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Over 70 legit ways to get real free money, free gift vouchers, free food, free crypto, shares and even more free stuff in the UK (and beyond) in 2023.  

If you're looking for how to get free money UK then you're in the best place!  

Below I'll share how to get free money online using the same free money offers I've used, so you can get some free cash into your bank account (some will get free money instantly in your bank account today).

There are also offers to get free Amazon gift vouchers, free food from popular supermarkets and many other freebies.

As well as the free money offers I share other ways to get legitimate free money, using other methods, at the end of the article. 

Read on as I reveal some of the best free money offers with step-by-step instructions and all the links and referral codes you need.

Regularly updated as I learn of more offers, or changes to offers.  Offers are correct to my knowledge at time of writing, however please note, these offers are subject to change or be withdrawn at any time and each offer and platform has its own T&Cs.

how to get free money UK

Free Money Offers: How to get free money in the UK

I’m a big fan of sharing ways to make money from home in the UK, but I also love finding ways to save money and even how to get real free money in the UK with little effort!

Below I'll share a list of ways to get free money in the UK.  Some offers do not require a deposit and will give you free cash instantly (once your account is verified which can be instant). So whether you're looking for a free fiver, a free 20 pounds or even the chance to get a free share worth up to a whopping £200, read on as I cover the lot!

But first, here is a peek at the free money sign up offers you'll find below in this blog post:



Phew!  Let's get started...


how to get free money UK

Real free money offers in the UK!

If you're looking for ways to get free money in the UK then read on.  I share loads of genuine free money offers below for free cash and other free stuff.


  • If you choose to use any of the investment apps to invest with your own money, your capital is at risk.  Some of the free share offers can be completed without investing any money.

  • Some offers require deposits, some don't.  Some are instant free cash, some aren't.  Please read the all the details I share and do your own research. 

  • Offers are correct to my knowledge at time of writing, however each has its own terms and conditions, so do your research before completing.

  • The terms and amounts are subject to change. 

  • I'll update this page as often as I can, when I find new free money offers or when I know offers have changed.

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Here we go... let's get started with the list of real free money offers... it's pretty big!  Bookmark this page if you don't have time to do it all right now :) 

Free money for signing up to these banking apps

Free money for signing up to these money and banking apps

Many banking apps want your custom and offer free money promotions to entice you to sign up.

  • Vanquis - £25 free cash
  • Monzo - £5 free cash
  • Curve - £10 free cash
  • GoHenry - £10/$10 sign up bonus
  • Monese - £10 free cash
  • Tide - £50 free cash (business bank account)

Vanquis - £25 free cash

Get £25 free cash when you sign up for a Vanquis credit card and make at least one transaction on your card within 90 days of the application.

How to get £25 free cash from Vanquis:

  • Sign up with my Vanquis referral link to qualify for the £25 free bonus

  • Enter your details to apply for a Vanquis credit card

  • When your card arrives, activate it using the app or by phone

  • Make a purchase of at least £1 using your credit card within 90 days 

  • Your £25 bonus will be added within 45 days (most people receive within one week)

  • Spend your free bonus money using the credit card 

Note - Vanquis is a credit card so they will do a search on your credit file and you can only take part in the offer if you qualify for one of their credit cards.  You can just use the card for the free money offer, but if you do spend more on it then remember to pay it off each month to avoid charges.

Monzo - £5 free cash

Popular online banking app Monzo is giving away £5 in free cash to new users.  

How to get your free £5 cash from Monzo:

Make sure you click my referral link when signing up to Monzo to qualify for the free £5 cash bonus!

Full instructions are in my Monzo free money blog post if you want a step-by-step guide.

monzo free £5


Curve - £10 free cash

Sign up to the free Curve app and get £10 free cash to spend on whatever you like!

Click here to sign up to Curve with my referral link!

Spend at least £10 using your Curve card within 14 days to get your free cash.

The Curve card links to your own debit/credit cards, so you can spend your own money from your own card to get your free £10 cash!

The free Curve card and app combines your credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards in one. You can even add receipts. So it’s the only card you need to carry. And the only PIN you need to remember.

Sign up with my referral link to get £10 free cash!

T&Cs apply.

Curve £10 free cash


GoHenry UK promo code for £10 signup bonus (US $10)

£10 or $10 GoHenry signup bonus when you sign up to the GoHenry kids pocket money card as a new customer with GoHenry promo code LYLIA

Click here to learn more about GoHenry and for our US and UK referral links!


