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How to get free money UK

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How to get free money UK

I’m a big fan of sharing ways to make more money from home in the UK, but I also love finding ways to save money and even get free money from companies with little effort!  The more money I make, more I save and more free cash I find, the more we can begin to live our lives the way we want to. 

Right now our priorities are saving for our future retirement, continuing to do up our home and having a few travel plans each year to explore new destinations.  Being savvy with money, saving where we can and spotting free money offers helps us to achieve these money goals.

I get really excited when I find ways to get free money in the UK.  It’s rare that companies give away free cash, but I have some great examples below.  If you’ve already visited my free money page then you’ll recognise these, but I want to share them here in a blog post too for those that might only follow my blog and not notice my other pages.  If that’s you then do check out my main website and the many money websites and categories at the top of my website.  There’s lots of useful information there covering all sorts of money topics from making money at home, money saving tips and family finances.

If you're looking for ways to get some free money in the UK then read on.  I share loads of free money offers below!

A list of free money offers in the UK

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Bulb - £50 off your first bill (and possibly save hundreds on energy each year)

Not only did we save over £250 per year when we switched to Bulb, but we also got £50 off our first bill with a special Bulb referral link and we get 100% renewable electricity.  For £50 off your first Bulb bill and to get a quote to see if you can save money too, simply click here to sign up with our referral link.


Curve - £5 free cash and potential to earn more!

By signing up to the free Curve card plan you will be able to manage all your bank card spending with one handy app and card.  Simply carry the Curve card with you and use their app to choose which of your cards to pay with.  If you accidentally pay on the wrong card then you can change this after the purchase!  Once you sign up and start using your Curve card you’ll get £5 for free if you enter Curve promo code FL2KH when signing up here.  You'll then get your own referral code so you can earn £5 for all the friends and family you refer!


BeMyEye -  £1 free cash

Make money in your spare time with BeMyEye by discreetly taking photos of things in stores and noting down prices or salespeople’s advice.  You can get £1 for free after you complete your first mission byusing BeMyEye promo code 0rg1zy when you join the app or simply click here to sign up.


Airtime Rewards - £ unlimited

This is an incredible app that lets your favourite retailers pay for your phone bill!  Install the app, link all your credit and debit cards and spend as normal.  There’s a huge list of popular UK retailers and restaurants that they are connected with.  Every time you spend on one of your linked cards at these retailers you will earn a cashback in your Airtime Rewards app.  Once you reach £10 you can put this money towards your phone bill.  It links to your phone bill no matter if it’s SIM only, monthly contract or pay-as-you-go. 

Enter Airtime Rewards promo code FTT7WY7W for 50p when you join and an extra £1 if you spend at one of the retailers within 7 days.  Sign up here to get started.


OhMyDosh -  £ unlimited plus £1 bonus

I make money online with this website by completing get paid to tasks.  They also offer cashback and free money offers.  You can get a free £1 bonus if you sign up with my link here and make much more if you use their site for the get paid to offers.


Virgin Media -  up to £50 off your first bill

If you want to join Virgin Media for their amazing fast broadband, a TV package, mobile phone or SIM only deal then you might be looking for a Virgin Media promo code.  As I’m an existing customer, I can refer you and you can get up to £50 off your first bill. Simply use my referral link to sign up to Virgin so it's tracked for the reward!  You can see the list of rewards for each service at the bottom of the referral page.


Tesco Mobile - up to £20 off your first bill

As I’m a customer of Tesco Mobile I can refer-a-friend and depending on the offer you select, you can get up to £20 off your first bill.  They say:

"For you and your friend to get money off your bill, your friend needs to...

  1. Join Tesco Mobile on a new account and an eligible tariff within 60 days
  2. Bring their number over to Tesco Mobile within 60 days
  3. Pay their first bill in full"

Click here to ask me for the Tesco refer-a-friend offer and send me your details.


Ocado - £20 off your first shop

For £20 off your first new customer Ocado grocery shop of £80 or more, simply let me know your email address by clicking here and asking me for the Ocado offer.


Top Cashback - £ unlimited

This is my favourite cashback site.  I have the browser extension installed so I’m always alerted to cashback offers.  Across both mine and my husband’s accounts we’ve had £1266 cashback on our normal purchases and online bookings in 3.5 years!  Sign up here and start saving on most things you buy and book online!


Quidco - £ unlimited plus £10 bonus

Another cashback site which some people prefer over Top Cashback, but I think it’s worth having both as there are sometimes brands on one, but not the other.  The browser extension will let you know if you can get cashback from the website you are on, so it’s easy to get cashback with little effort.  If you’re not signed up to these cashback sites then you’re just losing out on hundreds of pounds of free money every year!  Once you get £5 cashback then you’ll get a £10 bonus if you sign up with my referral link here.


