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Save Money Online With This List Of UK Cashback Sites

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In the UK there are loads of websites and apps that pay free cashback on everyday online and in-store shopping. 

In this blog post, you'll find a list of the best cashback sites in the UK.  Plus, many signup bonuses, referral codes and promo codes so you can get even more free cash!

Save money online with this list of UK cashback sites

Why you should always check for cashback.  Save £100s or £1000s every year!

Before buying anything online, or booking a service, you should always check for cashback.  It’s easy to do, as many of the main cashback websites have browser extensions so you know instantly whether the website you’re shopping on has a cashback offer.  This means you’ll never miss out on getting free money back for your purchases.

If you’re wondering whether getting cash back online is worth it, then let me tell you it definitely is!  With just one of these cashback websites we managed to get over £1200 cashback in only three years!  Amazing!

These websites do not even include any cashback offers you have already with your bank cards.  Some bank accounts offer cashback incentives and rewards for certain retailers.  The best thing is you can use your cashback bank cards to shop at the online retailers using the links below to benefit from your bank’s cashback offer and the cashback website’s offer!

For example, I regularly shop on eBay via Top Cashback.  To pay I use a Tesco bank credit card (which I pay back in full every month).  This means I get cashback from Top Cashback, Nectar points as my Nectar card is linked to eBay and I also get Tesco Clubcard points for using my Tesco credit card! It means I can save money multiple ways on one purchase; in three ways in this example. Win-win-win!

Cashback UK Top websites and signup bonuses

Cashback UK: Top websites and signup bonuses

Many of these cashback sites have great signup offers too, so you can get more free cash.  I'll share those I know of below and the links or promo codes you need to get the free signup bonuses as a new customer.

Read on for a list of great UK cashback sites to save money on your online and instore shopping including:

  • TopCashback
  • Quidco  (£5 bonus)
  • JamDoughnut  (£2-£5 bonus)
  • Swagbucks  (£3 bonus)
  • OhMyDosh!  (50p bonus)
  • Airtime Rewards  (£1.50 bonus)
  • Qmee  (50p bonus)
  • Widilo  (£5 bonus)
  • Curve (£10 bonus)
  • Sprive
  • GoCashback ($8 bonus)
  • Uphold (4% cashback on all spending)
  • Cheddar (£2 bonus)
  • Slash
  • Honey

These signup bonuses are correct to my knowledge at the time of writing, but subject to change and each has its own T&Cs.

Top Cashback

This is by far my favourite cashback website and we had over £1200 cashback in our first three years.  We use it for online shopping, booking travel, booking car MOTs and services, insurance, savings products and more.

Click here to sign up to Top Cashback today!

Top Cashback free cash back



(£5 bonus if you sign up with my link)

Some people prefer Top Cashback and some prefer Quidco.  Sometimes they have different offers, so if one doesn’t offer cashback where you’re shopping, then the other might.  It’s free to open accounts at all these websites, so you may as well sign up to them all and start maximising your online savings.

Click here to sign up to Quidco today!




(£2 to £5 bonus if you sign up with my referral code)

A great app that gives you cashback when you buy gift vouchers for stores, including supermarkets!  Great for regular food shops and even fuel shops for places like Morrisons that accept gift vouchers at their fuel stations.

You can get a free cash bonus by signing up with my referral link.  The bonus amount changes quite regulary, but it's been £2, £3 and £5 in recent months.

How to get free cash with the JamDoughnut cashback app:

  • Click to get the JamDoughnut cashback app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Register on the app.  Enter referral code 2XYM 
  • Make your first purchase/cashout and receive a free cash bonus added to your balance!

Tip: Buy supermarket vouchers for your next food shop to reach the £10 cashout threshold instantly!

jamdoughnut referral code




(300SB bonus if you sign up with my link)

This site is more than just a cashback site. They have lots of ways to make money, including cashback on many popular websites.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks today!

swagbucks referral link



(50p welcome bonus)

This is a great ‘get paid to’ website which has a lot of offers and trials which you can sign up to for free cash and then cancel the subscriptions if you no longer wish to continue with them when the free trials run out.  They also have cashback offers too!

Click here to sign up to OhMyDosh! today!

ohmydosh offer


Airtime Rewards

(50p to £1.50 bonus if you sign up with my link)

Instant cashback without having to do anything, well almost!  Simply get the app and link up to 10 of your credit and debit cards.  Then, when you shop at one of their partnered retailers you'll get instant cashback.  This cashback can be used towards paying your monthly mobile phone bill or to purchase pay-as-you-go credit, reducing your phone bill costs!

Click here to sign up to Airtime Rewards today!

airtime rewards promo code



(50p bonus if you sign up with my link)

There are lots of ways to make extra cash with Qmee, from completing surveys, searching the web and even cashback.

