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  1. The advantages and disadvantages of energy drinks

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    Many of us adults require an instant boost of energy during the day. This can be during the early mornings or even in the middle of the day. Students hard at work pulling all-nighters may need energy that lasts for the next 4 hours to function. Yawning and having a pile of paperwork to check needs significant energy levels too. Whilst some people will turn to coffee to get their energy fix, others aren’t so keen.  This is where energy drinks can come in to play as an alternative choice to a hot caffeinated drink, but are these energy drinks actually good for you?  After all, we know drinking lots of coffee isn’t really that great for us, so what about energy drinks?  What do they contain and what are the pros and cons?

  2. Trying bike riding again as an adult: 5 ways to feel more confident

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    Learning to ride a bike as an adult can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be. Gaining confidence is usually just a matter of finding the right fit, practising the skill, and upholding safety guidelines.  Whether you're brand new to cycling or you've had a long break, here are some pointers to help you get back into cycling as an adult.

  3. New things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better

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    New things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better

    The problem with sleep is that many people don't get enough of it. Sleep is a critical component of achieving a healthy lifestyle, but for many people, it remains a struggle. That's because sleep has been treated as a luxury for too long, and we're only now starting to realise its true importance. If you struggle to get to sleep then some simple bedroom changes could be the answer to your problems. Here are a few new things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better.

  4. How to pick the best work from home chair

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    How to pick the best work from home chair

    Things to consider when choosing a work from home chair

    One of the most important aspects of having a home office is to have a comfortable, supportive chair where you can work comfortably for hours at a time. A comfortable work from home chair will allow you to focus more while you're working, while also providing the support your body needs while seated for long periods of time.

    If you have the space, then consider more than just one seat for your needs whilst working all day long. It can be better for our health to not stay in one position all day long, but to have the flexibility to move around when possible. Perhaps you have enough space to walk around whilst talking on the phone or even room for a treadmill to walk and talk. For less taxing work and research, you may wish for a comfier seat, such as a small sofa if room allows, or a comfortable sofa style chair in the corner.  An adjustable standing desk is also a great investment.

    But, when it comes to knuckling down with the task at hand, meeting deadlines and concentrating, nothing is better than a supportive office chair that doesn’t break your back as you work. Your work from home chair will need to enable you to work productively and support your physical health at the same time.

    So, forget about those back-breaking chairs and learn how to pick a chair that will satisfy your work from home needs and ensure your health also. In this blog post, we will explore how to pick the best work from home chair for your home office desk. We’ll also explore exactly why the wrong type of office chair can be so detrimental to your physical and mental health.

  5. Stress related hair loss recovery tips

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    Long-term, or chronic, stress can put you at risk of a number of health problems. It has been linked to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues. However, one of the unexpected side effects of stress is hair loss. Although there is good news, if your hair loss is stress-related, it means that your hair follicles haven’t been permanently damaged, and as such, there are a few things that you can do, let’s dive in.  Here are several ways you can begin to reverse and treat your stress-related hair loss.

  6. DE STRESS with Scentered eco-friendly refillable vegan candles

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    Feeling stressed and looking for a soothing, eco-friendly way to relax and de-stress whilst at work or home? Today I am reviewing the Scentered DE STRESS vegan candle which has many eco-friendly features, such as being refillable to reduce our impact on the environment. I was kindly sent the Scentered DE STRESS wellbeing ritual candle and refill for the purpose of this review. Is this candle worth buying? Can a candle really act as a stress reliever? Read on to find out.

    Scentered Candles Review Vegan Refillable De Stress

  7. Family activities and eating habits to stay healthy

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    To encourage healthy habits in your family, you must practice those same habits yourself. Your kids will follow in your footsteps if you show them that living a healthy lifestyle makes you a better person. If you think about it, it’s unreasonable and hypocritical to expect from your loved ones what you can’t achieve yourself. 

    This principle applies to the activities you engage in and the food you eat; throughout this article, you should keep in mind the common theme of self-improvement being the first and most essential step to fostering a healthy lifestyle for your family. So, naturally, the very first thing you need to do is...

  8. 10+ free and simple ways to beat stress

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    Prolonged stress is a modern day phenomenon that has been affecting all of us in one way or the other. We all have our own ways to beat stress, but what if we could share some time-tested and easy to implement tips in this article for all of us?

    Some of the tips in this article will help you to calm down after a stressful day, while others will help you prepare yourself from being stressed out by your work or other stressful events in your life.   The best thing is, they are all free and you can do them all in the comfort of your own home.

    10+ free and simple ways to beat stress