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  1. 10 money saving travel tips

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    Many of us begin to dream up travel plans for the New Year.  The first Saturday of January is even dubbed ‘Sunshine Saturday’ as it’s usually one of the busiest days of the year for holiday bookings.  Sunshine Saturday kick starts a month of peak holiday bookings as people set about banishing the winter blues.

    Whether you are on a budget or just want to get the most for your money, it’s worth looking into tips for travelling cheaply.  By learning how to save money on travel you can get more bang for your buck and enjoy even more travel experiences this year.

    Just be sure to check the latest travel rules and make sure you are covered or can rebook easily in case of cancellations due to COVID!

    Here are 10 money saving travel tips to stop your overspending when booking your next holidays.

  2. The cost of drinking and driving

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    Christmas and the holidays are sneaking up on us and many people will drink more alcohol than usual whilst celebrating with after-work drinks, at Christmas office parties and whilst visiting family and friends to socialise.  And whilst you may be tempted to have just one drink or two and then drive home, I’m here to remind you it’s a terrible idea as I explore the cost of drinking and driving in more than one way.

  3. Can I drive in the USA with a UK driving licence?

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    If you're planning to travel to the USA from the UK then you may be wondering if you can legally drive using your UK driving licence.  The answer is yes, you can!  You don't need a US driving license unless you are moving there, but there are some other documents you require as a visitor to legally drive in the United States.

    In this blog post, we'll take a look at why you'll need an International Driving Permit, car insurance and anything else you should consider for driving a car rental in the United States to ensure you are driving legally and safely. 

  4. Important steps to take when visiting family abroad

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    It can be difficult when one or more of your family has moved abroad. You have limited opportunity to see them and when you do, it can be costly arranging flights to their country.

    Sometimes you will have to travel on short notice, but it’s always good to plan ahead for your trips abroad if you can. This ensures that you won’t forget to bring any of your essentials with you.

    Planning ahead is also important if you’re travelling to a country that has different laws from your home country. You won’t want to get into any legal trouble while you’re supposed to be enjoying time with your family.

    So, what are the important steps to take before you travel abroad? Here are some top tips to ensure you have a smooth trip from start to finish.

  5. 10 family travel tips when planning a travelling trip with kids

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    10 family travel tips when planning a travelling trip with kids

    Top tips when planning a travelling trip with kids 

    Travelling with your children is an amazing experience; the chance to experience new cultures and make fantastic memories as a family. However, just like life is with children, travelling with kids can be unpredictable!  To help you start planning your trip today, check out these top family travel tips for travelling with kids to make things go as smooth as possible.

  6. The US is open for travel

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    The rules on travel are neverending when it comes to Covid-19 and whilst some of us might be waiting for everything to return back to normal before we travel, whatever normal will be, others are keen to satisfy their travel bug and get on the road again!  For some, it’s not just about exploring new places, but travel could be a necessity for work, health or to see friends and family who live afar.

  7. Working from home now? Save money on car costs with these low mileage tips

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    Working from home now Save money on car costs with these low mileage tips

    The coronavirus pandemic has catapulted what was already a growing trend of the ability to work from home and more flexible work patterns. Now, even as some office workers return, many are being allowed to work from home instead. Or, some are allowed the flexibility to choose when to go in to work in the office. Working from home is a trend only set to continue with the environmental and cost-saving benefits clear to see. However, if you are now working from home and rarely need to use your car, have you considered how you can save money on your car costs now you have low mileage? You might be wasting money on your car, more than you realise.  Read on to see where you might be able to make more savings if your annual mileage has plummeted.

  8. 5 ways to make money while travelling

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    We've all heard the basic budgeting advice offered to you before you travel overseas. Two of the most important are to “stick to a daily budget” and “don't spend more than you need.” Is there a method to generate some extra money on the side when you're travelling for a lengthy period of time and running low on funds? There are a variety of additional methods to earn money while travelling; here are a few suggestions:

    5 ways to make money while travelling