60 ways to make money online + at home in the UK

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60 ways to make money online + at home in the UK

60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home

There are loads of different ways to make money online in the UK nowadays.  All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection and your computer basically.I’ve been self-employed since 2012 and took the leap to go full-time in 2017.  I’ve never looked back!

Since deciding I wanted to work for myself, I have tried and tested many ways to make money online, from home, in the UK. Not only can you work from home, but most things are done online these days. For example you can order food online, book an MOT, get an essay written on the internet on websites like MyPaperWriter, take interesting courses and even chat to your friends and family as well. This makes life much more mobile.

I don’t just work at home though.  Being able to make money online gives me the freedom to work wherever I want: at home, in bed, on the sofa, in a café, on a train, whilst travelling, at the spa, on a beach, in a hotel…

Basically, working online to make money brings a lot of freedom.  I have two young children so I’m not a digital nomad, but if I didn’t have responsibilities then I would definitely take the opportunity to travel the world and work online as I went!  What a dream lifestyle!

Some of these methods require being at home, but others are totally online.  If you need inspiration for how to make money online in the UK then read on.

So if you’re looking for ways to make money online then you’re in luck today.  Here are absolutely loads of ways I have managed to make money online since 2012.

This list isn’t exhaustive either.  I’ve used many other methods to create income at home.  You will find more in my make money section and using my menu items to find even more ways.

60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home


1.                 Matched betting

This has been one of my favourite ways to make money at home.  It was a really fast way to make a lot of cash, quickly, when I first signed up.  I actually share my entire experience in my matched betting blog.  I did matched betting for two years, but many others continue for much longer.  Some even use it to make a full-time living!  For me, it was a great side hustle in my spare time and mainly very lucrative in the first few months.

Many people fear it’s complicated, but you don’t need to know anything about betting or sports to be a matched bettor.  If you sign up to Profit Accumulator they will show you exactly what to do with step-by-step matched betting instructions, video guides, a huge forum and very responsive customer service team.  They want you to profit and make it very easy with their software that does all the hard work for you and their easy to follow instructions. 

I didn’t ‘get it’ when I started out, but after completing a few offers and making money I eventually worked out how it all works!

Profit Accumulator will show you some offers without you subscribing so you can get a feel for matched betting, make some profit and see if it’s for you. 

Click here to give their free trial a go!


make money matched betting



2.                 Profit Accumulator refer-a-friend + affiliate scheme

Another great benefit with Profit Accumulator is making money when you refer people.  Once you realise how amazing matched betting is, you’ll want to tell everyone you know so they can make this easy cash too!

Profit Accumulator have a refer-a-friend scheme and a separate affiliate scheme so you can make money from every person you personally refer to Profit Accumulator.

I’d recommend doing it yourself first before promoting it to others, but you can sign up as an affiliate without being a member.


matched betting banner



3.                 Online web store

This is one of the first ways I made money online.  I set up my own ecommerce store selling fashion accessories.  I found wholesalers online and set up my own website to sell them.  I was a fashion accessories retailer.  To promote my shop I used social media.

After trying a couple of different shop builder websites, I was really impressed with create.net.  They had the best customer service, ease of use and nicest templates.  Even though I don’t currently have a shop with them, I have this blog on the same website and have been a loyal customer of theirs since 2013.



4.                 Etsy shop

Etsy was the very first place I started making money online.  I still remember that excitement when I got my first order and how nervous I was!  It’s where the name Lylia Rose came from as it was originally my Etsy shop name. 

In the very beginning I made handmade cards and sold them on Etsy.  I then started making handmade jewellery.

Etsy is a great platform to sell handmade items, vintage items and craft supplies.  My husband now has an Etsy shop selling handmade wooden furniture!

If you love crafts then why not set up an Etsy shop and sell your wares online?



5.                 Selling goods on social media

Alongside my Etsy shop, I used to sell handmade items and retail items on Facebook and Twitter.  I used to have a really great Facebook page, back in the day when Facebook would show posts to everyone, chronologically.  It was really popular and I had several sales each day.

I also took part in lots of Twitter networking hours which was great exposure and gained me sales every day.

