3 tips to save money for cheap car insurance

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Do you simply let your car insurance automatically renew each year?  Stop right now!  You could be one of the many people who are overpaying their car insurance and simply throwing money down the drain. Apparently people are overpaying around £2billion per year by not seeking out a cheaper car insurance deal.  That’s pure madness if you ask me.  Are you wondering where you can find cheap car insurance tips?  I’m here today with three very savvy tips to help you find a cheaper deal on your car insurance.

Every year I manage to find a cheaper car insurance deal and last year I was even able to find a better deal.  I managed to not only reduce my annual payment, but increased my protection form third party only to fully comp!  I also got one year’s breakdown cover included.  It’s totally worth shopping around and not forgetting about your car insurance each year, unless you’re absolutely loaded and don’t care about paying more than you need to for things.  But, if you’re like the majority of us, a saving and potentially a better deal is always preferred.

Here are three things you should always do when searching for cheaper car insurance.

3 tips to save money for cheap car insurance


1.     Use a comparison site

The first thing to do is to check out comparison sites.  Don’t just settle for one either.  Sometimes I’ve had a cheaper quote from the same company, but just on a different comparison site!  I like to use confused.com, moneysupermarket.com and TopCashBack Compare to start with.

Once you’ve done say three comparison sites, you’ll get an idea of the cheapest quote for your car.  There are more comparison sites, so you can fill in as many as you like to find a really good deal!  But I think if you’re short on time and you’re starting to find a big saving compared to your renewal quote then three may be enough.

It is a bit of a pain to fill in these sites with all your details, but if you create an account and providing you keep your car for more than one year, then they’ll save your car’s details to make it much quicker and easier to complete the following year.  I saved over £100 one year, so the pain of filling in all the forms was worth it!

But, stop there!  Don’t go through with any car insurance before checking out the next two steps.

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2.     Check for cashback

Before you click through and purchase, always check for cashback!  The insurance company that you’ve found offering you the cheapest quote on a comparison site, might actually offer you a nice lump of cashback if purchase it via the link on Top Cashback or QuidCo

You might have to fill out your details again to get a new quote, and this is sometimes slightly more, but with the cashback offer it should still be cheaper than going directly through the comparison site link, unless that comparison site is TopCashBack Compare.

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3.     Ask Mustard to beat the cheapest quote

If your quote is a basic annual car insurance quote then Mustard promise to beat it!  They are an independent car insurance provider whose aim is to save you money on your car insurance.  You can call them and speak to a real human being to get a quote tailored to your exact needs.  I’m not sure if they can take the cashback into consideration, but tell them if you see any and see what they can do.  They clearly want everyone to go with them and for them to be able to give the best quote possible, so give them a try!

Find out more about them in my blog post here: Mustard car insurance comparison promises to beat your cheapest online quote


Always, always remember to search for a better deal when it’s time to renew your car insurance.  There are many websites including One Sure Insurance who offer a cheapest price guarantee, so you should always be able to find a better car insurance deal.  Once you have a quote it is a great idea to ring up and let your current provider know, just in case they can beat it.  If they want to keep your custom then they’ll have to.  Otherwise, just go ahead with your new quote and make a great saving!

3 tips to save money for cheap car insurance

I hope you manage to save lots of money each year on your car insurance!­­