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Making money from home has never been easier with the online world opening up so many money making opportunities.  The below methods can be started today, by anyone, in the UK to make £1000 in one month online.

You don’t even have to leave your house as they can all be completed online.  Well, you might need to post some items if you sell some on eBay, but you could opt for a courier or postal service to collect them from your house, or you can even choose local collection only!

I have tried all these methods and many other real ways to make money from home for free and base the amounts on how much I have made in my first month trying them, or on average over an entire year.  Read on to discover how to make £1000 in a month online.

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Originally posted in 2020.  Updated in 2021 and 2022 :) 

Side hustles to make £1000 in a month!

£650 Matched betting

You can actually make much more than this in your first month matched betting.  I made over £740 in my first 40 days matched betting, but it all depends on the free money and bonus offers you do and how quickly you can build your matched betting bank.  I made £300 in my first two weeks and was amazed that it really did work!

Matched betting is not gambling, but a legit way to make cash from home by extracting profit from free bet offers using mathematical calculations.  It’s not complicated though as Profit Accumulator will show you exactly what to do and they have software to find the best bets and tell you exactly how much to bet where and how much profit you’ll make.  You don't need to understand the maths... their software works it all out for you.  I highly recommend them if you want to try matched betting.

Find my own matched betting story and FAQs here.

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£150 Sell your unwanted items

Last year, on average, I made £150 per month selling our unwanted household items, toys and grown out clothes on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  It’s amazing what you can sell.  I almost took our old Virgin Media box to the local recycling centre as it was too old to return to Virgin for them for reuse, but I luckily checked eBay and saw people were actually buying them!  I got £20 for what I thought was a useless bit of kit!

I’m very minimal, but with kids we are always growing out of toys and clothes in our house.  We’ve cleared out our attic and been ruthless in living a more minimal lifestyle.  Most people have wardrobes full of clothes they don’t really need or wear and attics/garages bursting at the seams with unused items.

Set a challenge to list three items per day from unused items in your attic or closet, on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and you should easily make £150 or more from these listings.

zilch £10 free amazon voucher

£50 to £140

20 Cogs was a 'get paid to' website where you have to take part in 20 offers and you can make on average £200.   Their highest pay-out was £700!  I made £126.18 profit and they let me skip two offers as I was already a customer of every option! So I think £140 is a fair amount that you can make.  I was already an existing customer for some of the other offers listed too which meant I couldn’t do all the high paid offers and had to pick some lower ones.

They have now changed to and you only have to take part in 15 offers to cash out!  I made a profit of around £50 on this new site in 2022, but there's the potential to make much more.  You can complete more than 15 offers to earn more and choose the higher value ones if you're not already a user of the sites listed.

Check out my review here!

Sign up to for a £5 welcome bonus!

£40 Website testing

On average last year, I made £40 per month from website testing with sites like UserTesting.  You can even make much more.  In my best month I made over £100!  I checked them way more often than usual and completed a lot more tests.

There are sometimes a few qualifying questions to see if you are suitable before you start a test and there are usually tests available every day!

Tests tend to take 5-30 minutes to complete and payment takes around 21 days directly to your PayPal account.

How to make £1000 in a month online

£12 Prolific

Again, this is a modest amount and you can make much more.  I complete studies online at Prolific to help academics with their research.  Some are random games or challenges.   They all pay varying amounts and are anything from one minute of your time to one hour.

Last year I made £12 on average each month, but this is pretty low for this site as there’s plenty more to be made!  I often miss tests or pass on them as I’m too busy, so it all depends on your availability when the tests pop up.

Learn more in my dedicated blog post ‘make money at home with Prolific’ and which browser notifier I use to alert me of tests.  Annoyingly they don’t email about every test so you’ll need to install a browser extension to get access to as many of the studies as possible.

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£10 - OhMyDosh!

OhMyDosh! is an amazing website where you can make money from all sorts of 'get paid to' offers, surveys and even cashback.

I got a £1 bonus just for signing up using a referral link and 50p for answering three really easy questions.  I've managed to make money just by downloading an app to my phone and for signing up to free trials.

If you sign up to trials just remember to cancel them at the end of the trial period if you don't want to continue as a paid customer.  A quick reminder on my iPhone calendar is all I set up to remind me to cancel.

You can make way more than £10 in a month.  It depends how many offers you do.  Check out the 'no spend' offers and 'lightning payout' offers for some quick, easy cash!

Read my OhMyDosh! review for more info!

Sign up with my OhMyDosh! referral link and you'll get a £1 bonus

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£5 free cash - Curve

Get £5 free cash if you sign up to Curve for free with code FL2KH at 

It’s a free Mastercard debit card with an app that saves you the hassle of carrying all your cards around at once.  You simply add all your debit cards to the app and then use the Curve card to pay.  Choose which of your cards you want to pay with in the app beforehand.

If you choose the wrong one, you have 30 days to backtrack and move the purchase to a different card!  So handy for managing finances if you have multiple cards.

Check out their latest free cash offer by clicking the image here:

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T&Cs apply. 

Final word 

This comes in at just over £1000 and you can easily make more than this by selling more on eBay or completing more surveys/website tests than I do, so you might even make way more!  It all depends on how much time you can spare and how dedicated to the cause you are.

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