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  1. Global 1st eco friendly gift ideas + 25% off promo code

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    If you’re looking for eco-friendly gift ideas then eco-conscious website Global 1st is a great place to start.  They kindly sent me four of their amazing natural, handmade and green products so I could see for myself how wonderful they are.

    These gifts are perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, new home gifts, stocking fillers, treats for yourself and for many other occasions too.  Plus, they have shared a discount code with me so my readers can get 25% off purchases on the Global 1st website!

  2. 5 best mental health benefits of playing golf regularly

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    Golf is one of those sports that people either love or hate. There’s no denying that golf can get quite expensive. However, people who love the sport become avid and passionate golfers. Golfers often try to make time to enjoy their favorite sport at least once a week, if they can manage.

    Golf offers many benefits. There are physical benefits, and then, of course, you get the mental benefits — which are plenty in this sport.

    As a sport, golf can bring mental peace and clarity that is no doubt welcome in these uncertain times. If you’re wondering what other benefits you might see from playing golf, read on to find out!

  3. The Vegan Kind Supermarket Discount Code

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    It’s my son’s birthday this week and I just spied a vegan chocolate caterpillar cake at The Vegan Kind Supermarket online so I had to order it for him!  Whilst there, I stocked up on many other great vegan food products we know and love.  There’s a great selection of vegan-friendly products with next day shipping available!  Upon checking out, they gave me an amazing offer to share with others for £15 off your first order that’s over £40!  Wow!  Read on to grab your £15 The Vegan Kind Supermarket discount code.

  4. 6 self-care tips to get you through winter

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    We all know that self-care is essential for health and well-being, but in our busy lives, sometimes we don’t take the time to look after ourselves as much as we should. With burnout becoming more common, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we must do more to prioritise our mental and physical health — especially in the winter months when shorter days and dreary weather might make us feel blue.

  5. How to make your own essential oil blends

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    Essential oils are a popular natural remedy for a variety of health and wellness needs. These oils are not just a trend: they have been used by many cultures for centuries and they can be used in so many ways. You can buy them at the store or create your own blends using different kinds of oils. Using essential oils, you can create your own customised essential oil blends to address specific needs.  Creating your own essential oil blends could help to save money in comparison to buying readymade blends as you'll be able to buy your ingredients in bulk and make a saving. 

    In this article, we will discuss the benefits of essential oils, as well as how you can use them to create your own personalised blends that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness

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    You may try to practise self-care as much as humanly possible but you still feel that you are hitting the wall in life, either because you're feeling depressed or anxious.  And when you feel like this, sometimes when you need help the most, is when it's most difficult to ask. Asking for help when you are depressed is not about admitting you are weak and it's not just about defining the steps, but it's about understanding that how you are feeling is standing in the way of your opportunities for hope. So if you are experiencing obstacles on the path to emotional recovery, how can you work towards asking for help?