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Profit Accumulator review: 6 reasons to use PA to make money matched betting

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As you’ll probably know, if you are already a reader of my blog, I recommend matched betting as a great way to make extra cash from home.  I was a matched bettor for just over two years and I couldn’t have done it without using a certain online website and software that showed me exactly what to do.  This website is called Profit Accumulator

In this blog post I will share my Profit Accumulator review and the reasons why I recommend them if you want to make money online matched betting.

Firstly, what is matched betting?

I always find it hard to explain exactly what matched betting is, even though I now understand how it works.  When I first started I couldn’t get my head around it, but thanks to Profit Accumulator showing me exactly what to do, I didn’t even need to understand how it was possible to make money to be able to start making money! 

That’s because they hold your hand through the whole process and show you exactly how to find bets and how much to place in which place.  They make it so simple that anyone can do it.

Matched betting is also known as back bet matching, lay bet matching or double betting, but I’ve always just come across it being called matched betting.

Here is my attempt at a matched betting definition:

Matched betting is a way to take advantage of the free bet offers from bookies.  By placing a qualifying bet both for an outcome with the bookies and then against that outcome with an exchange, you will qualify to receive a free bet.

You will make a small qualifying loss with this qualifier bet, usually around 50p, but that’s fine as you will make plenty of profit once you repeat the process with the free bet.

Now you bet on an outcome with your free bet at the bookies and also against this outcome on the exchange with your own money.  The calculators and oddsmatcher software at Profit Accumulator will find the best bets for you and you can even see what your profit will be before placing any bets.

It now doesn’t matter whether this free bet wins or loses as you have covered all outcomes and the calculators at PA will have worked out how much to bet at the bookies and how much to ‘lay’ (bet against an outcome) at the exchange, so you will be guaranteed a profit either way.

You can usually expect to make around 75-80% of the free bet as a profit overall.  So if you do an offer with a £20 free bet then you should make at least £15 profit.

Don’t worry if you still don’t understand.  That would have gone straight over my head before I understood it!  The best thing was for me to just start doing the offers and then I worked out how it was possible as I went along.

Matched betting explained + made easy

Can I do matched betting by myself?

I guess it’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely know what you are doing.  I have no idea what the mathematical equations are as the calculators and software at Profit Accumulator work it all out for me.

Plus, in order for matched betting to be profitable you need to find really close odds between your back bet and lay bet.  That’s the bet at the bookies for an outcome (back bet) and then the bet against this outcome at the exchange (lay bet).

It would be really time consuming to find these close matches yourself, but the oddsmatching software at Profit Accumulator makes light of this and finds the best matches for you instantly.

What is Profit Accumulator?

They are a UK matched betting website and community that teaches people how to do matched betting with thanks to their tips, guides, software, tools and calculators.  They help to support anyone in making extra money from home by showing them how to easily be a matched bettor.  Profit Accumulator makes the whole process really straightforward and simple so anyone can do it from the comfort of their own home.

6 reasons to use Profit Accumulator for your matched betting journey

1.      Amazing customer service - no question too stupid!

I rarely had to contact customer service as the guides were so thorough that I only needed to follow these to make a profit and to work out what to do.  I think in two years I had to contact customer service by email twice and they were very responsive and took the time to clearly answer my query.  They were very friendly and explained the process as though I was the first person they were telling even though I imagine they have repeated themselves a thousand times and they probably could have just sign posted me to the website somewhere.  I really felt like it was a personal customer service and nothing was too much bother and no question I asked was too stupid!

2.      No need to understand matched betting to get started - step-by-step guides and videos

I see a lot of people afraid of starting matched betting because they don’t ‘get it’.  I didn’t either and it’s really hard to understand it until you start doing it.  The best thing is you don’t need to understand it to begin making a profit for it with thanks to Profit Accumulator as they literally show you how to find and place your bets in video guides that talk you through it step-by-step.  When I started I literally played and paused the video guide as it showed me how to find bets and where to place them.  That’s how I placed my first couple of bets until I got the hang of it and could simply do it from the online instructions or from memory rather than following the videos.  But the videos are amazing as a beginner as they show the exact process and you can just copy it with your own bets and figures - which they’ll show you how to find.

3.      Huge helpful forum

I don’t think I ever made the most of the forum, but it is so helpful.  I did use it for some of the individual offers as if something seemed strange or I wasn’t sure what to bet on then there was a forum chat linked to every single offer.  This makes it really easy to ask a question about a certain offer if you are not sure about something before placing your bets.  The admins are regularly monitoring these chats and helping out users, as well as other users offering advice and help all day long.  It is really such a supportive community and everyone wants everyone else to succeed.

4.      Free trial - try first two offers without subscribing

It seemed too good to be true at first - make £45 by trying these two offers for free.  I’d seen their free trial offer quite a lot and always thought it was a scam until I saw newspaper articles about matched betting and also other bloggers I trusted talking about it as a legitimate way to make money.  So one day I tried the first two offers at Profit Accumulator that they let you try for free to show you that it really works and to get a taste of what matched betting involves.  I saw it worked and signed up instantly to get access to all their other offers and I was hooked!

5.      Lists of matched betting offers every day

They have a big list of beginners offers which is the place to start.  These will guide you from some of the easiest offers up to the trickier offers that need a little more experience.  After this there are reload offers for existing customers that are updated daily.  They do the hard work of scouring the bookies for the best offers and even rating them so you know if they are risk-free.  I only ever took part in the 4* and 5* offers which were risk-free.

6.      Simple to use matched betting software and calculators

Their odds finding software and calculators are really easy to use and throughout my two years as a matched bettor they were always improving them and adding new features to make it even quicker and easier to place bets.  I definitely couldn’t have made over £5600 in two years if it wasn’t for all the help and matched betting tools at Profit Accumulator.


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