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  1. 44 ways to market your small business

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    Congratulations.  You have started your business.  Exciting times, but how are you going to let the world know your business exists?

    Here are 44 ways to market your small business.

    44 ways to market your small business (1)

    1.      Tell everyone you know about it

    If your friends and family aren’t bored of hearing about your business then you’re not talking about it enough!  Make sure those nearest and dearest to you know all about it.  They’ll be your best promoters as hopefully they want you to succeed!

    2.      Start a website

    It’s so important to be online nowadays.  Most people look online whenever they want to buy something or need a service.  They look for recommendations and do Google searches to browse various businesses and options.  You need to be online and need to have a professional looking website that works across all types of devices.

    3.      Optimise your website for SEO

    Once you have a great looking website, it needs to be found.  Learn some SEO skills and make sure your website stands a chance of being found on Google and other search engines.

    4.      Hand out business cards

    Have business cards made and always keep them with you.  Hand them out whenever there’s an opportunity.

    5.      Advertise in local leaflets

    We all get local leaflets through the door advertising various businesses.  Keep the next ones you receive and contact their marketing department to find out how to get your business listed.

    6.      Flyer your neighbourhood

    Create your own flyers and print using a fast and affordable online service.  Flyer drop in your local area or the areas you wish to target.  If you sell items online then add flyers, with discount codes or showcasing the latest items, to your customer parcels.

    7.      Set up a Facebook business page

    Set up a Facebook business page so your business is visible on Facebook.

    8.      Join relevant Facebook groups

    Find Facebook groups relevant to your business or even just your local area if you are a local business.  Interact with others and promote yourself when relevant.

    9.      Use Facebook Marketplace

    If you sell goods locally then advertise them for free on Facebook Marketplace for delivery or local collection.

    10. Set up a Twitter account

    Set up a Twitter account and add your business details to your profile.  Send promotional tweets out to let people know what your business does.

    11. Join in with Twitter business networking hours

    There are loads of Twitter networking hours locally and nationally.  Find them and join in with any relevant to you and your business.  Engage with others and promote yourself too!

    44 ways to market your small business (2)

    12. Pin your website to Pinterest

    Set up a Pinterest account and pin pages and blog posts from your website.

    13. Show off your products on Instagram

    If you sell products them create an Instagram account to show them off visually.

    14. Build your network on LinkedIn

    If you sell B2B services then LinkedIn could be the place for you to network with other business folk and potential clients.

    15. Make the most of your store front

    If you have an actual physical location for your business then make the most of it.  Even if you’re closed the right shop front signs can continue to advertise your business and make a great first impression.  Make sure you include any website details and contact details so potential customers can get hold of you.  If you sell goods then display them well and include your opening times so customers know when to return.

    16. Add your listing to online business directories

    There are so many online business directories, like Yell, which let you list your business details for free.

    17. Attend relevant networking events

    Discover relevant business networking events where you can interact with others in your niche or bounce business ideas off other business owners.

    18. Enter business competitions

    There are so many business awards locally and nationally.  Search for those that are relevant and get yourself out there!

    19. Start an email newsletter

    Ask customers to opt in to your email newsletter so you can keep them up-to-date with new services/stock/special offers.

    20. Share your business and its services in a blog

    Start a blog to share more about your business and its offerings.  Or write a blog in the same niche with lots of helpful articles that relate to your business in some way.  Create engaging content to draw more people to your business.

    21. Post videos about your brand on YouTube

    Talk about your business or create how-to videos on YouTube.

    22. Reach out to journalists

    Just launched?  Got a special offer?  Hosting a fundraiser?  If you have something newsworthy then reach out to a local reporter to tell your story.

    23. Advertise on your car with a vinyl sticker

    Have a personalised vinyl sticker made to advertise your business or website on your car.  Ask your friends and family if they’ll do the same!

    44 ways to market your small business

    24. Have business details in your email signature

    Add your business details like your website and social links to your email footer.  Advertise any current offers here too.

    25. Set up Google My Business

    Set up Google My Business and get found easier on Google.  Add your business to Google Maps so local customers find you easily and can see your reviews and business updates.

    26. Ask for reviews

    Ask your customers for reviews and testimonials to help encourage others to use your business.

    27. Comment on blogs in your field

    Don’t forget to leave a comment when you read great advice online that is related to your business.  Many blog comment forms will let you add your website.

    28. Donate a prize to a fundraiser

    Give away a free service or product to a local charity fundraiser.

    29. Use your own products

    If you make or sell a product then wear it/use it yourself.  You are the biggest advocate for what you make and sell.

    30. Work with bloggers

    Bloggers are great to work with for offering reviews of products on their blogs and also for writing content that includes links back to your website to boost your SEO.  You can sponsor a blog post or offer to write a relevant guest post for their blog.

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    31. Hire an influencer

    Influencers are big business nowadays on social media.  If you sell a product then it can be a great way to reach thousands of people by collaborating with an influencer who wants to promote your product.

    32. Offer a freebie

    This could be a first free consultation or an opt-in freebie if they sign up to your email list, like a free e-book.  Offer some sort of freebie to attract people to your business.

    33. Give a loyalty discount

    Reward your existing clientele with a loyalty discount for repeat custom.  Keep them coming back.

    34. Speak at events

    Offer to speak at local events or festivals relevant to your niche.

    35. Respond to PR requests

    Search for hashtags on social media such as #PRrequest or #journorequest to find PRs and journos who might need a quote or assistance from someone in your field.

    36. Sign up to HARO

    There are several sites like Help a Reporter Out who connect journalists looking for stories or quotes with the right business owners.  It’s a great chance to be featured in the media and plug your business at the same time.

    37. Release an e-book

    Create an additional income stream and also market your business by releasing a helpful e-book.  You could even create a free e-book to give away as a freebie.

    38. Start an e-course

    If others can learn from you then consider setting up an e-course which can be sold or given away free.

    39. Host a giveaway

    Give away a prize to create a buzz about your business and its products.

    40. Listen to your customers

    As Social Media Today points out, your customers will give you a different perspective and honest feedback - more honest than your friends and family might!  Take the criticism constructively and use it to better your service or product.

    41. Create a referral incentive

    Set up a referral programme for your customers so they receive an incentive to recommend others to your business.

    42. Stick up posters in local shops

    Check out local classified boards in local stores to see if they allow businesses to advertise.

    43. Hire a stall at an event

    Find a relevant event and set up a stall to promote your services or sell your products.

    44. Do a demo

    Demonstrate your products or services for free somewhere busy, at an event or even video a demo to upload to all your social accounts and website.

    Phew!  44 ways to market your small business!


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