ingredients

    Organic Frankincense and May Chang Moisturiser

    I haven’t yet experienced the benefits of this moisturiser as a face cream and I instantly used it on my hands.  In my part time evening job I clean cold warehouses and outside toilets (glamourous I know) and I’ve been prepping the garden recently for vegetable growing season, as well as weeding, so my hands really have been getting worked.  For the first year ever I have had sore dry cracked creases.  I’ve never suffered with this before, so perhaps it’s a sign of my skin becoming older or I’ve just been working my hands in cold temperatures too much.  As soon as I opened the moisturiser it seemed like I just needed to spread it all over my hands and boy, were they thankful!

    The high quality of the moisturiser is instantly recognisable as it is a thick, rich balm, not a gloopy runny thin milk like many.  This is probably thanks to Skin Elixir not adding water to any of their formulas – meaning you are paying for the very best ingredients only and can afford to apply the products sparingly. 

    It’s highly nourishing and after one application my hands are almost back to normal and they were pretty atrocious!  I can only imagine the wonders this moisturiser will do to your face.  There are plenty of positive reviews shared on the website to praise the moisturiser for aiding skin conditions such as eczema.  If you have troubled skin you really should start avoiding synthetic products and reach for such natural good for you skin healers instead.

    Visit today to purchase these wonderful products and find out more about the story behind the brand!


    You Baby Me Mummy