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How To Save Money On The Weekly Shop

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Grocery shopping is a necessary task that can quickly add up in terms of time, money, and effort if not done properly. By following these dos and don'ts, you can make your grocery shopping more efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. So, let's dive in and explore ways to save money on the weekly shop! 

How To Save Money On The Weekly Shop

Tips to save money on groceries

Grocery shopping is one of those tasks that we just can't get away from.  It's like tidying the house or washing our hair. It has to be done.  But if you are not careful it can cost you dearly in time, money and effort. Not to mention feed into to the materialistic and wasteful culture that many people are trying to get away from.

Here are some specific dos and don'ts for grocery shopping that you can follow to get on top on the job!

  • Do make a list

First of all making a list when you go grocery shopping is essential to getting it right.

You should plan your meals out for the week and then write a list of the ingredients that you need.

You should also check what you already have so you don't end up replicating items, which wastes money and leads to food waste.

  • Don't go when you are hungry

One of the best pieces of advice ever is to not go shopping when you're hungry!

You are just bound to come back with armsful of stuff that is unhealthy, and that you haven't budgeted for.

Going to the shops can be a stressful enough experience on its own so make sure you are well fed and watered before you leave.

  • Do use coupon apps and receipt snapping apps

There are lots of coupon apps and receipt snapping apps that can help you save money on your weekly grocery shopping. 

Check out this list of receipt snapping apps to get started and learn more about apps like Huyu and SnapMyEats.

Some of these apps give you money back for buying certain groceries, and other apps give you cash for every receipt you upload.

  • Do grow at home

Something that is a really satisfying is to take the initiative to grow some of your own veg at home.

In this way, you are teaching your kids about food and where it comes from.

You are also providing organic vegetables for them to learn about cooking and healthy eating with.

Also by making soup with the veggies, for example, you will have some ready made meals so you won't need to buy as much on your next shopping trip.

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  • Do subscribe to regular items to make your life easier

Isn’t it a nightmare when you have completed the weekly shop but forgotten something?

It's always some important as well like toilet roll or washing up liquid. Well, now you can solve this problem by subscribing to products that you know your household uses regularly.

You can get monthly shaving supplies delivered for your other half, or add products to your Amazon order to be delivered every so often. They are even rolling about a button that you can press when you see an item running low in the home, and it will automatically order it for you.

We subscribe to eco-friendly toilet roll that supports good causes, razor blades and natural deodorant refills.  Grab some discounts for these and learn more in our blog post eco-friendly subscriptions in the UK we use and love!

  • Don't forget to use your food waste

One of the biggest problems with the weekly shop is that we can overestimate what we will actually need to feed the family for a week. We just have that ‘better safe than sorry mantra drummed into us.

But this can often produce a lot of food waste, especially for fresh produce that ends to go off quickly.

Therefore it's important that you use up the food as much as possible before it goes off. A great way of doing this is to freeze veg that is about to go over.  

Then once a week or month you can cook it all up and make a delicious, wholesome soup, which is perfect for lunches or a light supper. Meaning you will have to buy fewer ingredients on your next grocery shopping trip.

  • Do use cashback apps and websites

Another great way to make savings on the weekly groceries shop is by using cashback apps and websites.  These can be great if you do your weekly shop online, so you can get some cashback back each week.

There are also some cashback apps that sync to your cards, like Airtime Rewards, and you'll get money back automatically if you shop in one of their linked stores for your shopping.

Here's a money saving hack to get cashback in stores.


  • Don't forget your own bag

It's small, but it adds up.  Buying a bag for 10p or so, every time you shop is a waste of money.  Take your own shopping bags so you don't need to buy a carrier every time.

  • Do eat in season fruits and vegetables

There are ways to eat and be eco-friendly to save money such as supporting local produce and in season fruits and vegetables.  For example, buying strawberries out of season means you'll pay a premium as they'll be shipped in from abroad when they can't be grown locally.

  • Do make use of new customer offers

There are many companies that have new customer sign up offers so you can get free food or money off a purchase.  For example, you can get £15 credit at Riverford as a new customer or you can get a free tub of Pringles with Shopmium or a large discount on your first order with allplants.

For more ideas like this and other ways to get free food, check out our article how to get free food.

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  • Do prebuy discounted supermarket gift cards

There are apps like JamDoughnut who offer instant cashback on gift cards for most of the major supermarkets and many other popular shops.  Simply buy the gift card upfront before you go to the supermarket and then use it to pay at the checkout.

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Final word on how to save money on groceries each week

There are many easy ways to save money as a family on groceries every week.  By implementing these strategies, you can make your grocery shopping more efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Remember, small changes can make a big difference, so start implementing these tips today and see the savings add up over time.


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