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EverUp Referral + Chance to Win £1 million

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If you’re looking for a way to make winning free money fun, then the new UK app EverUp could be perfect for you.  So what is this amazing app that gives cash away for free?  Read on to find out more in my review where I share how I’ve used this app so far and I have an EverUp referral code for you too.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

EverUp referral + UK app review

What is EverUp?

EverUp is a free UK app that aims to make winning money exciting.  By combining the thrill of casino games and gambling such as scratchcards and spin the wheel, you can win real cash prizes that don’t cost or lose you a single penny.  You can’t lose as it costs nothing to play!

You get free chances to win every single day, plus if you use the app to buy giftcards for your favourite retaliers, you get even more chances to win real cash prizes.

On EverUp you have to play the games or enter the lotto or raffle to win prizes using virtual coins to play. 

As well as a regular raffle with cash prizes, there is also a weekly £1 million lotto!  I regularly win extra virtual coins and small amounts of cash from the lotto.  I've since seen someone win £500 and £5000!  

EverUp say “Without spending a single penny of your savings, you’ll have the chance to win daily cash prizes, fun prizes and mystery prizes. And get this: each week you could win up to £1,000,000 in our Million Lotto.”

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

everup referral

EverUp referral

The app has a refer-a-friend scheme and you can use my EverUp referral to get awarded some extra virtual coins on signing up.

Simply remember to enter my referral code when asked and you will be awarded 500k virtual coins.  You can use these to play the games, raffle and lotto for a chance to win real cash prizes.

Once signed up, you can get your own referral code to invite your friends and family.  The more people you refer, the more virtual coins you get as well as boosted entries into the raffle for a chance to win real cash prizes.

EverUp Update November 2023

Originally you could deposit money and save money to earn more coins.  However, they have since removed the cash account option.  Here's what their email at the end of 2023 said about things going forward:

"As part of our commitment to innovating your everup experience, we are excited to unveil some transformative updates. We're dedicated to enriching your daily life with more rewards and opportunities to win, and we can't wait for you to see what's in store. Make sure you read through this update as it contains essential information regarding your account. 💌

🚀 Embarking on a New Journey with everup

We're moving towards a future that's completely free of paywalls and full of unlimited potential for us. Imagine a world where every everup offering is at your fingertips, with zero subscriptions – that future is now. Enjoy unrestricted access to Turbo enabled games like Sidney, Berlin, Lima, with even more games on the horizon.

🌐 Welcome Open Banking: Your Gateway to Effortless Transactions

We're thrilled to announce Open Banking, available with release 1.4.6. This method of payment streamlines your purchases, letting you secure Gift Cards directly through your primary bank account, bypassing the need for a cash account. Stay tuned for more convenient purchasing options coming soon...

💸 Simplifying Your Experience: The Sunset of Cash Accounts

Your voice matters, and it echoed one clear message: simplicity is key. The hassle of opening another cash account, uploading documents, and managing multiple accounts is a thing of the past. To align with this vision, we're phasing out the cash account. Here's what you need to know:

• Withdraw or spend your balance on our Gift Card shop by January 7th, 2024.

• Continue to use your cash account for transactions until the specified date.

• Remaining balances after closure will be safely returned to your last used linked account.

• If you wish to continue using everup and access our gift card shop and games, there is no need to manually close your account through the app; doing so will result in the closure of your entire profile. Instead, you may withdraw any funds from your cash account at your convenience. Rest assured, we will proceed with the closure of your cash account on the 8th of January.

Plus, in anticipation of an exciting new referral initiative, we're pausing our current program only to relaunch it with features tailored just for you.

🛍️ The All-New Gift Card Shop – Your Everyday Essentials Elevated

October marked the debut of our redesigned Gift Card shop, perfectly matching your lifestyle. We're passing on more savings directly to you – now with over 140 brands, our Gift Card shop isn't just an option; it's an opportunity to win every time you shop. For example, purchasing a supermarket voucher before going food shopping is an easy way to collect millions of coins and enter games. And we have plans for a smart wallet feature, managing your savings and winnings will be smoother than ever… Till now, holding £1,000 in your cash account would earn you 1M coins in a month, but if you shop with M&S and buy a gift card for £100, you earn 10M coins at once. It is truly a no brainer. Who needs a cash account anymore? Stay tuned for more updates!

🎟️ Introducing the Updated Daily Raffle: More Coins, More Control

Experience the enhanced Daily Raffle that puts you in the driver's seat. We're updating the raffle to reward you with coins, offering more flexibility to play a variety of games and win the prizes you're most excited about. Look forward to a generous top prize of 100 million coins, which opens up a world of possibilities. And with the addition of a £50 Gift Card as a more regular prize, every day brings a new chance to win something special. It's all about more choices and more fun. Join in and let the good times roll!

🏆 Your Winnings Fuelling Your Gift Card Purchases for more savings

For those with available winnings, you can still transfer to your cash account and withdraw as usual. Post-January 8th, 2024, winnings will fuel your Gift Card purchases, streamlining rewards and ensuring a fair environment for all users.

We're incredibly grateful for your continued support and can't wait to see you take full advantage of these new features. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey towards a better, more connected everup experience.

Warm Wishes

The everup Team 🚀"

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

everup referral

Win real cash from EverUp without depositing

As I mentioned above, there is no need to deposit with EverUp to play their games.  Every day you will get some free chances in their games to win virtual coins and real money.

You can no longer open a cash account with EverUp.  

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

Everup review

Get the thrill of gambling and real cash prizes without ever losing a penny!

If you love scratchcards and casino games but hate losing money, then EverUp is perfect.  You can get the thrill of a scratchcard with their Jakarta scratcher game without it costing.  You can also spin the wheel at Montecarlo and London in their minigames for a chance to win more virtual coins.  These coins can then be used to try and win real cash in the Jakarta scratcher and at the Million Lotto.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

Million Lotto

Use EverUp to buy gift cards for more chances to win

Another feature on EverUp is their gift cards feature.  You can buy popular gift cards such as Amazon, Argos, IKEA and M&S and get more free virtual coins to try and win more free cash and other prizes!

EverUp review

I’ve been using EverUp for over one year now.  I love playing the minigames each day and then using my winnings of virtual coins to get more entries in the Million Lotto.

I’ve had a few small cash prizes so far, the highest being around £35, and love the thrill each day of having a chance to win money without needing to spend any.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

everup review


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