Often people would message me directly rather than ordering from my Etsy shop or website.  I’d then send a PayPal invoice.  PayPal business accounts are free to set up and they have a really easy invoicing system.  You just pay a small fee on each payment you receive.  It’s a really great way of selling online even if you don’t have your own website.



60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home (1)


6.                 Facebook Marketplace - selling my own preloved goods

It’s amazing how much value we have in our homes in items we no longer use or don’t need.  I make around £1000 to £2000 per year selling our preloved goods!

We’ve had a lot to sell as we have two children constantly growing out of clothes and toys, we’ve gone totally minimal clearing out our entire attic and thoroughly cleansing each room, and we’ve been renovating our entire home which has given us a lot of old materials and items to sell on.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell your old items, especially homewares, but it’s also good for businesses too.  My husband sells most of his handmade furniture on the marketplace!



7.                 Private eBay - selling my own preloved goods

eBay is usually the best place I sell our preloved, personal goods.  It has such a huge audience and I usually find everything I list eventually sells.  The only downside being the fees, so if you can sell on Facebook Marketplace to someone who will collect, then you’ll save money on eBay fees and postage costs.  It always amazes me what I can sell on eBay - literally everything!  As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!



8.                 Business eBay - reselling preloved goods

I’ve also had a business account on eBay for two different purposes.  Firstly I had my fashion accessories webstore linked to eBay.  This was great as it was integrated to my website, so all the eBay sales came to one dashboard and I could manage them all from my website.  It opened up my store to a much larger audience.

Secondly, I tried my hand at reselling on eBay.  This was buying preloved goods from charity shops and selling them at a profit online.  I made a small profit on some items, but I didn’t have the time to dedicate or live in an area with enough charity shops with designer items.  Others have great success at reselling items online who are more dedicated than I was.  This is also known as flipping.

Another option that I haven’t yet tried is to resell new items rather than preloved goods.  If you can buy items such as toys in the big sales in the supermarkets for bargain prices, then sell them at their RRP or just under on eBay to make a profit. This is known as retail arbitrage.

If you search retail arbitrage or flipping online then you can find a lot of useful information on how to begin and tactics.



9.                 TopCashback

I always say it - if you’re not using cashback sites then you are crazy!  If you buy anything online or book things online then chances are you can get money back on your purchase, especially if it’s from a well-known brand.

All you need to do is click the link from TopCashback to the retailer and then shop as normal.  Your purchase will be tracked by TopCashback and a few weeks or months later you’ll get the money in your TopCashback account which you can withdraw as cash to your bank account, PayPal or even as vouchers with an extra bonus.

It takes a while for payments to clear in TopCashback, but if you shop online regularly or make bookings online for things like holidays, travel, MOTs then you’ll start to regularly have cashback to withdraw every month. 

We get around £300 cashback per year from TopCashback for all the insurances and online shopping we were doing anyway.  They make it really easy to know there is cashback on the site you are visiting if you install their browser extension.

I have the free account, but you can choose to pay a small fee each year to get higher cashbacks and bonuses.

Stop missing out on free cash and sign up to TopCashback today!





10.            TopCashback referrals

Another way to make even more money from TopCashback is to refer your friends.  Once you are signed up you can find your own unique refer-a-friend link in your account to share with your friends. 

Often TopCashback will give you and your friend a cash bonus when your friend signs up and earns a certain amount of cashback, usually around £10.



60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home (3)


11.            Quidco cashback

Quidco is another cashback site.  It works in the same way as TopCashback.  Some people prefer Quidco and it’s good to sign up to more than one site as sometimes they don’t list all the same retailers.

If I am making a purchase online I will check for TopCashback first and if there’s none then I’ll see if the retailer is on Quidco.  For example, I use Quidco when I shop at H&M as they are not on TopCashback.


quidco new member offer



12.            Quidco referrals

Quidco also have their own refer-a-friend scheme so you and a friend can both make some bonus money if you successfully make a referral.  It is successful one your friend has earned so much cashback.

Sign up to Quidco today and start getting cash back on all your online purchases and bookings, at no cost to you.