Monese - £10 free cash

Monese have just released another 15 uses of the my invite code to me in June 2023 so new signups can get up to £10 free cash with this popular mobile banking debit card!

I have a blog post dedicated to the Monese invite code offer or follow the below instructions:

  • Download the mobile banking app Monese
  • Enter your email, country and my invite code VICT7345
  • Continue the signup process
  • I signed up for the essentials plan when I opened my account in 2022, ordered a free card (as it’s around £5 to order a physical card on the free plan) and then downgraded to the free plan.
  • Wait for your card to arrive and activate it
  • Add money to your Monese debit card and spend. Once your first transaction clears you’ll be credited with £5 free money to spend on whatever you like.
  • Another £5 free cash will be awarded once you've spent £500 with your Monese debit card, or spent that much abroad. Easily done if you decide to use the Monese debit card as your main banking account, or you can use it for some big purchases until you hit the £500 to get the free cash! We put some big DIY purchases on it when we did the Monese free money offer. 


Tide - £50 free cash

Tide is a business bank account, so if you’re self-employed as a sole trader or freelancer, or a limited company, then you can open a free business bank account with Tide on their standard plan for free, and get £50 in free cash if you enter the referral code K754KJ and spend £500 in the first three months.  Easily done if you're planning a big purchase.  Fees might apply.

Opening an account took me less than five minutes.

Click here to signup

Make sure referral code K754KJ is entered in the promo code section during signup.  You can check in the app under More>Referrals>Redeem to ensure it was entered if you have any doubts.

Please note, there’s a fee of 20p per transfer in and out of a Tide account on the standard free plan.  It’s £1 per cash withdrawal.  Referral terms and conditions are here.

According to the terms: "For each referral, a £50 reward will be applied to the Referrer’s existing account and the Referee’s new account, once the Referee has successfully opened an account, and made valid card transactions to the value of £500 within three months of account opening, excluding any disputes and recharges. It can take 6-8 weeks for this to be validated and the reward to be transferred".


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how to get free money uk 

Free shares UK

With the free share offers, some of them can be sold instantly for free cash!  

  • Webull - 4 free shares worth up to $8000
  • Wealthyhood - free ETF share worth up to £200 (if you invest £50)
  • Trading 212 - free share worth up to £100
  • Shares - £5 free share


Webull - 4 free shares worth up to $8000

Unlock the potential to earn up to four free shares valued at $8000 total ($5 to $2000 each, randomly awarded) through Webull's exciting promotion.

Here's how: Sign up via this exclusive referral link and complete the current promotional requirements.

Read my Webull free stocks blog post about my experience completing this promo and more detailed instructions.


Wealthyhood - free ETF share worth up to £200 (if you invest £50)

This offer requires you to invest at least £50, so good if you are going to sign up to Wealthyhood already for investing.  Each referral code only has one use, so you'll need to send me your email and I'll send you a unique invite from my Wealthyhood app.

  • Email me at [email protected] stating Wealthyhood in the subject field.  I'll send you a unique invite from my Wealthyhood app as each invite code has one use.

  • Click the link in the Wealthyhood invite email, complete signup and deposit at least £50

  • Invest in at least one asset within 7 days (risk warning: value of this asset may go up or down)

  • You’ll get a free ETF share worth between £10 and £200 within 5 days

  • The welcome bonus is locked for 60 days (set a reminder on your calendar)

For full step-by-step instructions see my Wealthyhood refer a friend blog post. You will also receive a link to the current terms and conditions in the Wealthyhood email. 

wealthyhood referral free ETF share  


Trading 212 - free share worth up to £100

Limited time periods each month! The next campaign runs 22/08/2023 00:00 AM GMT to 27/09/2023 23:59 PM GMT

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to ‎£⁠100?

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!

The share is worth up to £100 and you can even sell it right away if you want!  You'll just need to wait 30 days to cash out your money.

You only need to deposit £1 to get started.  I've had free shares from £7 to £40 in value!

Sign up here today and get your free share!

Where's my free Trading212 share?

