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  1. Blog and Home Income Report July 2018

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    If you’ve been here before then scroll down to see the income breakdown, if not then start at this introduction for why I share my income online.

    Welcome to my monthly income report where I share exactly how much money I have made from my blog and at home.  It’s great for me to see where I’m earning the money and also to inspire others who want to earn from home.  There’s a lot of debate of whether people should share income reports, but personally I love them!  When I wanted to monetise my blog I read them and they inspired me to push forward and go for it.  Without reading an income report of another blogger I wouldn’t have even known it was possible to make money from my own blog.

    To read more on this with an in depth reason behind sharing my income reports start with this blog post:  Why I publish income reports

    Making money from blogging is totally possible if you’re prepared to treat it like a business and put the hard work in.  As well as blogging, I make money from mystery tasks, website testing, matched betting, online selling and cashback. 

    The top 3 ways I made money from home in 2017 is a great blog post to see my most profitable home money making methods in one whole year.

    July 2018 Income Breakdown

    Blog and Home Income Report july 2018

    The below are my totals before any expenses, income tax, national insurance or anything else, so my total turnover for the month.  My yearly business expenses last year were approximately £4000.  I also save £500 per month to cover my annual tax, national insurance, student loan repayments and pension.  So my total monthly outgoings and savings to cover all this are approximately £830.

    Last month you may remember me saying I wanted to smash my previous best month and hoped I would, but lots of people didn’t pay quickly so I didn’t make it.  Well…

    I’m pleased to report that probably thanks to some of those late payments and also starting to monetise two more blogs of mine, July was my best home income month so far!  Woohoo!

    I had my best blog income month ever and best overall home income month!

    A personal target of mine is to beat my husband’s wage each month and I’d only managed it once before.  This time I totally smashed it and beat his wage three quarters of the way into the month!  A little personal win for me!

    Ben’s just hoping I can make double his wage so he can quit his job!  I think I’d have to work 24 hours a day for that to happen so not sure it ever will, but he can dream!

    Read on for the breakdown of how much money I earned from home in July:

    Blogging - £3405.13

    This includes running giveaways, collaborative blog posts and reviews.  I charge for all of them.  The only time I don’t charge is if a review item is really high value and I really want it, or sometimes if I can do social shares only such as on Instagram.  Though I am considering changing this now as I spend so much time on Instagram building it up that I should begin to value this time now, just like I decided to with my blog one day.  Blog reviews can take around 2 hours of my time so I have to value this time.  Any free time I have is spent with my children, husband, or blogging just for me. 

    If there was no compensation for blogging for companies then I wouldn’t do it – my blog would be 100% for me.  It’s still amazing how many emails I get every day asking me to share business links for free, write content for free and review products on my blog and social channels for free.  The worst are the ones who tell me I should be so grateful for their high quality content for free… though it’s stuffed with links to help their clients SEO who are paying them thousands, probably… 

    If I accepted them all then I would actually work for free and have no income and no time for anything else.   If someone wants my time and access to my resources then it’s got to be worth something.

    For more blogging tips and advice on ways to make money from home and online read my blog post how I made £26000 from home in 2017

    Some recent income reports if you fancy a peek
    March 2018
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    It’s not all about stats, but they can help, so here are this month’s website and social stats for reference:

    Page Views




    New Users


    Total Users


    Twitter @lyliarose


    Instagram @lyliarose


    Pinterest @lyliarose




    Newsletter subscribers



    Referrals - £80.36

    My referral payments were from Profit Accumulator and Awin.  Both of whom I use myself and am happy to refer people to.

    Read how to make money from your blog with Awin affiliate marketing

    Matched betting - £197.35

    Not too shabby a month for matched betting!  My aim is only ever £100 and so I’m always pleasantly surprised when I go over this.  I expect August will be a quieter month as there’s no football for the first couple of weeks.

    I recommend using Profit Accumulator for matched betting as a beginner.  They have so many guides and walk you through the whole process in the first few offers.  If you are stuck you can ask a question in the forum and someone will get back to you.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on their memberships, plus you can try the first couple of offers without even signing up to anything to see that it really does work and is so simple once you get the hang of the free bet offers! 

    Read my One Year Review: How I earn up to £50 per hour matched betting from home for more information.

    WhatUsersDo - £15

    I do website testing at WhatUsersDo and it’s so easy!  I get paid £5 per test and some of them are only a question or two.  Read my blog post easily make money from home by testing websites and sign up yourself!

    Streetbees - £5

    A few quick and easy questionnaires completed and photos snapped on my phone to make some pocket money.

    Read get paid doing simple tasks from your phone with Streetbees to do it yourself.