13.            Curve cashback

If you sign up to a free Curve account then you will get 1% cashback on three retailers of your choice for three months, including some supermarkets!

Curve is a free card that is connected to all your debit and credit cards.  It means you can take just the Curve card with you and set it to pay from any of your accounts.  You can even go back in time and change the account you wish to pay from.

You pay from your own accounts and it’s a way of only carrying one card with you instead of several.

There are paid accounts, but you can choose the free Curve account to benefit from the cashback at no cost to you.

I have a free Curve account.

Sometimes they offer more cashback offers too, even after the initial three month signing up offer.



60 ways to make money online + at home in the UK


14.            Curve referrals

Curve also have an amazing refer-a-friend scheme.  If you refer a friend you will each get £5 in cashback!

Your friend must use the Curve card within 7 days for the cashback to be activated.

If you click my Curve link then we will each get £5 for free as soon as you have used your free Curve card. You must use it within 7 days to get the free £5.

Combined with the 1% cashback deal for the first three months, you can make a nice little bit of extra pocket money, for free!

Sign up to Curve today for some easy free cash!


Curve Free Money



15.            Shopmium

Shopmium is a supermarket coupon app to help you save money on your groceries.  You simply download the Shopmium app and if you buy any of the items on offer in the app, simply take a photo of your receipt and scan the barcode of the item.

Shopmium will then send the cashback directly to your PayPal within days.

If you click my Shopmium link to sign up then you can currently get a free tub of Pringles!  This offer changes sometimes to other items. Previously you could get free chocolate or ice cream! 



60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home (4)


16.            GreenJinn

GreenJinn is a supermarket coupon app with lots of great money off coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other items.

Scan your receipt and once you hit the minimum payment threshold you can cash out to your PayPal.



17.            CheckoutSmart

CheckoutSmart is a coupon app with a lot of UK stores listed, not just supermarkets.  Get cashback for qualifying purchases and save it up until you have over £20 to avoid a payout fee.



18.            STOREWARDS

Make money from your paper receipts and online receipts!

Use my Storewards invite code gz1sc and get 250 extra coins to spend at STOREWARDS on gift cards.  Earn gift cards by snapping your UK receipts! 

Or click my referral link: https://gb.storewards.co/invite/referrerCode/gz1sc



19.            Shoppix receipt

Shoppix is another receipt snapping app.  There are quite a few of them I use to maximise the money earned from every receipt I get!

You can also forward e-receipts.

Enter code 52YFMN8U for 200 extra tokens when you snap your first receipt at https://www.shoppixapp.com/


 Pick My Postcode Free Daily Lottery UK


20.            SnapMyEats

SnapMyEats is a receipt snapping app so you can make money from your UK store receipts.  They only accept receipts with food and drink purchases.

They don’t offer cash, but gift vouchers.  I always choose Tesco and Amazon vouchers.



21.            Huyu

Huyu accepts major supermarket receipts and Coop receipts.  It also takes some online supermarket receipts.  Each receipt gets you 5 points.  You can exchange 500 points for a gift voucher.  I choose Tesco vouchers.



22.            IntelliZoom

IntelliZoom is a way to make money online by giving feedback on website design and other short tasks.  They pay $8 or $5 per test, so around £3 to £6 for up to 20 minutes of your time.  Some of the tests are only five minutes.

Read my IntelliZoom article to learn more and to sign up as a tester today.



60 tried + tested ways I’ve made money at home (5)


23.            Roamler

Roamler was one of the first mystery shopping type apps that I ever tried.  I had to find a code to sign up, but you can use my Roamler invite code LyliaRose - if it doesn’t work, let me know as they have to set a quantity and it sometimes reaches its limit, but they can reactivate it for me.

You make money by completing small mystery shopping tasks, audits and other activities in stores.  Sometimes it’s simply answering a few short questions and taking a photo.



24.            Awin affiliate marketing

I make money regularly from sharing affiliate links on my blogs and social media using the Awin platform.

Awin are home to thousands of popular brands.  Once you sign up to Awin you can have access to thousands of affiliate programmes for the brands you know and love.