  • Hopefully they have a free share campaign running as it seems to be limited time periods each month. I'll update the dates as often as I can, when I know there is a free share campaign. A good way to check is when clicking my referral link above on desktop, it will take you to the offer page if there's a free share campaign currently running, otherwise it will take you to their home page. 
  • It can take three business days to receive a free share if all criteria are met.  FAQ article here.
  • It also suggests entering my Traading 212 promo code in your account to check. My Trading212 refer-a-friend code in this blog article is GvYPQoAy


Shares app - £5 free share in a company of your choice

Quick instructions to get a free £5 share of your choice with the Shares app:

  • Download the Shares app on your mobile phone using this link, and complete signup and choose what stock to invest your free £5 in

  • Once your account is verified, you need to top-up your Shares account with £1

  • When the top-up has processed you will receive your free share (depending on the time of day, this may be pending until the relevant market is open)

  • You can sell your share, once purchased, and withdraw the money.  Or keep it invested.  It’s up to you.

Make sure you sign up on your mobile phone using this referral link to get the free £5.

Also, once your top-up is successful and your free share is awarded, you will be able to invite your friends to the app and you’ll get £20 per referral- amazing!  At the time of writing, this is capped to a free 20 pounds for each of your first 10 referrals only (£200 max).

Please note, if you choose to use the Shares app to buy and sell shares with your own money then, as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

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how to get free money UK 

Free cryptocurrency

With the free cryptocurrency offers, many of them can be instantly transferred into free cash!   Or keep the free cryptocurrency with these offers.  Who knows how much it might be worth in the future?!

Pi - 1π for free and more!

Check out Pi and you can start mining Pi cryptocurrency for free!

I am sending you 1π!

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 29 million members worldwide.

To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username lyliarose as your invitation code.

pi network invitation code free cryptocurrency


SwissBorg - free crypto worth up to 100€

Please note: there are withdrawal fees of roughly £1, so if you get the lowest free crypto of €1, you won’t make any free money. The minimum withdrawal is £5. You need to deposit £50 to qualify, but you don’t need to trade this.

Get awarded a random amount of €1- €100 in CHSB if you use my SwissBorg referral link and deposit £50/50€.

Sell the free CHSB, exchange into GBP, withdraw your money (subject to a withdrawal fee of around £1).

This offer is instant, pending verification.

  • Sign up to SwissBorg using my referral link, create an account and verify your ID (should take 5 minutes)
  • Deposit £50/€50 following their bank transfer instructions
  • You’ll receive a scratch card in the rewards tickets section to get your CHSB bonus from 1€ to €100
  • Exchange your CHSB to GBP
  • (If CHSB amount is below their minimum requirement of £5, you’ll need to transfer some of your GBP into CHSB and then back again)
  • Withdraw your bonus money and original deposit back to your bank account!

I got 3€ so not a huge win. I then had to transfer £5 into CHSB and then back again so I could meet the CHSB minimum requirement and get my free money transferred to GBP.

My total profit was only £1.38, but I think it was worth the 10 minutes it took for a chance to get 100€ for free. I hope you get more!

Things to note:

  • You must use my SwissBorg referral link to qualify for the free reward.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can take 1-5 business days. Mine was instant.
  • Minimum withdrawal £5.
  • Withdrawal fee 0.1% or a minimum £1.
  • You need to deposit £50/50€.
  • You don’t need to trade the deposit to get the reward.


Bitcoinpoint - instant free Bitcoin or free cash offer (~£1.90 of free BTC + unlimited referrals)

This offer doesn’t make much because of the fees, but if you can get referrals then it’s a better deal.  Or if you already want to buy some cryptocurrency using Bitcoinpoint then you’ll get some free with this offer. 

  • Download the Bitcoinpoint app and enter code 8BACD834 at the same time as entering your email (don’t miss where you enter the code!)

  • Complete signup and wait for ID to be verified.

  • Buy £5 worth of Bitcoin (click Bitcoin on homepage and buy £5 using your bank account, you’ll get ~£4 worth after fees).

  • You’ll be awarded 10,000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC) which is approx £1.90 at the time of writing, but it fluctuates.

  • My free BTC took ~2 minutes to be awarded and I received an email to let me know.

You can either keep the free investment and hope it rises, or you can sell and withdraw the free cash instantly, however there are fees and you won’t end up with much.  Still, you’ll get a few pence for your time and it’s quick to do!

Once signed up, you’ll get your own unlimited referral code so you can make more free BTC and give your friends and family some too!  If you can get others to sign up with your own code, then it might be better to wait and accumulate some more free Bitcoin before cashing out, but it’s up to you.


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how to get free money UK 

Free gift vouchers

As well as free money sign up offers, some companies offer gift vouchers as an incentive for you to sign up to their website or app.  Get real gift vouchers for free!

Zilch - £5 Amazon voucher

  • Join Zilch using my referral link.

