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  1. ‘Digital nomad’ is a term for people who travel while working from a laptop. It has become a very popular way to fund travels - instead of having to save up money beforehand, you can continue earning as you travel.  It's a really appealing lifestyle for those who want to travel and enjoy working online.

    Compared to other forms of work that you can do while travelling, working as a digital nomad has many benefits. But is it truly the best way to earn money while travelling? Is this lifestyle as appealing as it first seems?  This post weighs up the pros and cons.

  2. The importance of staff happiness is often overlooked in the business world. However, it is a key factor for success in today’s competitive economy. A happy staff will be more motivated and productive than an unhappy one. It will also be more loyal and committed to the company.

    It has been found that staff happiness can have a significant impact on the bottom line of a company. Staff members need to be happy in order to generate more revenue, which leads to higher productivity and customer satisfaction levels, which creates a good reputation for the company, which leads to increased sales and profits.

    In this article we will explore why motivating employees is important for your business success and how to go about it.

  3. Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch wasn’t born in 2022! In this article we share 40+ ways for how to get free food in the UK using apps, websites and other community initiatives.

    In today’s competitive and digital world there are no end of food companies vying for your custom, and they are willing to give you free food to tempt you in.  Not only can you get free food with lots of these UK apps, but there are even ways you can get paid to eat.  Yes really!

    From apps offering up to 100% cashback on food and drink purchases, to where to find free food in your neighbourhood or if you’re completely broke, we share an extensive list of places you can get food for free or reduced.

    Whether finances are tight or you simply love a freebie, read on for some of the best ways to get free food and drink or an amazing discount at least. 

  4. Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. It also provides you with an opportunity to start a blog as a business to provide an extra income source, with the potential to be a full-time career choice in the future!  

    Blogging has grown from a hobby to a profession in the last decade. If you're thinking of starting your own blog, you might be wondering if it's worth it. The answer is that yes, blogging can be an excellent way to earn money.

    So is it easy to get started?  And how do you start running a blog like a business?  Let’s take a look.