My Money Pocket - £ unlimited

This is a brand spanking new cashback site with lots of exciting things to come, including combined discount and cash back offers. Sign up here by clicking here.


Receipt Hog - £ unlimited

Take photos of your receipts and even link your email address to get free money for your online shopping too.   Collect points which can be exchanged for cash directly to your PayPal.  Start making money by clicking here.


Shoppix - £ unlimited

Shoppix is another app to make money from your receipts.  I currently have five apps to make money from receipts so I get the most out of every receipt!  Sign up to Shoppix here to turn your receipts into cash.


ZIPZERO - £ unlimited

Get 1% of your purchases when you take a photo of your receipts on the ZIPZERO app.  You can use the cash to pay towards your household bills!  Sign up to ZIPZERO here!



Swagbucks - £ unlimited plus bonus 300SB

There are lots of ways to make money on Swagbucks if you have the time to complete surveys or watch videos.  They even offer cashback too.  I get paid to search on the Swagbucks search engine which is basically money for searching the web as I usually would, so it’s free money for nothing!  There are lots of things you can spend your Swagbucks on, but I prefer to cash mine in for PayPal money!   Get a 300 SB Bonus if you earn 300 SB within the first 30 days by clicking here to sign up!



Broadband Genie - £ varies

If you're moving house or your existing broadband deal has come to an end, then you'll want to use a service like Broadband Genie to compare the best broadband deals for your postcode.  As well as comparing speeds and prices, Broadband Genie regularly secure exclusive deals with providers that give customer free gift cards and/or cashback on top of their amazing broadband deals!  You can view the current rewards at



Trading 212 - free share worth up to £100

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to ‎£⁠100?

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!

The share is worth up to £100 and you can sell it right away if you want!  You'll just need to wait 30 days to cash out your money.

You only need to deposit £1 to get started.  I was given a share worth over £7 when I signed up with a referral link, but you might get a share worth even more!



Keep reading for ways to make free gift vouchers and more in the UK! 

How to get free money UK (3)

Free gift voucher offers in the UK

There are also some companies in the UK that will give you free gift vouchers for doing very little.  I regularly get free Amazon gift vouchers each month by doing nothing or with very small effort.  Here are some of the ways you can get free Amazon gift cards and other gift vouchers:


Gener8 - £ unlimited

This is my most favourite as once you have installed the browser extension, that’s it.  You don’t have to do anything else aside from watch your credits build up and then spend them on Amazon gift vouchers or other treats!  I always cash 50 credits in for a £5 Amazon gift voucher.  They let you get one Amazon gift voucher per week.  At the moment they are a new company and the Marketplace is sporadically stocked, so they sell out a lot, but I’ve managed to cash out three gift vouchers so far.

Basically, they pay you to see ads online, which we all see already so we might as well make some money from them!  For now, they cover the ads with images of pugs.  Once they have enough members I guess we’ll start seeing ads again and we’ll get a cut of the ad revenue.

In short, all you need to do is install their browser extension and they’ll pay you in credits every time you see an ad.  You can exchange these credits for gift vouchers and goods in the Marketplace.  Simply sign up here and start earning today for doing nothing!


Huyu - £ unlimited

This app lets you take photos of your supermarket receipts and you can change them for gift vouchers.  I change mine for Tesco gift vouchers.  Sign up here.


SnapMyEats - up to £5 Amazon voucher per month

Take photos of all your food and drink receipts with SnapMyEats and you’ll earn up to £5 in Amazon gift vouchers each month if you snap the maximum of 15 receipts in one calendar month.  Click here to learn more.


Evercreatures Funky Wellies  


More UK freebies

There are also some more ways to get freebies, such as free food!  See below.

Shopmium- free Pringles

Shopmium is a great shopping cash back app that gives you money off food, drink and other products in the supermarkets.  Simply buy the qualifying item at full price, then snap your receipt, scan the item barcode and they’ll refund the money to your PayPal within a few days. 

If you click my Shopmium referral link to sign up then you’ll get some free Pringles.   Please note, the freebie sometimes changes.


Free to enter giveaways to win cash and prizes UK

There are also some sites that offer free cash giveaways and other prizes. 


If you love competitions then Boom25 is a cashback site with a difference.  They offer 1 in 25 people the chance to win their entire spend back if you click to the retailer through their website!  Sign up here to join.



This site lets you collect points when you shop online which you can then use to enter their 10 prize draws each week!  Sign up here.


Lylia Rose Amazon vouchers and cash giveaways

Finally, don’t forget to enter my monthly giveaways.  I always have a cash prize giveaway and an Amazon voucher giveaway.  Click for my latest giveaways.


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