  • Link your bank card and get rewarded in points (currently 500 points at the time of writing, but sometimes this changes) once you've made your first tap and pay purchase with your Zilch card.  Choose to pay in full and get cashback on your purchase... if you choose to spread the cost you may be charged a fee.

  • Get rewarded with £5 of Zilch rewards after your first tap and pay purchase!

  • Top up your Amazon account by buying yourself a £5 gift voucher with these points!  Simply locate Amazon on the Zilch app, select to pay in full, then on the next screen select to use your £5 Zilch rewards.  Pay for a £5 Amazon gift card top-up using your Zilch card details.

  • Wait a few minutes for your gift card balance to be updated on Amazon... and spend your free Amazon gift card when ready!

There are also instructions on Zilch for how to spend the Zilch rewards if you get stuck. 

Find full instructions in my Zilch referral code blog post.


Snoop - £5 Amazon voucher

Sign up to the free app Snoop and connect at least one bank account to qualify for a free £5 Amazon gift voucher.  You must stay signed up and with a bank account connected for at least 28 days, otherwise you won't qualify for the reward.

The voucher will be paid within 28 days of a successful bank or credit card connection by a new Snoop user.

Use my Snoop referral link by clicking here to qualify:

Once signed up, you'll get your own referral link and referrers can get a £5 Amazon voucher per successful referral when the offer is running.  Keep an eye on the app for the latest offer dates.

snoop app review free £5 amazon gift voucher


Freejackpot - £1+ towards a gift voucher

A free daily draw to win £250, plus a monthly draw to win £1 million!

They also have lots of ways to earn extra entries from playing games to watching videos.

You'll get entries for signing up with my referral link, plus a £1 voucher balance which you can put towards a gift voucher for your favourite store.

If you refer your family and friends then you can earn more £1s in your voucher balance to get a higher value gift voucher or more money off a gift voucher of your choice!

Click here to sign up to Freejackpot



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how to get free money UK 

Free money or gift vouchers for receipts

Storewards - £ varies

Snap your receipts for coins which can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers or PayPal cash!

Use my promo code gz1sc and get 250 extra coins to spend at Storewards on gift cards


SnapMyEats - up to £5 voucher per month

Take photos of all your food and drink receipts with SnapMyEats and you’ll earn up to £5 in Amazon gift vouchers, or another voucher of your choice from their selection, each month if you snap enough receipts.  You can cash out a £10 Amazon voucher every other month, or a different voucher of your choice.

Click here to learn more.


Amazon Shopper Panel - £5 Amazon voucher every month

Search for app Amazon Shopper Panel or check out their website here with all the details.  It says invite only, but I signed up in March 2022 without an invite.  There might be a waiting list.
The app links to your Amazon account.  Simply submit 10 receipts a month & get a free £5 Amazon voucher added to your account!  Make more with surveys if you want to.
Can send email receipts from last 30 days, so go through your emails and send 10 to get your first £5 Amazon voucher - easy free money!

Shoppix - £ varies

Shoppix is another app to make money from your receipts.  I currently have five apps to make money from receipts so I get the most out of every receipt! 

If you enter Shoppix promo code 52YFMN8U when you download the Shoppix app we should both get 200 tokens when you snap a valid receipt and complete the profile survey! 


Check out our blog post to find more money for receipts UK if you like these sorts of free cash offers and extra ways to make money!


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how to get free money UK 

Free cashback

Get free money back on the things you already buy and book like online shopping, travel, insurance and more.  There are a lot of cashback sites and you can use a combination to get the best deals.

JamDoughnut - free cash

How to get free cash with JamDoughnut cashback app:

  • Click here to get the JamDoughnut cashback app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Register on the app.  Enter JamDoughnut referral code 2XYM 
  • Make your first purchase and receive bonus points (amount changes, but has been £2, £3 and £5)

Top tip: Buy supermarket vouchers for your next food shop (or fuel at Morrisons) to reach the £10 cashout threshold instantly!  We buy Morrisons gift vouchers and use them at their fuel station for a discount off their fuel every time!

JamDoughnut also has a Daily Doughnut tab on the app (the little newspaper button, bottom left).  Check this daily for a chance to win a £10 cash prize!

jamdoughnut referral code


Top Cashback - £ varies

This is my favourite cashback site.  I have the browser extension installed so I’m always alerted to cashback offers.  Across both mine and my husband’s accounts we’ve had £1266 cashback on our normal purchases and online bookings in 3.5 years! Get free money back on things you'd buy anyway.

Sign up to TopCashback here and start saving on things you buy and book online!