    Lylia Rose Fashion Boutique - £9.50

    This is the total sales from my online fashion boutique where I sell printed scarves very affordably! It used to be my main focus, but now it’s a small side hustle that I’ve not spent time on recently and I’m not sure if I’ll continue when the stock is gone.  I give away items from my store almost weekly in my giveaways.

    Personal eBay and Facebook Marketplace selling - £168.86

    Selling some of our outgrown toys, clothes and belongings is a great way to top up my home income each month.  I’m obsessed with minimal living and having clear outs so I always have things for sale.  I always imagine I’ll run out, but the kids grow so quickly they are always going up in clothes sizes or outgrowing toys!  I donate a proportion to charity and then sell the rest to boost my earnings.

    Click here to see some of the strange and weird things I’ve sold on eBay

    Top Cashback - £6.85

    We’ve now had over £800 cashback as a household since starting April 2016.  You’re crazy if you’re not doing it.

    Learn how to earn cashback on things you already buy and be amazed with amount of extra cash you have back in your pocket! 

    Read my latest blog post about it here: Over £800 cashback in 2 years with Top Cashback


    July 2018 grand total: £3888.05

    Blog posts


    Matched betting


    Personal eBay




    Side hustles: Streetbees & Whatusersdo


    LR shop sales


    Top Cashback






    So close to £4000!  It’s been a great month and also came at a great time as we have some very expensive car repairs (possibly over £1000) so won’t be able to enjoy this extra cash unfortunately.  Isn’t it typical when that happens?!

    I’d love to beat Ben’s wage again, but I’m not sure it will happen in August.  August was a very quiet month last year for blogging as I expect many people are on holiday.  That could be why July has been so brilliant as people want work completed before they are off.

    I am super chuffed with this month and hope I’ll be able to match it again or come close in the future.


    If you want to read more then check out the 5 ways I made £30000 money from home in 2017/2018


    Blog and Home Income Report July 2018 (1)


  2. 7 Tricks To Boost Your Blog’s Readership

    Posted on

    Are your blog posts failing to get any readers? At the heart of any successful blog is engaging content written with passion, but this alone might not get you the visitors you want. Here are some other ways to improve traffic to your blog.

    7 Tricks To Boost Your Blogs Readership


    Post content more regularly

    Busy blogs attract more visitors – not only do they rank higher on search engines, but they also encourage return readers who know that you’re constantly going to put new content up. You may not get more readers to each individual post, but it could attract more overall readers to your blog. Some blog owners even schedule specific times to post content so that there’s a sense of routine. It’s possible to even time posts to go out at key times when you’re likely to have more visitors – you can use analytics to find out when these peak times are.

    Consider hiring a professional web designer 

    Investing in web design could help to give your blog a more unique feel. Many bloggers use platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger to create blogs – whilst these are easy-to-use powerful tools, they can give your blog a template-y look. A website that’s coded from scratch could help you to stand out in the crowded blogosphere and it could allow you to organise content in a cool and fresh way that makes your blog more fun. Web design can cost a fair bit of money so make sure you’re serious about your blog so that it’s not a waste of money.

    Make use of social media

    Many people follow blogs through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media can also be a great means of discovering new readers – content can get shared which can allow new people to discover it, plus you can promote posts so that they show up on targeted users feeds. It’s worth adding links to your social media pages on your blog so that readers that like your content can easily follow you – you can even allow readers to post comments via Facebook using a special plug-in.

    Start thinking about SEO

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is all about improving your rankings on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The best way of naturally improving your rankings is to incorporate keywords – there are keyword research tools and analytics plug-ins that can help you to find the terms and phrases that are most likely to push up your rankings. You can also increase your search engine rankings through hyperlinks and shared multimedia. Hyperlinks could involve links to other content on your blog as well as links to other sites and blogs (search engines appreciate bloggers that share other people’s content). As for multimedia, consider using other people’s images with permission (and crediting them) or embedding Youtube videos – not only will this improve your rankings but it will make your posts look more exciting. 

    Start posting promotional content 

    You can also grow your readership by posting promotional content such as reviews and informational posts for companies and artists. These companies and artist are likely to share you content amongst their own followers once it is published, which can help to attract new readers. Some bloggers even make an income out of publishing this content by charging companies and artists for these articles. The key is stay within your niche and make this promotional content fun – if it comes off too salesy, you could deter readers.

    Take on guest writers

    It’s possible to also grow your blog by taking on guest writers. You can encourage these writers to share the content, which will in turn attract more readers to your blog. Of course, you don’t want anyone and anybody writing for your blog – they need to be proficient at writing and they need to post content that’s relevant to your blog.