The best part?  There’s no minimum cashout!  I’ve literally cashed out 13p to my PayPal account!

Get 50p free once you’ve cashed out to your PayPal for the first time by signing up with my referral link.

Click here to sign up to Qmee today!


qmee referral free cash



(£5 free cash if you sign up with my link)

Join the Widilo cashback site for discount codes and cashback on your online shopping in the UK. 

Sign up for free using my link to get a £5 welcome bonus.

Click here to sign up to Widilo today!

widilo referral free cash



(£10 free cash bonus)

Do you have the Curve card and app?  If so, then you can get cashback on your Curve card!  There's a section called 'Rewards' at the bottom of the app.  Click it and browse through the cashback offers.  If you want to get the cashback then simply click through to the reward and activate the offer.  Pay with your Curve card and the cashback will be added to your Curve Cash card.

Not a member of Curve yet?  Click here to sign up to Curve with my referral link and get £10 free cash to spend on whatever you like!  Just spend at least £10 using your Curve card within 14 days to get your free cash.

The Curve card links to your own debit/credit cards, so you can spend your own money from your own card to get your free £10 cash!

The free Curve card and app combines your credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards in one. You can even add receipts. So it’s the only card you need to carry. And the only PIN you need to remember.

T&Cs apply - click link to see full details.

Click here to sign up to Curve

Curve promo code



Do you have the free mortgage app called Sprive?  If so, then they are offering cashback which you can either withdraw to your bank account, or send as an overpayment to your mortgage with one-click.

How does Sprive give cashback?  At the bottom of the app, click the 'Rewards' tab.  Buy a gift voucher from one of the listed retailers next time you need to shop at one of them, and the cashback amount shown will shortly be added to your Sprive balance.  When I've done this, the cashback has been added within around 10 minutes or so, sometimes quicker, so it's like instant cashback!  No waiting for weeks or months.

Not a member of Sprive yet?  If you have a UK mortgage then you can sign up for free today with my Sprive referral code 3OVDPUBK.

What is the Sprive app?  Sprive helps you put spare cash towards your mortgage so you can pay it off faster and save interest. It’s completely free to use and you can choose to withdraw any cash you save, or you can use it to overpay your mortgage at a click of a button.

Click here to download Sprive today!



GoCashback - $8 free cash with my signup link or code

Register with my link for an exclusive $8 registration bonus at GoCashBack!

Once signed up, you can choose your location at top left of their website.  Current countries listed are: UK, US China, Korea, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Click and sign-up to get your exclusive $8 GoCashback sign-up bonus:

Or use my GoCashback referral code: LyliaRose


Gocashback referral



Uphold - 4% cashback on all spending

Uphold are currently offering 4% cashback on every transaction made using their debit card.

Sign up to Uphold here





Want to save money easily when you shop?

Join me on Cheddar and earn automatic cashback shopping at brands like Sainsbury's, Starbucks, Uber and McDonald's.

Buy prepaid gift cards for instant cashback and link your cards for more cashback when you shop across 100+ brands.

Use my referral code PTXKBZZ and earn a £2 welcome bonus. Get a £2 bonus for everyone you refer with your own code!

Sign up to Cheddar by clicking here!




Slash is a browser extension that offers instant cashback as a discount on your online shopping.  Rather than waiting days or weeks for cashback, you can get the cashback saving directly at the checkout as an immediate discount on your purchase.

Find out more in our Slash review or sign up to Slash by clicking here!




You can now earn cashback with the money-saving browser extension Honey, in collaboration with PayPal.

They say "Honey's new cash back offering builds on its existing range of shopping tools and rewards that help users save time and money. Now, when users earn Gold points on select purchases, they will have the option to redeem those points for cash back that will be available through their eligible PayPal account. Users will also have the choice to redeem their Gold for a shopping credit to use on their next eligible purchase when paying with PayPal, or for a gift card to participating stores. Cash back with Honey can be earned in addition to other existing credit card and reward programs users may be part of."

Sign up for Honey here!


list of UK cashback sites 

Start saving today!

There are a lot of cashback sites and it’s all about finding the one you like to use the best, or use a combination.  One thing’s for sure though - you are losing out on a lot of cash each year if you’re not using cashback sites to do your online shopping!  Since we started using cash back websites and apps, we’ve saved an average of £400 per year for things we were already buying and booking!  Don't miss out on free cash.

Next I recommend reading my list of apps that turn UK receipts to cash to save even more money on your shopping and maximise your cashback!  If you're looking for a savings app with a difference then check out my EverUp referral and review!

Looking for more ways to save money? 

Check out more great deals on my UK voucher codes and even ways to get free cash in the UK on my free money page!


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