Quidco - £5 bonus and more free £

Another cashback site which some people prefer over Top Cashback, but I think it’s worth having both as there are sometimes brands on one, but not the other.  The browser extension will let you know if you can get cashback from the website you are on, so it’s easy to get cashback with little effort.  If you’re not signed up to these cashback sites then you’re just losing out on hundreds of pounds of free money every year!

Use my link to get a free £5 bonus at Quidco when you earn £5 in cashback

quidco new member offer


Widilo - £5 free cash (+ unlimited cashback)

Join the Widilo cashback site for discount codes and cashback on your online shopping in the UK. 

Sign up for free using my link to get a £5 welcome bonus added to your balance:

widilo referral free cash


GoCashback - $8 free cash with my signup link or code

Register with my link for an $8 registration bonus at GoCashBack!

Once signed up, you can choose your location at top left of their website.  Current countries listed are: UK, US China, Korea, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Click and sign-up to get your exclusive $8 GoCashback sign-up bonus:

Or use my GoCashback referral code: LyliaRose


Airtime Rewards - £1.50 cash bonus with my referral code!

Join Airtime Rewards and get up to £1.50 free cash towards your mobile phone bill using my Airtime Rewards promo code FTT7WY7W

Simply link your credit and debit cards to their app and spend with their partnered retailers such as Wilkos, Greggs, Morrisons and more for instant free cashback! 

Enter Airtime Rewards promo code FTT7WY7W for 50p when you join and an extra £1 if you spend at one of the retailers within 7 days.  Sign up here to get started.

airtime rewards promo code


Sprive - free cashback

Have you tried Sprive? It’s free to download and it helps you put spare cash towards your mortgage so you can pay it off faster and save interest. 

It’s completely free to use and you can choose to withdraw the cash you save, or you can use it to overpay your mortgage at a click of a button.

Also, they have a rewards tab where you can earn almost instant cashback on gift vouchers for supermarkets and High Street shops.

Complete sign up with Sprive referral code 3OVDPUBK

Click here to download Sprive today!


Cheddar - £unlimited

Want to save money when you shop?

Join me on Cheddar and earn automatic cashback shopping at brands like Sainsbury's, Starbucks, Uber and McDonald's.

Use my referral code PTXKBZZ and earn bonuses for everyone you refer!

Sign up to Cheddar by clicking here!



Uphold - 4% cashback on all spending

Uphold are currently offering 4% cashback on every transaction made using their debit card.

Sign up to Uphold here



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how to get free money UK 

Get paid to apps and websites

Find lots of easy ways to make extra cash online with these Get Paid To websites.  Some of them have free money sign up offers too! All will be revealed below... - $1 free cash is a get-paid-to app that offers a variety of ways to make extra cash online, some with virtually no effort on your part!  

You can make money by sharing your unused internet bandwidth using the mobile or PC app.  There are also surveys to complete to make extra cash if you use the mobile app, as well as a refer-a-friend scheme.

Get $1 for free if you sign up to using my exclusive link

Highlights of using the to make extra cash:

  1. Low effort is required to make some extra money, aside from installing the app you don't need to do anything else to share your internet bandwith to make money

  2. Free sign-up bonus (click here to get $1 for free when you sign up)

  3. Low minimum payout threshold at just $5

  4. Payment by PayPal, Bitcoin or gift cards

  5. Available as a phone app or you can use on your PC

  6. Open to worldwide users

It’s easy to get started.  Simply sign up using my exclusive link, receive $1 added to your balance immediately, and then earn money by sharing your internet bandwidth and completing surveys.  Enjoy! 

Pawns app referral 


Skedadle app

Games that pay! Play fun mobile games, enjoy, and earn real money with every game as Skedadle share ad revenue with you.  

Sign-up to Skedadle with my referral code: QVSTM

Read more in my Skedadle review

Download Skedadle on the Apple App Store

Download Skedadle on the Google Play Store

I have been using this great website called   I have been earning money in my spare time by completing tasks and offers. 

Join them today using my referral link below.

Read my review to see how much I made!



Streetbees is a totally free app that enables you to make money from your smartphone! You just need to download the app, enter my referral code 7754OB, complete their simple tasks and start making money!

Use my referral code 7754OB and sign up at to get started! 


OhMyDosh -  £ unlimited plus £1 bonus

Sign up for free trials, complete offers and more to earn cash for free in your spare time! Get a free £1 bonus if you sign up with my link here!

ohmydosh offer


Qmee - 50p free cash

There are lots of ways to make extra cash with Qmee, from completing surveys, searching the web and even cashback.

