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  1. How to get free money UK

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    I’m a big fan of sharing ways to make more money from home in the UK, but I also love finding ways to save money and even get free money from companies with little effort!  The more money I make, more money I save, more free cash I can find, the more we can begin to live our lives the way we want to.   This is why I love finding and sharing free money offers.  In this blog post I will share with you how to get free money yourself using the same offers I've used to get some free cash into your bank account, gift vouchers, free food and more free stuff!

  2. SnapMyEats review – earn Amazon gift cards with your food receipts

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    Before you throw your next paper receipt away thinking it’s useless, stop and download a few apps that can turn UK receipts into real cash and gift vouchers!  One of these apps is called SnapMyEats and you can take photos of food and drinks receipts and get rewarded in gift vouchers such as Amazon! Read on to learn more about this amazing receipt snapping app.

  3. How to create an eco-friendly and money saving home office

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    More and more of us are working from home than ever before.  This means many people are suddenly converting that spare guest bedroom that never gets used into a more practical home office space.

    If you have the extra space in your home for a home office, then it’s a great idea to have a space separate from the rest of the home that can be dedicated to work.  It helps to ensure a better work-life balance by keeping work away from the main house and your private life.

    However, if you are suddenly creating a home office for the first time then you might be wondering how to go about it in an eco-friendly way.  With the economy fragile, you might also be wondering how it can be done with money saving in mind too.

    Luckily being eco-friendly and money saving, often go hand in hand.  Here are some of the best ways you can create a more sustainable home office and save some money in the process!

  4. HuYu review – earn gift cards with your supermarket receipts

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    Regular readers will know I love making extra money from home, including earning cash from my receipts.  It only takes a moment of time and makes a nice bit of pocket money.  I’m always so excited when I reach the threshold for cashing out.   I’d much rather use these sorts of phone apps than get hooked on addictive app games!  Today I will share with you my HuYu app review and how to use this app to make money from supermarket receipts both online and in store.

  5. How to buy Christmas presents on a budget

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    Christmas is an exciting time of year, but it can also be a time of financial worry.  For many it’s the most expensive time of the year.  Heating bills are at their highest, there are numerous work parties and Christmas festivities to attend and that’s before we even get to the modern tradition of buying gifts for our nearest and dearest.  In hindsight it’s best to prepare by saving throughout the year, but what if there’s no money to save or we simply haven’t prepared at all.  Is it possible to get cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts?

  6. Cheapest way to live: alternative housing ideas

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    Housing prices have been increasing rapidly in recent years making buying a house seem out of reach for so many.  And, even if it doesn’t seem out of reach, some people simply don’t want to spend such exorbitant amounts of money on a property if there are alternative housing ideas that provide the cheapest way to live.  

    After all, the costs of owning a house don’t stop at buying the house…. There’s often large monthly bills, taxes, insurances, maintenance costs to think about.  

    This is why in recent years there has been a boom in people seeking out alternative housing ideas such as tiny homes, off-grid living and other alternative ways to live a simpler and cheaper lifestyle when it comes to the place to call home.

  7. 5 baby products to definitely buy and 5 not worth your money

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    Having had two children I have spent a lot of money (and wasted a lot) on various baby equipment over the years.  In this guide I’m going to take a serious look at the baby equipment worth investing in and then a light-hearted look at the useless baby items you should save your money on and not bother buying at all.  Read on to discover the unnecessary baby items you don't need and save your money instead!