You can also share any other opportunities on your websites or social media in the Awin Marketplace.


awin affiliate signup



25.            CPA brand deals

Occasionally I have taken part in time limited CPA (cost per acquisition or action) offers with brands.   This is where they give me a unique code or a tracking link and I promote this to get the brand signups for a service.  I am paid per sign up. The fee the business pays me per customer is all part of their customer acquisition cost and most businesses will have a set figure they allow per customer they gain.  These usually run for a limited amount of time, like one calendar month.  I promote these sorts of offers on my socials and blogs to get as much exposure and signups as possible.



26.            Publisuites referrals

I have made a bit of money by referring bloggers to Publisuites.  It’s a platform to list websites that accept paid work and to be offered sponsored content directly through the platform.

I get a percentage of the paid work of my referrals.  It’s great to know that bloggers are finding paid work through this platform as I only get a referral fee when the blogger completes some paid work.

If you have blogs to monetize then sign up to Publisuites and list your blog channels today!


publisuites influencer platform



27.            OhMyDosh!

OnMyDosh! is a ‘get paid to’ website which gives you cash for completing certain online offers.  This could be a survey or signing up to a free trial.

There are lots of offers to make some money really quickly with their lightning fast payouts section!

Click here to sign up to OnMyDosh!


ohmydosh offer



28.            OhMydosh! referrals

You can also use your refer-a-friend link at OnMyDosh!. This is a great way to make even more money by recommending OnMyDosh! to your friends and family, and getting paid when they sign up!



29.            Prolific

I love Prolific!  It’s often said to be a survey site, but it’s very different to any survey sites I’ve used and often not enjoyed.  It’s actually helping academics with their research so it’s really varied!

It’s not usually surveys, but polls, questionnaires, games and more!

Check out my Prolific review



30.            Crowdville

Crowdville offers various ways to make money online through their ‘missions’.  I have completed a few and one was a really short questionnaire about my broadband at home.  Another was to find bugs in an app and report them.



60 ways to make money online + at home in the UK


31.            UserTesting

Website testing is one of the easiest and quite fun ways to make money at home.  It’s one of my favourites anyway!

UserTesting pays $10 per test, so around £7.50.  They are usually 5-20 minutes long.  You have to answer questions about a website, usually to help improve its design and functionality.



32.            Newspaper feature

Featuring in the media is a quick way to make some good cash!  I share how to feature in the media in this blog post.

I have been featured in an article for £200.  It required an email interview and a photo session at my home for around four hours. 

My husband recently got £50 in Amazon vouchers for featuring in the media and he had to send a short quote and some photos of a home improvement transformation we have done.

You can find these opportunities directly in the media, by following journalists online, signing up to the newsletter in the link above, checking #journorequest and #prrequest on Twitter and other platforms.



33.            Streetbees

Make money with smartphone app Streetbees!

Streetbees offer some paid tasks and some unpaid.  I once got £5 for filming myself making a cup of tea!

Use my referral code 7754OB and download the app!  Enter it in your profile section :) 



34.            20 Cogs

20 Cogs is another ‘get paid to’ website where you complete surveys, sign up for trials and do other online tasks to get paid.

You have to complete 20 tasks to cash-out.  I dedicated an entire day to it and managed to complete the 20 tasks in four hours.

I had to wait 30 days for them all to be approved and I was able to cash out on day 31.

Read my 20 Cogs review which shares my experience from start to finish.


20 cogs



35.            20 Cogs referrals

Once you have completed the 20 Cogs then you might want to recommend it to your friends!  You can make some extra money for referring people to 20 Cogs and get a percentage of their earnings.

Sign up to 20 Cogs today and start making some easy cash!

20 cogs



36.            Freetrade referrals

You can get a Freetrade free share worth up to £200 if you sign up with my Freetrade referral link, but you can also get a free share for every person you refer! 

It's a great money earner if you can get your friends and family to sign up with your link.

Sign up to Freetrade here for your free share!

freetrade free share



37.            Swagbucks

Swagbucks has loads of ways to make money online, but I only use one of them.  I sometimes use their search engine and make money from searching online!

