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  1. rubz skin care nourishing hand cream - natural beauty review - lylia rose b

    Rubz Nourishing Hand Cream Review

    I was recently sent Rubz Nourishing Hand Cream to sample.  As we start to enter autumn and the colder, harsher-on-skin weather, hand cream becomes a daily must for most.  Over the past two years I’ve really noticed my hands becoming much less soft and instead tougher and drier over the cold winter months.  This intensely moisturising hand cream will be my new best friend!

    Rubz Hand Cream is handmade by owner Julia with ‘care and devotion’ in Lancashire.  Rubz Skin Care also stocks a moisturiser and foot cream.  All ingredients are natural aside from the preservative.  It’s made clear the hand cream I trialled is free from parabens and formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde ‘releasers’ are used in many products and possibly cause toxicity to our immune system, nervous system and could even be carcinogenic in high amounts.  There are of course others saying it is perfectly safe added to cosmetics, but I’d say it’s best to not take the risk (especially if it’s not a necessary ingredient).  The more natural, the better.

    The hand cream has both rose and geranium oils, which have some fantastic properties for fabulous skin.  Here are just some of their benefits:


    • Soothes red and irritated skin
    • Helps to maintain moisture in the skin, preventing dry and chapped hands
    • Kind to sensitive skin
    • A beautiful natural fragrance
    • Restores suppleness for glowing skin


    • Anti-ageing properties as it encourages the skin to contract which helps to reduce sagging and look more toned
    • Improves appearance of scars, marks and skin spots
    • Promotes radiant and beautiful skin (used by the Egyptians for such)
    • Leaves a sweet scent on the skin
    • Radiant skin as it aids cell regeneration

    This Rubz Nourishing Hand Cream feels super silky and luxurious once applied.  Hands are so silky-smooth after applying, it’s best to apply as an intense hand cream before bed, or with enough time for it to soak in before tackling any hand needed tasks.  The smell is very pleasant and I caught pleasurable whiffs of it long after applying.  This cream is also beneficial for nails and cuticles promoting strong, healthy nail growth whilst reducing any brittleness.  A really fantastic natural product!

    You can find the full Rubz Skin Care range at

  2. reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    reubens room - childrens baby decor interiors bedroom boy - lylia rose blo

    Inside My Home | Reuben’s Second Bedroom

    Well, it’s still the same bedroom, but I’ve just turned it into a room for Reuben only, instead of me and Reubs which you can view by clicking here.

    I’ve popped the single bed I was sleeping in into storage in the attic until Reuben is older.  Bella’s old cot bed is now Reuben’s bed.  I found some new baby boy cot bumpers on eBay and added a couple of blankets, teddies and cot toys to make it cosy and comfortable.

    The side board has been moved to our living room and I popped what was our toy box downstairs into its space as a blanket box.  It’s now filled with snuggly baby blankets and sleeping bags.

    I found the chair on eBay with a big discount as it was an ex display model.  It’s my late night (and very early morning) nursing chair for now, and will be our story time chair with Reubs as he grows.

    You may have seen Bella’s pink/purple air balloon in her bedroom photos on my blog and now we have hung Reuben’s up in his window bay.  These are so fab!  They are personalised and handmade by their Oma (Gran in German).

    A couple of posters brighten up one wall for now until we have more personalised items to add.  Above the cot I’ve created a gallery wall section with gorgeous photos of Reuben and Bella.  I’ve also hung a couple of paper pompoms which swirl and twirl above the cot.

    The striped rug is also a new addition.  It’s made from real wool, so super soft and cosy.  I picked this up in a half price rug sale in Dunelm.

    Reuben’s room is really starting to feel like a little boy’s bedroom now and I’m excited to see it evolve as he grows!

  3. greenfrog botanical bodywash - geranium peppermint - organic natural - lyli

    Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Bodywash Review

    I always get so excited when I discover new natural beauty companies, and even more so when they offer a sample for me to try!  Greenfrog Botanic very kindly sent me their Geranium and Peppermint Bodywash to try and as it’s such a fab product I just had to document it in this blog review.

    Greenfrog Botanic source botanical soap all the way from the Himalayas to make 100% natural, chemical free products.  There are no parabens or SLS (which I always avoid) and no other nasty ingredients.  They are vegetarian society approved, vegan and also palm oil free.   The ingredients are not only good for your skin, but also the environment.

    I think we can often forget that the products we use, not only go on our skin, but are washed off into the environment where they can have devastating consequences.  Greenfrog Botanic makes clear there are no phosphates in their products.  Phosphates washed into the environment can increase algae growth and in some instances reduce the PH levels in water.  This results in a reduction of aquatic life in lakes and ponds as they cannot compete with the algae for oxygen.  It can even contribute to aquatic dead zones where areas of the ocean have such low oxygen levels, any life suffocates and dies.  This is certainly alarming and makes products without phosphates a more natural and ethical choice.

    The main ‘soapy’ ingredient is a botanical soap known as soapnut.  It is sustainably sourced and so this process is also environmentally friendly.  The soapnut is kind to sensitive skin and also suitable for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It has cleansing and foaming properties making it an ideal natural alternative to chemical detergents.

    I was lucky enough to try the Geranium and Peppermint Bodywash.  This was the perfect item for me as I often settle for natural bars of soap nowadays instead of gels, due to my preference for natural ingredients, so I was thrilled at the prospect of a natural shower gel instead.  This product does not disappoint and is just as good, in fact a million times better considering the above, as any other shop bought chemical laden shower gel.  It froths up beautifully and works just the same.  It smells floral, yet uplifting and is great to use during a morning shower.  The peppermint smell just seems so refreshing to me. 

    There are also some other fantastic ingredients and Greenfrog themselves describe the product as ‘Infused with high quality, antioxidant and moisturising aloe vera and combined with calming geranium oil and cooling peppermint oil, this body wash acts a deep conditioner for your skin.’  My skin feels moisturised and does not dry out after use.  The product itself is very luxurious being super silky and creamy, leaving a very much wanted trace of this luxe on the skin.

    I would recommend Greenfrog Botanic for their excellent ethos and natural skincare products.  You can visit their website to shop and learn more at