The best part?  There’s no minimum cashout!  I’ve literally cashed out 13p to my PayPal account!

Get 50p free once you’ve cashed out to your PayPal for the first time by signing up with my referral link: 

qmee referral free cash


Swagbucks - £ unlimited plus bonus 300SB

Get rewarded with free gift cards and cash for doing things you already do online like watching videos and searching the web! 

Get a 300SB Bonus on Swagbucks if you earn 300SB within the first 30 days by clicking here to sign up!

swagbucks referral link


BeMyEye -  £1 free cash

Earn money in your spare time with BeMyEye by discreetly taking photos of things in stores and noting down prices or salespeople’s advice.  You can get £1 for free after you complete your first mission by using BeMyEye invitation code 0rg1zy when you join the app or simply click here to sign up.

bemyeye invitation code



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how to get free money UK 

Free food

There are also some more ways to get freebies, such as free food! Use these offers to get food for free.

Shopmium- free chocolate

Shopmium is a great shopping cash back app that gives you money off food, drink and other products in the supermarkets.  Simply buy the qualifying item at full price, then snap your receipt, scan the item barcode and they’ll refund the money to your PayPal within a few days. 

Simply download the Shopmium app by clicking here and enter my referral code 46e3t to get your free chocolate welcome gift!

Please note, the freebie sometimes changes!  It was Pringles, but last time I checked it had changed to free chocolate!

Shopmium Promo Code


Riverford new customer offer £15 off

We've just signed up to Riverford and we’re impressed!  They’ve also given me a refer a friend link so you can get £15 off your second organic fruit/veg box as a new customer.  Simply use my Riverford link and the £15 credit will be applied to your second delivery.  They’ll plant a tree for each referral too!

Use this Riverford refer a friend link to sign up so your £15 credit is applied!

riverford new customer offer  


Free Tastecard trial for 2 months!

This is a subscription... but you can enjoy a 2 months free tastecard trial with my referral link below!  Then cancel it if you don't want to continue. Set yourself a reminder on your calendar so you don't forget!


  • 2 for 1 at 6000+ restaurants

  • 50% off Pizza Hut Delivery

  • At least 10% off delivery and collection orders

Click here to get a 2 month FREE TRIAL of Tastecard



Abel and Cole 50% off

Enjoy 50% off your 1st and 4th boxes. Enter Abel and Cole promo code VEGBOX50 at checkout here!

Your first, highest value box will be 50% off (minimum box value £12 and maximum value of £27.50) then after receiving 2 full price Abel & Cole deliveries, a box in your 4th order will also be 50% off. £1.50 delivery fee applies.

Offer does not apply to those who have an order or delivery in place already.




Uber Eats - £3 off discount code

Hungry? Get £3 off your first Uber Eats order of £20 or more. 

Use my code at checkout eats-5uwwen  

Terms apply.


Costa invite code - free coffee and cake!

Earn free coffees and free cake.  Yum!  Here’s how:

  • Collect 8 beans to get a free drink

  • Get 1 free bean when you sign up to the app

  • Get 5 free beans once you start collecting beans, if you used my Costa invite code SV77B

  • Add your birthday to the app to get free cake on your special day

Click here to sign up and enter Costa invite code SV77B when prompted.



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how to get free money UK 

Win cash for free

Free money sign up offers are great... but also are free cash giveaways for a chance to get even more money for free!  There are websites that offer real cash prizes with no purchase necessary in their free to enter competitions. 

Lylia Rose cash giveaways

Don’t forget to enter my monthly blog giveaways. At the moment I have a monthly cash prize giveaway.  Sometimes I have other giveaways too!  Click for my latest giveaway.



The JamDoughnut cashback app gives away free cash everyday!  

  • Click here to get the JamDoughnut cashback app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Register on the app.  Enter JamDoughnut referral code 2XYM to receive free bonus points for free cash after your first cashback.
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Pick My Postcode

Enter your postcode for a chance to win around £500 each day!


Pick My Postcode Free Daily Lottery UK  


Free National Lotto

Choose your own numbers for a chance to win real cash in this free lottery!




Pick a combination of 5 emjojis to be entered into a daily draw to win a cash prize for free!



Win a Dinner

A little different, as you don't win cash... you win a dinner!

Or rather you win a food related gift voucher such as for a restaurant or takeaway!

There are a few winners every day and you can choose your gift card from that day's selection if you are the lucky winner.