They also have cashback offers, surveys and more ways to make money.  You earn SB which you can exchange for cash or vouchers.  Sign up to Swagbucks today!



ways to make money online UK


38.            Clubcard vouchers

I use a Tesco Clubcard in Tesco, but I also have a Tesco credit card which lets me collect points wherever I shop!  I don’t use the credit card to get into debt, but to make our normal purchases so we benefits from the points.

You can convert the points into all sorts of things, not cash, but good value vouchers.

I change mine for twice their value to pay towards my Tesco mobile phone bill!



39.            Nectar

I do the same with Nectar points!  I have a Nectar card which is linked to my eBay and I use in valid stores.  I also have a Sainsbury’s Nectar credit card.

We either use the points saved to pay towards Sainsbury’s shopping or convert them to eBay vouchers.



40.            Cash savings interest

We have a couple of cash savings accounts for short term savings goals.  We make a nominal amount of interest on these, but every little helps!



41.            Natwest rewards

Every month we pay £2 for our Natwest current account, but it lets us receive 2% of our bills back, up to £5, as a cash reward!

So we make £3 per month just for having a rewards current account at Natwest.



42.            YouGov

You may recognise the name YouGov as they provide statistics to UK media for newspaper articles and news stories to share what the public actually feel about things.  They do this by providing polls to those in the UK and paying for them.

You simply sign up to YouGov and start getting invited to take part in surveys and polls!

It took me a year to reach enough points to cash out £50, so it’s not fast money, but if you have time to kill and want your opinion included on these polls then it can be worth it.



make money at home lebara refer a friend


43.            ZIPZERO


ZIPZERO are another receipt snapping app, but a little different.  You get 0.5% on every UK receipt you snap.  Once you reach a £5 balance then you can use this to ‘zip’ down your household bills!

You have to add one or more household bills to the app using the faster payment/online payment information from your bill.

I use mine to slash our Virgin bill.

Learn more in my ZIPZERO review



44.            Airtime Rewards

This is by far one of my favourite ways to make some extra money - literally for doing nothing!

Download the app and link your credit and debit cards.

Any time you shop at one of their partner retailers you’ll get some cashback!

You don’t have to do anything special, just shop as you normally would with your credit and debit cards.  They’ll notice if you shop somewhere they are linked with and they’ll reward you, with cash towards your mobile bill.

You are then able to use this cash to pay towards your mobile phone bill directly from the app!

Get some free Airtime Rewards credit using my code FTT7WY7W at https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend



45.            Airtime Rewards referrals

Don’t forget to grab your own referral code from the app and make extra money for you and a friend when they sign up using your code.

Get some free credit using my code FTT7WY7W at https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend



46.            Solar panel cheques

We make extra money each month, and save money too, by having solar panels on our house.  We sell the surplus back to the grid and get a cheque every quarter.

Here’s how to cut household expenses with renewable energy



ways to make money online UK


47.            UserCrowd

UserCrowd offer 20 cents for answering one or two quick questions about an app, game or website’s design.  It could be as simple as choosing the font you like best or colour.  They are quick and easy to complete and you can cash out when you reach $10.

I reveal more in my UserCrowd review



48.            Gener8

Gener8 is still in its infancy, but a great way to make money for doing nothing.  Simply install the browser extension and sign up, then sit back and earn money.

They pay you for every ad you see!

You get tokens which you can currently cash out as Amazon vouchers or other goods in their marketplace, but once they are out of BETA and have grown enough there will be a cash-out option.

You can also get their tab extension to earn points everytime you open a tab.

Sign up to Gener8 today!



49.            MyMoneyPocket cashback + referrals

MyMoneyPocket is another cashback site, but it aims to combine cashback with voucher codes so you can maximise your savings.

Not only can you get cashback and voucher codes on your purchases, but they have a refer-a-friend scheme so you can earn around £10 per successful referral.

Sign up to MyMoneyPocket to start earning today!



50.            Growing + selling pond plants

Ooh, a bizarre one I have thought of!  I have managed to make quite a bit of pocket money selling pond plants.  I have some oxygenating pond plants that grow really quickly.

The excess is great for the compost heap, but also highly in demand by other pond owners, so I sell some of my surplus pond plants on eBay.  They keep coming back quickly, so I always have more to sell.

