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If you’re looking for a way to make saving fun then the new UK app EverUp could be perfect for you.  If you want to win real cash prizes without spending a penny then again, EverUp could be perfect for you!  So what is this amazing app that rewards your saving behaviour and gives cash away for free, even to those who don’t deposit.  Read on to find out more in my review where I share how I’ve used this app so far and I have an EverUp referral code for you too.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

EverUp referral + UK app review

What is EverUp?

EverUp is a free UK app that aims to make saving exciting again.  By combining the thrill of casino games and gambling such as scratchcards and spin the wheel, you can win real cash prizes that don’t cost or lose you a single penny.  You can’t lose as it costs nothing to play!

You get free chances to win every single day, plus if you use the app to save, you get even more chances to win real cash prizes.

Essentially it’s similar to saving your money in premium bonds and winning cash prizes, except on EverUp you have to play the games or enter the lotto or raffle to win prizes using virtual coins to play.  The more money you save in the app, the more virtual coins you get to play with.  It costs nothing to play the games, so your savings will always remain the same, or go up if you win cash prizes!

I signed up for free earlier this year and didn’t deposit anything for at least a month, yet I was able to play the free games each day and win a cash prize!

Eventually, I decided to deposit 1p to test it out and for my first deposit I was awarded bonus virtual coins, giving me more chances to win.

As well as a regular raffle with cash prizes, there is also a weekly £1 million lotto!  I regularly win extra virtual coins and small amounts of cash from the lotto.  Just a couple of weeks ago, someone won £5000, amazing!

EverUp say “Without spending a single penny of your savings, you’ll have the chance to win daily cash prizes, fun prizes and mystery prizes. And get this: each week you could win up to £1,000,000 in our Million Lotto.”

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

everup referral

EverUp referral

The app has a refer-a-friend scheme and you can use my EverUp referral to get awarded some extra virtual coins on signing up.

Simply remember to enter my referral code when asked and you will be awarded 500k virtual coins.  You can use these to play the games, raffle and lotto for a chance to win real cash prizes.

Once signed up, you can get your own referral code to invite your friends and family.  The more people you refer, the more virtual coins you get as well as boosted entries into the raffle for a chance to win real cash prizes.

Win real cash from EverUp without depositing

As I mentioned above, there is no need to deposit with EverUp to play their games.  Every day you will get some free chances in their games to win virtual coins and real money.

You can open a cash account without depositing a single penny.  But if you do deposit at least 1p, you’ll get more virtual coins to enter into their games.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

Everup review

Increase your chance of winning cash the more you save

As well as being a fun place to play games for free with a chance of winning cash prizes, you can save money in the EverUp app.  The more you save, the more they reward you with extra virtual coins each day to increase your chances of winning a cash prize.

It doesn’t cost you to save and it doesn’t cost you anything to enter the raffle, lotto or other games, so your savings balance will only ever increase unless you withdraw.

Get the thrill of gambling and real cash prizes without ever losing a penny!

If you love scratchcards and casino games but hate losing money, then EverUp is perfect.  You can get the thrill of a scratchcard with their Jakarta scratcher game without it costing.  You can also spin the wheel at Montecarlo and London in their minigames for a chance to win more virtual coins.  These coins can then be used to try and win real cash in the Jakarta scratcher and at the Million Lotto.

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

Million Lotto

Use EverUp to buy gift cards with a chance of winning 100% cashback

Another feature on EverUp which I have not used yet is their gift cards feature.  You can buy popular gift cards such as Amazon, Argos, IKEA and M&S with a chance to win 100% of the cost back.

You’ll buy the value of the gift card with money from your EverUp balance.  You’ll then be in with a chance to win 100% of the value of the gift card back to your EverUp account.

EverUp review

I’ve been using EverUp for a couple of months now and I’m so far impressed.  I love playing the minigames each day and then using my winnings of virtual coins to get more entries in the Million Lotto.

I’ve had a few small cash prizes so far and love the thrill each day of having a chance to win money without needing to spend any.

I haven’t started using the app to save a lot of money yet, but it’s definitely something I will consider.  For now, I have a small balance and enjoy the chance of winning real cash for free each day.

As a savings app, I can see how it gives a great incentive to save as the more you save, the more you can potentially win. It’s a great concept and I’m excited to see where this app goes.

Update (17th June 2022):  I've since topped up my account with £25 to unlock the Manchester game and I now win small cash prizes almost daily!  Loving this app!

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

everup review

How to withdraw from EverUp

You can withdraw whenever you like from EverUp.  They say “Your savings belong to you. You can withdraw your money at any time without any fuss.”

Before you process a withdrawal, you will need to link a bank account to your EverUp profile.  To do this, simply transfer at least 1p from a bank account to connect it with EverUp.  Any withdrawal requests will then go to this bank account.

Is EverUp safe?

EverUp is regulated by the FCA scheme and money is safeguarded with their partner Modulr.  As EverUp is not a bank your money is not protected by the FSCS scheme, however, they use safeguarding to protect 100% of your money.  This is according to their website and you can read more about how EverUp protects your money here: https://www.everup.uk/how-we-keep-your-money-safe-modulr-everup/ 

EverUp says “Your money is 100% safeguarded at the Bank of England. And your funds are 100% separated from the EverUp bank accounts.

We use bank-grade security to shield your account and we protect your privacy. We will never share your data with any third-parties without your permission.”

Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

EverUp review

EverUp in their own words

“Get the new type of money account that rewards your saving behaviour. We’re the UK’s first prize-linked money app.

Win cash prizes of up to £1,000,000. Totally Free. No deposit required.

You can enter our free daily raffles and free weekly lotto just by signing up with your email, without creating an account. No strings attached, nothing to lose!

Our mission is to change the way people engage with their money. We want to empower people to take control of their finances – and we want them to have fun doing it!

At EverUp, we mix the thrill of a no-loss lottery with the fun of mobile games to add a bit of fun to your experience with money.

For every pound you save with us, we’ll reward you with virtual coins that you can use to play games in the app. Even without any savings with us you can still participate in our lotto and raffles. Totally Free

And get this, you can win real tax-free cash prizes when you play these games.

The beauty of this approach is that your savings are never used to play – just your virtual coins. Your money remains 100% safe at all times!

More savings = more coins = more raffle entries = more chances to win!”


Click here to download the EverUp app or find it in the app store. Enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!


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