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Victoria Sully Blogger Outreach Journalist Friendly PR

Digital marketing, advertising and SEO services

We offer a variety of advertising, marketing and SEO services across our portfolio of blogs.

Examples of services we offer include:

  • Collaborative blog posts
  • Guest posting services
  • Brand collaborations
  • Product reviews
  • Gift guide inclusions
  • Giveaways
  • Niche edits
  • Link insertions

Our usual working hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:00
  • Monday to Friday 19.00 to 22.00

A member of the Lylia Rose team will reply to all serious business enquiries regarding our paid services within 48 hours Monday to Friday.

For paid collaborations only, please email [email protected]


Website portfolio

Here are all the websites we can offer services on, the contact email for each and main topics:


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Lylia Rose DA39

For paid collaborations only, please email [email protected]
UK personal finance blog and lifestyle blog topics: money, make money, save money, work from home (WFH), family finance, blogging, small business, work-life balance, wellbeing for busy people, home improvements, self-improvement, making money online (MMO), self-employment, staying healthy when busy, work at home mum (WAHM), side hustles and family finance tips.
Lifestyle topics, often with a money twist: beauty, eco-friendly, family, fashion, healthy living, home and garden, reviews and travel.
See Lylia Rose verified stats and demographics from Google Analytics here:

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Healthy Vix DA26 

For paid collaborations only, please email [email protected]

Healthy living blog topics: vegan, plant-based diet, organic food, natural living, healthy home, self-care, happiness, eco-friendly, sustainability, fitness, natural beauty, mental health and wellbeing. 



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Travel Vixta DA20

For paid collaborations only, please email [email protected]

Travel blog topics: family travel, travel with kids, kid-free adventures, camping, campervanning (we have a pop-top Mazda Bongo), days out, festivals, bucket lists, holidays, transport and travel tips.



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Wood Create DA24

For paid collaborations only, please email [email protected]

Home, garden and DIY blog topics: home improvements, interior design, upcycling, woodwork, do-it-yourself (DIY), moving house, garden updates, gardening, furniture, woodwork business, handyman business and more.



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Thanks for checking out our current portfolio of websites and our options for your blogger outreach.  

We look forward to working with you.  Please contact [email protected] for current prices and options or use our website contact form.

We do not offer any free marketing, advertising or SEO services, so please don't ask.


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Hello, I'm Victoria, a professional UK money and lifestyle blogger and owner of Lylia Rose.  I've been blogging since spring 2013 and now co-run four blogs in niches money and lifestyle, travel, healthy living and home and garden.

Media features

I am PR / journalist friendly and open to discussing any of my personal stories on my website for exclusive media features in newspapers, magazines and online publications from my debt story, to how I make a full-time living as a bloggermaking money from home/online or money-saving tips.  

I am also happy to provide quotes for articles via email.  Please contact me at [email protected].

Please note, just thinking of speaking in public, in person, online, via video chat or on radio gives me massive anxiety and heart palpitations, so unfortunately I am not yet able to take part in radio features or other speaking events! I can do interviews via phone for publishing, however I'd prefer email where possible as I can articulate myself much better in writing rather than on the spot.  Please note, I currently only have time for paid media interviews.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are a journalist or PR company and interested in exclusively publishing my story, quote or tip. 

If you feature a tip or quote from my website, then please credit with a link back to the page of the quote or my homepage.


As featured in...

The Sun, The Guardian, Express, Mirror, Cornwall Live and more!

Here's a screenshot from my spreadsheet of media features.

pr friendly bloggers journalist quotes