EverUp - up to £1million for free!

A chance to win £1million every week for free... and lots of daily cash prizes, totally free. 

No deposit required. 

Make a deposit and get extra chances to win.  I've won free cash which I could instantly withdraw!

Important - enter referral code RVIC312154ATMWQZ for a bonus!

Open a cash account and verify.  No need to deposit if you don't want to.

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They haven't launched just yet (Dec 2022), but you can win up to £1,000 in their weekly cash giveaways until launch. A fintech company offering a free debit card where you could win cash rewards between £1 - £1m every time you *tap* or spend. 

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how to get free money UK 

New customer sign-up offers

Looking for a new mobile or media deal?  You can get money for free or as a credit off your first bill if you sign up as a new customer with these companies.  Check out these great offers:

  • Virgin Media -  up to £50 cash if you're a new customer
  • Octopus - £50 when you switch to Octopus energy
  • Tesco Mobile - up to £20 off your first pay monthly bill
  • Broadband Genie - £ varies


Virgin Media -  up to £50 off cash

If you want to join Virgin Media for their amazing fast broadband, a TV package, mobile phone or SIM only deal then you might be looking for a Virgin Media promo code.  As I’m an existing customer, I can refer you and you can get up to £50 free cash!

Simply click here to use my referral link to sign up to Virgin so it's tracked for the reward! 

You can see the list of rewards for each service at the bottom of the referral page.

virgin media refer a friend code


Octopus - £50 credit if you switch

Octpus energy offer new customers £50 credit if they switch using a referral link.  Click to use our Octopus £50 referral link and get a quote in a few minutes!

octopus £50 referral


Tesco Mobile - up to £20 off your first pay monthly bill

As I’m a customer of Tesco Mobile I can refer-a-friend and depending on the offer you select, you can get up to a £20 signup bonus off your first bill.  They say:

"For you and your friend to get money off your bill, your friend needs to...

  1. Join Tesco Mobile on a new account and an eligible tariff within 60 days

  2. Bring their number over to Tesco Mobile within 60 days

  3. Pay their first bill in full"

If you're going to join Tesco Mobile and want up to £20 off your first bill then please email me at [email protected] stating TESCO in the subject field, with your full name, email address and mobile number.  I will then pass this on to Tesco using the recommend a friend page in my account. 


Broadband Genie - £ varies

If you're moving house or your existing broadband deal has come to an end, then you'll want to use a service like Broadband Genie to compare the best broadband deals for your postcode.  As well as comparing speeds and prices, Broadband Genie regularly secure exclusive deals with providers that give customer free gift cards and/or cashback on top of their amazing broadband deals!

You can view the current rewards at



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More legit ways to get free money in the UK

More legit ways to get free money in the UK

There are many other ways to get yourself some free cash in the UK.  Here are more legit ways to earn free money:

Searching the internet

Yep with both Qmee and Swagbucks, you can get paid real cash by searching the web!  By using the Qmee browser extension you’ll sometimes get their search results to the left of your screen when searching; click these and you’ll get paid.  On Swagbucks they have their own search engine you can use to get paid for searching the web.

Switching bank accounts

Many banks offer money for switching your current account to them!  Do check the terms though as you may have to deposit a certain amount in the account each month to qualify for the free cash.  If you have a limited business or are self-employed then you can get £50 free cash for signing up to the Tide business account and for spending at least £500 in the first three months if you enter Tide referral code K754KJ when signing up.

Refer your friends

There are loads of amazing refer a friend schemes in the UK and beyond which will pay you for each successful referral.  Check out my whopper of a list of the best UK refer a friend schemes I know about which you can join too.  I share how much you can make for each referral!

Up to £1000 free cash per year with a LISA

The lifetime ISA for retirement offers a 25% bonus on savings of up to £4000 per tax year, giving you up to £1000 in free cash towards your retirement.  There are conditions for the LISA, such as the age you can withdraw, and you can find out more in my Moneybox LISA review.

Claim marriage allowance (and backdate it too)

If you’re married and one of you earns £12,570 or less each year, then you can claim marriage allowance allowing you to reduce the higher earner’s tax bill each year.  You can even backdate it to 2018!  There’s more information here on the governments website.  They say: “Marriage Allowance lets you transfer £1,260 of your Personal Allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner. It’s free to apply for Marriage Allowance.  This can reduce their tax by up to £252 every tax year (6 April to 5 April the next year).  To benefit as a couple, you need to earn less than your partner and have an income of £12,570 or less. Your partner’s income must be between £12,571 and £50,270 (£43,662 in Scotland) for you to be eligible.  You can backdate your claim to include any tax year since 5 April 2018 that you were eligible for Marriage Allowance. If your partner has since died you can still claim - phone the Income Tax helpline.”