Once you start selling online and finding ways to make your own money, you begin to see an opportunity everywhere!

Read how I make money selling weed on eBay to learn more!



51.            Blogging

My best way to make money from home, but it’s not instant.  You need to put a lot of time and love into building a blog that brands, PRs and digital marketing agencies want to work with.  It can be done though and I now have three money making blogs.  I have also taught my husband and he now has a money making blog too!

Here’s how I make money from writing blog posts:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Hosting blog giveaways
  • Writing product reviews

Want to make money from your blog?

There are lots of ways to do it which I share in my how to make money blogging section, but get started by checking out this huge list of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog.


wordpress discount code refer a friend free credits


52.            Content writing

On occasion I have made money by writing blog content for other websites, such as online retailers. 

If you are already a blogger, or love writing, then content writing is a great work from home job.

Encatena - Your content marketing platform



53.            Using referral links

I’ve shared some of the exact referral links I use in this blog post, but there are many more.  Many companies you already use will offer you a refer-a-friend incentive so as you market their company and get something in return when you make a successful referral.

Sometimes companies will email you the refer-a-friend details one you’re a customer and other times you’ll be able to find the details on their website.  All sorts of companies from utilities like energy and broadband, to online shopping brands have refer-a-friend schemes.

Here are some of the best refer a friend schemes in the UK



54.            Affiliate links

Again, I have shared some of the exact affiliate companies I have used and made money from in this list, but there are several more.

If you have a large social media presence or your own website then you can utilise affiliate links to make money from your content.

Simply search Google to find affiliate networks to join that have thousands of brands listed, such as Awin.

If there’s a brand you always recommend then check their website footer for a menu item called ‘affiliates’ or similar and follow the link to find out more about their affiliate scheme.

awin affiliate signup



55.            Website ads

I’ve dabbled in various ad networks on my blog and made money from displaying ads.  On one of our websites we have recently started using Ezoic and we are really impressed.  If you have over 10,000 views a month then you can apply:



56.            Twitter ads

If you have a large Twitter following then you can charge money for ‘ad tweets’.  I sometimes host ads on my Twitter account or as part of a package in combination with a blog post or other social media posts.

publisuites influencer platform



57.            Instagram ads

I sometimes host ads on my Instagram account.  If you have a large following or great engagement then brands might want to work with you to host ads or for paid collaborations.  There are some networks out there that you can list your Instagram account on to get paid opportunities or to apply for them.  


ways to make money online UK 

58.            Entering competitions with cash prizes

Entering competitions and giveaways with cash prizes is a great way to make money… if you win!

I run cash prize giveaways on this website, so you can try your luck today!

I’ve also won a cash prize from Get Blogged who regularly run a blogger cash prize competition and also on Awin where I entered an affiliate competition for Esty.  Keep an eye out for cash prize competitions related to your niche/hobby/passion as you might just win!



59.            BeMyEye

Sign up to app BeMyEye for paid in-store missions, such as mystery shopping tasks.

Get a £1 bonus if you sign up with my BeMyEye link or enter code 0rg1zy on sign up.



60.            Bulb referrals

And finally, number 60.  Bulb referrals!

We use Bulb for our gas and electric and they have an amazing refer-a-friend scheme.  If we refer a friend who switches to their gas and electric we get £50 and our friend gets £50.  For a single fuel it’s £25 each.

This goes towards our bill which means more money in our pocket, however if credit builds up then Bulb can arrange a withdrawal.

You might also be able to save money by switching to Bulb.  We got our £50 credit and saved over £250 per year compared with our previous tariff.  Bulb will even pay your exit fees if you’re still tied into an energy contract.

They are definitely worth checking out and can quote you in just one minute at their Bulb website.

Click to see if you can save (and then earn) with Bulb today!




The end!

Phew!  60 ways I have personally made money from home.  Tried, tested and true.

If you are looking for even more ways to make money online and at home then check out my make money online section which shares many of the above in more detail, as well as even more ways to make money at home, online and from your mobile phone!

Let’s get earning!



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60 ways to make money online + at home in the UK