    Connect with other bloggers

    You can also make friends with other bloggers and encourage one another to promote one another’s content. This can be a great way of growing each other’s respective audiences. Find blogs that are similar to you that you personally enjoy and consider connecting with the owner and seeing what you can do to help one another out.


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    7 Tricks To Boost Your Blog’s Readership

  3. 7 things to do when starting your own business

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    Deciding to start your own business is an exciting and nerve wracking moment.  Perhaps you’ve a hobby that you can turn into a money making venture, you want to start monetising your blog or there’s a home business idea you’ve been dreaming of for years and you’re ready to make it a reality.  I’ve been self-employed and running my own small business called Lylia Rose from home since 2012. In this blog post I’ll share seven things to do at the beginning of your starting a business journey.

    There are lots of things to think about when setting up your own business for the first time.  I’m no stranger to this process as my husband has started his own business recently and I also set up my own second website.  The beginning process is one I am familiar with.  We would also like to set up another travel related website, but we are stuck on deciding a name!

    In no particular order here are the first seven things to think about, create or design when setting up your own business:

    7 things to do when starting your own business


    The name

    The first thing you need to do is decide on a business name.  This can either be the easiest process or the hardest!  Sometimes you know instantly what you want to call your business and if it’s not a taken name then away you go.  However, if every name you think of already exists as a business then it can become more of a challenge.  Mind map and brainstorm until you come up with a perfect name.  Don’t settle for anything you are not 100% sure of.   Also think about the longevity of the business name.  There are many bloggers who call their blogs something like Baby Isla’s Mummy only to go on to have lots more children and after a year Isla isn’t a baby anymore.  Try to think of a name that can represent your business as it evolves into the future.  Once you have the name sorted then you can design the perfect logo.  You’ll also want to check your proposed business name is available as a domain and on the social media accounts you plan to use.

    Business cards

    No doubt you’ll want to tell lots of people all about your new business venture and if interested they’ll want to know your new business name and website details.  Most people will forget what they’re told, so it’s handy to have some business cards in your wallet ready to give to those inquisitive people.  Then there’s no danger of them forgetting and you could instantly have a new fan, supporter or even customer.  Professional business cards are easy to make using an online printing company like HelloPrint UK where you can upload your own designs and logos.  Give some extra cards to your friends and family to pass on and news of your new venture will soon spread.


    In the modern age it’s so important to have an online presence.  Your customers will be searching online to find a company just like yours and if you’re not there, you can’t be found.  It’s a great place to showcase a portfolio, take bookings or even to sell products depending on your business model.  Setting up a website is easy than ever nowadays with plenty of free templates available even for those of us who have no idea about coding whatsoever.  For a monthly or annual fee you’ll be able to get a slightly better website with more functionality and customer service to guide you through the process.  You can even hire a web developer to design your website from scratch if preferred.

    Related read: How to CREATE your own website (who I use)

    Social media accounts

    As well as being found by your website, customers will want to see you have a social presence too on some or all of the social media websites available today.  If all of them is too overwhelming (and time consuming) then just pick around three that you can focus your time and energy on.  I use Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  All three have very different purposes, but they mean my customers and followers can see what I’m up to and contact me via these channels if preferred.  It can give your business a more personal feel and some insight into the person who runs the business and a peek behind the scenes.

    Domain email

    When you have your website set up you’ll want to set up a business email that’s linked to your domain.  This means your email address will be something like  If you only have one domain you can set up a free account with Zoho who will talk you through setting up a custom domain email address.  I use them for both my Create and Wordpress websites and the process was pretty straightforward.  If you get stuck they have an online chat team who can assist.  Of course you could go for something like but I don’t think it looks as professional as your own domain email.  Seeing as you can set this up at no extra cost, it’s definitely worth doing.


    Once you’ve got a name and logo then you’ll want to think about your branding.  This may start with the logo and the choice of colours you use.  Think of the colours you want to use for your brand and use them throughout your website, marketing materials, graphics, social media and email signatures.  Consistent branding will enable your business to be recognised and appear more professional.  This is the same with the fonts you decide to use.  Have a main text font and then choose an accent font.  Your brand voice is your businesses personality and this should also be consistent allowing consumers to trust you, recognise you and rely on you.


    The scariest sounding thing of all, but believe me it’s not that bad.  You will need to register with HMRC as self-employed if you are starting a money making business.  No matter if you are only going to make 1p or even a loss in your first year, you still need to register.  If you already have an employed job, you still need to register.  You will need to declare all your business incomings and expenditure for tax purposes, even if you don’t meet the personal threshold and have nothing to pay.  It still needs to be declared.  There are so many helpful guides on the HMRC website that explain everything and this is a great starting point:

    Starting your own business is so exciting.  Good luck!


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     7 things to do when starting your own business