Get free cash from your receipts

Don’t throw away your receipts as you can actually make money with them!  As listed above, there are many receipt scanning apps that will actually pay you in real cash and also gift vouchers for uploading your paper receipts to their apps.  Some let you send in e-receipts too.  The receipt snapping apps I use are Amazon Shopper Panel, Shoppix, Storewards, SnapMyEats and Zipzero.  Here’s a list of receipt snapping apps in the UK with some referral codes included so you can get some bonus welcome points to start.

Get free stuff for seniors

Yes, being older can pay!  There are many perks to being a senior including getting some of this free stuff for seniors over 60.  For example, you may be entitled to a free bus pass which will free up your own money and keep it in your wallet.  There are other perks for seniors too when it comes to saving money, such as railcards for seniors, free prescriptions, free eye tests, cheaper tickets for days out and events, as well as a reduction in council tax.

Get paid for your opinion

If you love sharing your opinion, then you might just love to share it online in exchange for money!  There are lots of sites that pay you for your opinion, such as YouGov where you answer surveys for points. These can be exchanged for cash once you have enough points.  Sign up to YouGov here and get paid for your opinion.

Complete surveys for cash

Why not use your spare time that might otherwise be wasted, such as when you're in a car as a passenger or even multitask whilst on an exercise bike, for example, or when watching TV, to complete online surveys for cash?  There are many online survey websites that will pay you.  These includeapps such as Pawns.appQmee and Swagbucks, as well as many others.  Check out these reviews of survey and poll sites that pay, to get you started:

Use cashback cards

Keep an eye out for cashback debit cards that let you earn a certain percentage of your spending back each month.  In recent years I have managed to use Curve to get 1% cashback on purchases and Chase to get 1% back on purchases.  

Use loyalty cards

Don’t miss out on free money off the things you buy in the places you already shop!  Get loyalty cards for anywhere you shop that offers one.  You'll collect points which can be used for money-off vouchers and free goods.

Use reward credit cards

Credit cards can be used sensibly.  We use ours for our regular monthly spending which we pay back in full at the end of every month, so we can earn the loyalty points on the Tesco Clubcard credit card.  We’ve also used the Sainsbury’s credit card previously to earn Nectar points on our regular family spending.  Make sure you have the money to pay it off at the end of each month so you don't get into debt and track what you are spending.  Use the reward points collected in place of cash for wherever they can be spent.

Get free stuff from freebie websites

In the UK, there are a number of websites which offer freebies and sample products to consumers. Freebie sites make it possible for people to get free samples - from clothes to makeup, from food to home decor. They also make it easy for consumers to get these samples without having to spend money on them, thus saving you money on items you might buy anyway, or saving you from wasting money buying something that’s not good.

For these and many more ways to get free money check out this blog post: Real ways to make money from home for free

And, for even more ways to make money online...

How to get free money uk

Make more money with these free money offers and side hustle ideas

Right now our priorities are saving for our retirement, doing up our home and having a few travel plans each year to explore new destinations.  Being savvy with money, saving where we can and spotting REAL FREE MONEY OFFERS helps us to achieve these money goals.

I get really excited when I find ways to get free money in the UK!

It’s rare companies give away free cash, but I have listed many great examples above where you can legitimately get free money now for a few moments of your time!  

I love finding easy ways to earn extra money from side hustles, apps and websites, as well as free money offers to boost our overall monthly income each month. 

If this sounds like something you like to do, then do check out the rest of my website and the various money pages at the top of my website.  There’s lots of useful information there covering all sorts of money topics from making money at homemoney saving tips and family finances.  

Discover my matched betting blog if you want to earn extra cash and make money from home fast, or check out how to make money blogging if you've got more time and you're looking for a long-term side hustle.

Outplayed Matched Betting



More ways to make money online!

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Looking for ways to save money? 

Check out my massive money saving tips section.  There are also websites like ClothingRIC that have promo codes to help you save big on online purchases; I share lots of great deals on my UK voucher codes pages!


Want to manage your finances better? 

Here are loads of family finance tips and helpful debt articles.

Looking for ways to make extra money from home or even to start your own business on the side? 

Here are 60 ways to make money online and check out my favourite side hustle in my matched betting blog.


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